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Once again, very late for Gretchen’s Monday Gladitude party…or very early for next week….either way, I’m just happy to be here.


1.  I am glad for people who snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  I was at the dentist’s office yesterday signing consent forms, signing away my first born, turning over the contents of my bank account, etc. in preparation for my big appointment next week.  On my way out, I stopped at the front desk to chat with the receptionist who happens to be my neighbor.  As we were visiting, my neighbor mentioned to the hygienist standing nearby that I was a “nervous patient”.  I thought that was kind of her. “Psychotic nutjob” can be off-putting.

The hygienist said she would try to be on schedule next week when I was in.  Turns out she was abused as a child by her dentist .  As a result, she was a high fear patient until she had gone to my dentist, had a good experience, and was liberated from that stronghold.  She subsequently went to dental hygiene school for the specific purpose of working with high fear patients so that she could help them as well.  While we were talking, she numerous times praised God for the redemptive work He had done in her life, turning something that had been so traumatic for her into her life calling.

2.  I am glad for Ativan.  For previous story notwithstanding, that redemptive work has not yet occurred in me.  “Better living through chemistry” has always been my motto.

3.  I am glad the boys still get excited about stuff.  I never want them to lose their wonder and delight in new experiences.  Today Tommy was beside himself with joy because he addressed (by himself) and mailed off the entry form for a LEGO building contest.  Here’s his creation.  He would want you to know it’s called a Terabird.


4.  I’m glad I got to meet my friend Michelle for lunch today.  And doubly glad that she brought her daughter Lyla.  She truly delights me every time I see her.  I probably ignored Michelle half the time we were there because I couldn’t take my eyes off this bundle of pink cuteness.


Isn’t she the cutest thing?  I just love this little girl. So very much.  Oh, and her parents, too.

5.  I’m glad End of Grade testing has begun.  Now the boys can stop obsessing over it.  It’s only been the entire focus of their 3rd grade.  Sigh.

6.  I’m glad that I was honest this week about life stuff.

7.  I’m glad that little things crack me up.  Like following this truck that reminded me of Mater from Cars.


8.  Glad that what I thought was a tumor on my arm turned out to be the baby beginnings of a muscle.  I think the Shred is starting to work!

9.  Glad that my husband was out of town so that I could eat more of the fried okra we had for supper last night.  All’s fair in love and fried okra.  I can get pretty territorial about it.

10. Glad that the boys are planning on serving me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day (and glad that they’ll gang up on Dad and pester the ever living daylights out of him to make sure it happens).

Have a nice day.


26 responses to “Gladi-CPQ-d

  1. You had me until Fried Okra. What in the world kind of veggie is okra? It can’t possibly be good for you. What I love is some good fried veggies, like mushrooms or potatoes or mozzarella cheese…

    Oh wait…that isn’t what I came here to say. I am only on the second cup of coffee this morning….

    Good list. The hygienist story is pretty amazing…I think you will be in good hands next week, but what’s more, by the time you get there, I don’t think you’ll care. Even better.

  2. That IS Mater’s long lost relative!

    And fried okra is best if it’s just this side of burnt. Don’t ask me why. Carbon just adds a little je ne se quoi.

  3. Lydia Stevenson

    You got me with the fried okra, seriously my mouth is totally watering. I’m on a hunger strike this weekend( aka I have a physical Monday and have scale fear)and the nuts for lunch just aren’t cutting it now. Now okra is on my list of foods to eat in the States come June 28, and Sonic and a steak, and Cracker Barrel and the list goes on. Good thing I’m weighing in on Monday!!!

  4. I love, love, LOVE fried okra. And I don’t share either unless I have to.

    Mater? Absolutely.

    I think you’re in good hands next week at the dentist. What exactly are you having done???

    • On THIS visit it will be two crowns and repairing broken tooth. And hopefully a cleaning while I’m hallucinating (if someone cancels and there’s an opening).

      I have several more visits to go. Fortunately, they can wait. Let’s just say we’ll be maxing out my dental benefits for the next two or three years.

  5. Honey, this dental thing is in.the.bag., I tell you. Between your “better living through chemistry”–man I am rolling!–and your hygienist, God has put all the pieces together. And now, you trust.


    I know.


    Lurve the Lego creation, and its name, too. Pls keep us posted.

    That little girl: squishaliteful.

  6. How’d you keep from kidnapping that child? Seriously?

    My kids would have made us stalk the truck until it stopped so we could meet it.

    If you have any extra Ativan, save it for me. I’ve never had it.

  7. I’m a nervous dental patient, too! I would love to have the name of your dentist.
    I’ll be praying for you! You can do it!! And you’ll be healthier for it!

  8. Girls, girls, the Atavan is goooooodd and Whimzie, trust me, there will be none left..once she gets a “taste” fugettabouit!

    Kellie LaVida Avery!!! NO FRIED OKRA?! I will ponder the strength of our friendship this weekend while I roll some in meal and gorge myself.

    What an exciting “gift” in the hygieniest..God leaves no detail undone, does He?! I love Him.

    Connor was impressed with Tommy’s creation and said please tell Tommy that he made a ship called a “Blackbird” we’ll try to take a picture and send it so Tommy can see it…we can be Lego Blog Buddies (narrated by C typed by Mom)

  9. never tried okra. there’s not an abundance of opportunities here on the west coast, i don’t think.

    love the redemption story up there on #1. so cool.

  10. Fried okra with a fresh sliced tomato in the summer…doesn’t get any better than that!

    Dang, now I’m gonna be obsessing about that all day!

  11. look at how I spelled “hygienist” in that last comment…

    That’s when Barbra Eden cleans your teeth and tells you that her “Master” will be in to check your teeth momentarily…*blinks*

  12. Oh my! Getting called by all three names. You know your in trouble when that happens. For you Tiff, I would try it…and probably like it. What’s not to like about deep fried veggies, even the weird veggies.

  13. Mmmmm…fried okra!

    “Better living through chemistry”…Amen, sister!

    Cool story about the hygienist. God is so good!

  14. I’m adopting “better living through chemistry”. Love it.

    And in the picture with the adorable Lyla, are those waffle fries I see??? I miss Chick-fil-a.

  15. love this! 😉 that little girl is to die for cute. no wonder you were distracted.

  16. So what you’re saying is, since my grandma from Arkansas is visiting right now I need to have her make me some fried okra?? ONLY in the south would they take an unsuspecting healthy vegetable and fry ‘er up. While I’m at it maybe we should have a catfish fry with some chocolate gravy and bisquits on the side (in memory of my grandpa).

    The sad thing is I never even SEE fresh okra in our stores. A fact that makes my mom grieve for her days of southern livin’…

    How did my comment become all about food???? Now I’m craving ANYTHING covered in breading/cornmeal/batter/whatever and fried up in some oil…

    And what’s all this hype about Chick-fil-a too?

  17. I love fried Okra!! And that was totally Mater. My boys would have gone crazy over that

    I love the part about your Tommy….so sweet. And such a lovely lego creation. I’m living vicariously as I have the only boys who do not make lego creations.

    I think you are in good hands with your hygeinist–how come that is one hard word to spell, I had to go back and look at how you spelled it a couple of times….being honest. And that leads me to you being honest this week…..loved that you were. You rock!

  18. Okay, it TOTALLY cracks me up that every comment seems to have focused in on OKRA!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some fried okra…my mouth is watering, but that is just too funny! We are group of food lovin’ ladies aren’t we!

    I’ll be taking pictures of our Lego creation shortly. In fact Eldest was quite furious with me that I didn’t take the pictures night before last for him. *Sigh*…in trouble with him again.

  19. That Lego creation is awesome, but I love that he addressed the envelope himself even more. Something about that little-boy writing.

    I’m totally giving myself away here as a Midwest girl, but I’ve never had fried okra. I’m not sure I’ve ever had un-fried okra either. But since my dream is to live in a Southern state someday, I guess that will have to change.

    Lyla is PRECIOUS.

  20. again I feel your pain about the dentist. I went to what I thought was my last appointment the other day( after many since January), only to find out my “crown” didn’t fit and I have to go back… I told them I was going to start bringing personal items from home, since I live there now!!!

    I knew there was a reason I liked you…Fried Okra. Love it! The best comfort food there is.

  21. That baby girl is too precious.

    Nothing like living in the south where everything is made better by breading and frying it.

    Will be praying for your dental visit. I have a huge phobia too. Because I know it will go well for you I may be coming to NC to have dental work done. 🙂

  22. Fried Okra. Now you are speaking my love language.

    And I’m with you on the 3rd grade testing. Throw out window. Pronto.

  23. Oh I just love the little things – Towmater cracks me up!

    The little girl is precious.

    I’m so excited for your beginnings of a muscle and glad that it is not a tumor!!

  24. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog and had to comment. Started reading and couldn’t stop! Too cute 🙂
    Hope you have a great Mothers Day!

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