Getting my girly on…

I had an appointment to meet a friend for lunch yesterday.  She always dresses cute, so I had to step up and wear something other than hole-y yoga pants and a charity giveaway t-shirt. (By the way, I never attend the charity fundraiser races in person.  I love that most of them have a “sleep-in” option that still lets you get the t-shirt and look like you’re not a slacker. Which I’m not.  I’m just making room for others.  I’m kind and giving that way.)

Don’t believe me about the pants/t-shirt?  Here’s proof.  JJ was playing with my camera while I was exercising the other day.  I’d like to say these are my exercise-only clothes, but sadly, no.


I bought some fun jeans a few weeks ago and wanted to wear them to lunch, but they’re super long and require me to wear heels with them.  So I dug into the closet for some shoes.  And when I say “dug”, I mean literally.  I cleaned out the boys’ closet on Saturday but mine falls in the same category as the car and is going to require more effort than I care to exert at this time.

I will also need another adult in the house who can dial search and rescue if I don’t emerge in a timely manner.

I pulled out these.



Then, my favorite shirt that I love to wear even though I don’t have a purse that coordinates with it in any way, shape or form.



Oh, and I obviously did NOT pick up the powder room before I walked out the door.

Nor did I find a handtowel that remotely matched the wall color.

That’s my kitchen dishcloth.

And the Clorox wipes that have sat there for a week.

With the lid open.




Don’t judge.

Have a nice day.


27 responses to “Getting my girly on…

  1. Go girl! The shoes are awesome, but I love the hair cut and amazing eyebrows. You look terrific!

    And if, after your next trip to the bowels of your closet, we don’t hear from you, I come find you. Or I’ll send Whimzie. 😉

  2. Look at you, Hot Mama. You make this Mama in High Heels proud!! If you ever want to get rid of those shoes I’m a size 9-1/2 to 10 . . . just in case. They are awesome!!!!

    I just love gettin’ all girly and dressin’ up. Isn’t it fun?

    Truth-be- known . . . many, many of my days I look like you did in your first picture. T-shirt and holely yoga pants.

  3. Those shoes are so stinkin’ cute! I love that top too. A few years ago a friend told me she loved pink and brown together (before it became wildly popular) and I didn’t get it. Now it’s got to be my favorite color combination.

  4. You know that photo of you working out?? Well, that’s what I look like right now…except that I might work out today, I might not.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes and shirt…I’m a size 8, just in case you find another pair just like those in your closet!

  5. Sorry for the double post…

    make that a size 8 in SHOES! Didn’t want you to think my shirt size was an 8… (I wish)

  6. You look super!!!

  7. LOVE the shoes! LOVE the shirt! And I have the same Clorox wipes on my countertop at all times. Keeps the bathrooms tidy and crud-free much more easily. Though I do find it better to keep the lid on. Dried out Clorox wipes just don’t do the job.

  8. Look at you!! woo woo. You are so stylin’.

    I went to lunch with girlfriends yesterday as well and it never fails….if I wear heals and dress girly, the rest are casual and comfy(and I wish I had done the same). But, if I dress comfy…everyone else ends up being dressed girly(it’s Mimi’s law) Yesterday, I was in such a rush….my shoes did not match my outfit, in fact-none of my outfit matched, no makeup and I left with a super messy house. I applaude your effort-for I did not make one.

    You were rockin’ those shoes…..”Susan, you’re a fine girl, what a good wife…lalalala”. (sung to the tune of Brandy 😉 )

  9. Girl, I DIG those shoes!!!!! 🙂

  10. It’s fun to have a reason to get all cute every once in a while! (Not too often though…that would wear me out!) 🙂

    No telling how many baby wipes and clorox wipes that we dry out in our house! (Sometimes I go to the effort to add a little water to them to bring them back to life!)

    Hope you had fun at lunch!

  11. Karen Dorman

    U R adorable! In both outfits!

  12. You go girl! For me the opened Clorox wipes indicate that the bathroom is in the process of being cleaned….it just looks good to passersby, and makes me feel like I’m doing something. I have one in each bathroom.

  13. SHUT UP!! Hottie McMama! I love it!!

    The whole ensemble was all complimentary and meshed well together!! Did C see you rockin’ those heels?? I think he would’ve asked you out on a date!! 🙂 Of course, Adam is just as happy w/ the t-shirt and yoga pants..that’s why we love ’em, right?!

    I am seriously handtowel deficient and I am opposite..I’m using the bathroom handtowels in the kitchen…I seriously think after more than 10 years of marriage we should be able to register and get a shower or something!!

  14. Wow! The 30 day shred must be a workin’ cause you look amazing!!!

    Love the shirt … so funky fun.

  15. Work that shirt and new ‘do and eyebrows, girl! Own it!

    You are darling.

    I need a pair of heels like that. See? Need. Doug doesn’t think I know the difference between want and need.

    I know it, alright.

  16. the above should say, “own them”…A little subject/verb agreement goes a long way in most languages, I hear.

  17. Torture must agree with you, cause you look FAB girlfriend!!

    …oh and I got a stupid grin on my face (and I think it might have been the highlight of my day) when I saw I made your blogroll…sigh…all is right with the world.

  18. Sometimes I daydream about getting all dressed up for a grown up lunch. Sigh.

    You look fantastic! Those shoes are awesome!

  19. Love. Those. Shoes!

  20. Those. Shoes. Are. To die. For!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are lookin’ hot, mama! Good for you. I finally got out of my jammies at…oh…I think it was 1:30!

  21. I could just keel over and die I loved this post so much! 🙂 what an encouragement you are to me. haha doesn’t that sound nice and spiritual? i meant because your powder room is messy. i am actually embarrassed at the state of my house right now. and it seriously takes a LOT to make me embarrassed when it comes to a dirty house. i pretty much live in a dirty house.

    and you are smokin girl 🙂 love the outfit!! (ps – i sometimes wish all my friends just wore sweatpants and tshirts, then i would never have to change — but then again they totally challenge me to grow in my fashion endeavors)

  22. Look at you smokin’ it up. *insert wolf whistle here*

    And those shoes…you have just been elevated in friend status.

  23. Looking good! I agree the Shred is totally agreeing with you.

  24. I would kill for those shoes. Seriously. Although to look at me right now, in my yoga pants and tank top, you would never guess it.

  25. pure awesomeness… the whole dang thing.

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