Dear North Korean Torture Agent

You may hide behind your pretty brochures and your wall full of color….


or behind your soothing water bath and kneading massage chair….


You may have a welcoming and cheerful Hello Kitty in your waxing room …


But your true identity was confirmed with every yank and rip, for though my eyebrows were admittedly wild and unruly (and quite possibly grown together), I know for certain that they neither extended halfway to my hairline nor halfway down my eyelids as you seemingly implied they did.


Have a nice day.

20 responses to “Dear North Korean Torture Agent

  1. What in the world was Hello Kitty doing there? Your eyebrows look fabulous.

    I have to just say you have gorgeous eyes!!

    I have never had my eyebrows done or a pedi/mani(am I weird?). After reading this, I’m pretty sure I’ll stay with my “home treatments”.

  2. If you want us to focus on your waxline, then take off those big honkin’ rings! Definitely the FOCAL point of that pic for me.

    (Not really. I’m with Mimi…you have beautiful eyes.)

    I’m stealing Gretchen’s line because it seems appropriate for this post: Miso veddy soddy.

  3. Hello Kitty – hilarious!!

    No sympathy from me on the brow wax, since I’m a bikini wax veteran. (Is that TMI?)

    Your brows and eyes do look fantastic!!

  4. Yah, those brows look awesome. My nail salon ladies don’t do as great of a job so I only go during fits of desperation. Also, I have to be prepared to hear this:
    her: “Oh, we do your lip?”
    me: “no thank you
    her:”Oh honey. You need.”

    thanks, lady.

    • Oh, they ask me the same thing, Amber…I was just too mortified to admit it.

      They need to go to Tact Training.

  5. I have fuzzy caterpillers worming their way across my forehead. WAY OVERDUE for the wax torture.

    Yours look mah-va-lus, dahling.

    And way to go sporting that bling. Wowzuh.

  6. Beautiful frames for beautiful eyes.

  7. My sister-in-law is the president of the cosmotology organization that both inspects and gives out the licenses. Be careful who you allow to ‘torture’ you…she tells wild stories.

  8. Here, I succumb to Vietnamese torture. It’s all good. We have Hello Kitty and incense, too. Tact training needed here, too. But gosh darnit, they put up with my feet, so…perhaps I would be less tactful too, after even just one hour of looking at other people’s feet. Not to mention touching them.

    You do have gorgeous eyes and bling.

    I thought I was the only one who looked beaten after that “beauty” procedure. Irony, no?

    So did you get “I’m not a waitress RED”, or “Argenteeny PINKiny”?

  9. Are you serious about those gorgeous rings?

    Are you serious about those pretty eyes??

    Are you serious that they actually tell you your ‘stash needs it too??

    Are you seriously going to make me laugh EVERY day I read your blog?

  10. You are SOOO much braver than I am…and it’s not the pain I’m afraid of…I can’t handle the snarky remarks about my face, feet, hands, etc. But, I must say, your eyes look fabulous…especially next to the sparkly diamond!!

  11. You look amazing! My eyebrows are hiding in shame!

  12. The brows look GREAT! I’ve only had mine done professionally once. It was in Hawaii and Mom and I had them done by my friend who cut my hair. I think she was more used to doing Asian brows. It was quite a look for us. We looked really surprised for a couple of weeks. People just thought we were extremely interested in what they had to say. I think the arch was too high?

  13. I’m just guessing here, but were those your toes in that bath-o-bubbles? If they were, then do you REALLY think I’m gonna feel sorry for your pain?

    Every. single. time I get a pedicure (which, by the way, is like once a year) I hear:
    “You hab very small nail.”
    (As if this hasn’t been a self-conscious issue my entire life)
    To which I have learned to reply sweetly:
    “You take half price?”

  14. After reading your post, I always have to come back and read your comments….your commenters are always so funny!

  15. haha the hello kitty cracked me up.
    Several times I have gone to get my eye brows waxed and totally wussed out. It’s almost like when i wait for hours in line for a roller coaster and then panick and just walk through the cart. . . . Apparently, I’m a little bit wussy.

  16. I’m chicken and have never had my eyebrows done. One of these days… yours look great!

  17. Hello Kitty is cracking me up!!! Oh, I so need a spa day. . . your eyebrows look mahvalous!

  18. Ahh, yes…the ever asked “you want you lip done too”?

    I can’t get the brows done w/o it…I even try to put my hand over my mouth to “hide” it..but I still get “you have lot hair”…

    I say “Nair, takes care of that home and I’m only up for ONE torturous event at a time”…

    Nice day for you though!

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