We have a winner and new hair.

Congratulations to Sally for the 1000th comment (and the succeeding thirty after that..and maybe fifty before…)  That was fun.  Since she’s such a wordy mcwordster, I thought this would be fun as a prize:




Maybe I should have kept that one and posted it on my fridge as a reminder to never again eat an entire box of Fudge Oreos.

Oh, and I cut my hair.


And obviously didn’t keep my April Botox appointment.

And wore a bra.

Have a nice day.

24 responses to “We have a winner and new hair.

  1. Do you not normally wear a bra? DON”T answer that. That would be TMI….

    I likey the hair, though!

    …and still a little perturbed that I didn’t win. Next time I’ll really have to step up my game.

  2. That face is saying “tell me it’s ok …. please”. [I know this from my own experience last week]

    No problem. Not cus I really do but because I’m wanting you breath in some genuine approval …..

  3. Me likey the hair. And I’m happy to have seen your bra strap. Makes me feel closer to you, somehow.

    Yay Sally.

    I guess looking at my bracelet, here, I can’t really say I never win. But still. I’d rather win than lose.

  4. ditto gretchen. as usual.

  5. I love the new hair. Very cute.

  6. Love the new look, CPQ.

    Got haircut fever? I get it every time…

  7. Cute hair.

    And congrats to Sally.

    I apologize for bombarding you with comments AFTER you’d indicated that #1000 had been reached. Obviously, I was in a zone.

    I’ll take a curlygirl pic on a day I actually put on make up as well…wouldn’t want to scare my readers off.

  8. Cute haircut! I love new haircut pictures.

    You made me excited to get mine cut.

  9. Heartin’ your new do, sister.

    And, I’m with Gretchen. I also appreciate your bra strap. Why, I don’t know. I just do. Weird.

  10. Great hair! I cannot believe I forgot to stalk your blog today…maybe I’ll be number 2,000…

  11. Cute hair. Nothing like a summer ‘do!

  12. Lovin’ the ‘do. Lovin’ the look. Just lovin’ you!

  13. Cute hair!

  14. Cute hair! I always admire people who can take pictures of themselves. I always seem to cut off my head. Of course, these days I prefer to be on the other side of the camera anyways.

  15. You are adorable. I love you. I am so glad that I found your blog. I know you will keep me entertained every time I read!!!!

  16. Yipeee!! Oh I’m so excited. Now I can return all the business card magnets I swipe every where we go. If you need a chiropractor, exterminator, Realtor, lawn service, HVAC repair, life insurance, a variety of pizza delivery services, cemetery plot…(need I go on?)….I’ve got all the numbers you need. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The competition was stiff but I always enjoy all your comments and side conversations within them. You and all your fans are neat!

  17. Yes I know it’s over but I forgot to mention the great do!

  18. Your hair looks awesome!! Have you really had Botox? Seriously . . . you don’t even look as if you need it!!

  19. LOVE. THE. HAIR!!!

    As for the bra? Good. I’m glad those girls don’t just stand at attention on their own. I was wonderin’ =)

  20. I’m likin the hair too. Your expression is funny – you look a little unsure.

  21. Love, luv, luv the new haircut!!!! So cute!

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