She is evil and must be destroyed

Dear North Korean Torture Agent,

Do you have a twin?


I would post more this morning, but I can barely move my fingers.

The creaking as I move alarms the children.

I may channel my inner pyscho astronaut and head to Target to buy some Depends, because standing and sitting is a lesson in futility.

But I will do this 29 more times.

Except for the day I go to the dentist.

Have a nice day, for I will be trying to just live through this one.


23 responses to “She is evil and must be destroyed

  1. That Jillian is just mean. Waterboarding, my foot. The US Army should just use The Shred.

  2. I’m Amber’s BFF that has left her for the healthy world. So don’t listen to her….You Can Do It!

    I need her around to help me fall off the wagon!!!

  3. Karen Dorman

    I’m interested in this…despite your glowing endorsement. Is it a DVD? Book?

    • carpoolqueen

      It’s a DVD at Target (of course). It’s not at Walmart. Look in sporting goods. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  4. The more you talk about it, the less inclined I am to try to find and buy it. I know we were going to do this together, but I’m thinking, I’m not having major dental repair on the same day you are just as a sign of support, so maybe I don’t have to do this either. Yeah, misery loves company, but you’re really starting to scare me. I was already afraid of Jillian anyway.

  5. Yea for you!

    I’ve been watching The Biggest Loser. The final show is coming up next week I think…that should be some serious motivation for you to trust that hard core slave driver!

  6. Tell me again why I would want to jump on this shred bandwagon??? You make it sound so pleasant.

  7. What exactly is this “shred” you speak of? Would I have to give up chocolate?
    because that’s just not cool.

  8. Miso veddy veddy soddy.

    Guess I’ll be avoiding Target today. For if I go there, i know the vortex will pull me toward the shred.

    And apparently, fat’s working well for me.

  9. I’ve done it twice now and I’m still alive! I don’t think it was as bad today because I knew what to expect. The surprise of all the punching and jumping yesterday caught me off guard.

    Go ahead and do it on the day you go to the dentist. The throbbing in your arms and abs will take your mind off your teeth. It’s worth a try…

  10. So NOW do you understand my issues with sitting AND standing up from the toilet after that cruel and unusual torture????

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

    It really should be a crime against humanity.

  11. The question is after 30 days will you have her abs?

  12. Carpoolqueen

    Did y’all see how tired I was this morning? I didn’t even spell “psycho” correctly….I’m just going to leave it as is…as an homage to how “shredded” I was.

  13. I do not know this Amber, but I don’t think I want to share her friends. I’m more on the Gretchen side. I will choose her as a friend. Good luck to you healthies.

  14. Rebecca Marchbanks

    Are you doing level 1, 2, or 3? I’m on level 1…

  15. What is she shredding? Fat or one’s ability to function?

  16. You been hangin round Virtue Alert no doubt. Talk about timing though …. just put down my dumbells ….. every wonder why they call them that??

    There is hope girls though. I woke up this morning and could use a chair without having to “aim and fall” and I can even get into the car without loosing my dignity.

    Twenty six days to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. YAY! You know I’m the heatlh girl, exercise freak . . . so go for it. . . .the more pain, the more it’s working. You’ll be so glad you do it . . . in the long run .. . I promise!!!

    Just in case you decide to train for a marathon, I know you live somewhere near Kellie (coffee gal) in NC. There is marathon in Charlotte, NC in December. I saw it advertised in my “Runner’s World” and I thought about you. I don’t know how far it is for you to drive, but it may be worth it. You only need 4 months to train . . . even if you’re just starting out.

  18. sorry. . . I meant to say . . . you’ll be so glad you did it . . . not do it. . . paint fumes have gotten into my head and destroyed parts of my brain cells.

  19. yes. i think i, too, shall boycot target today. just in case.

  20. This is number one on my wish list. But I am very, very scared.

  21. I knew Michele would monopolize your comments with peppy encouragement of all things exercise..

    Me? I’ll say…um, isn’t raising three boys enough of a workout for one woman?? The only Shredder I know

    My husband would do the workout just b/c he thinks Jillian is so hot…

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