Somewhere my mom is hanging her head in shame


Welcome, fellow Meredith linkers to this month’s 10 on the 10th.  I thought I’d let you sneak a peek at….

10 Things I Need to Do

1.  I need to release the dead sunflowers that have sat on my fireplace mantel for a week.  They were on their last legs when I bought them, and it’s really time to go.  I hold on too tightly to flowers in my house.  They are always way past cute before they hit the compost heap.


2. Hmmm…does the fact that you can READ the word “dust” hint that I might need to dust my nightstand?


3. Mt. Washmore still exists in the laundry room.  I think I have six more loads of laundry to go… I need to get crackin’.


4. I could start my own science experiment with the fruit flies buzzing around my brown bananas.  I need to make banana bread muffins for school snacks next week.  Or for myself snacks.


5. I need to straighten some pictures.


6. I need to transplant J’s cabbage plant into the ground.  He’s competing for a $20,000 college scholarship from Burpee. He doesn’t understand that they hold it in escrow until he’s 18.  He thinks he’s going to get a big fat check and head straight to the LEGO store.


7. Craig brought these home from flag football practice this morning.  I really need to avoid them.


8. I need to use these lest I give the ladies at my nail/wax salon something to snicker about.


9. I need to clean this.


10.  I need to close the lid on these.  I think 10 days is long enough to release those cleaning vapors.  I’m sure the powder room is spotless by now.


Have a nice day.


25 responses to “Somewhere my mom is hanging her head in shame

  1. I’m impressed you still have the cabbage plant.

    Our dog climbed up on the table and ate Caitlin’s.

    She cried for hours because she thinks she won’t be able to go to college now.

  2. I need to transplant Abbey’s pumpkin plant before it DIES. Yikes.

    I throw my brown bananas in the freezer in ziploc and pull ’em out when I have time to make muffins/bread. I have some thawing right now because silly me signed up to work the welcome station at church on Mother’s Day. Instead of sleeping in, I get to be there an hour early and serve my fellow mothers all kinds of delicious treats. So…banana bread is on the agenda tonight…after some Harry Potter!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Freeze those ‘nanners before the bugs take over your house!

    And, please remember to tweeze daily. Because a mono-brow is not sexy. I’m all about well-groomed eyebrows! Just ignore the hairs on my chin. Hormones. Can’t help it.

  4. Didn’t you know the “dusty” look on furniture is “in,” these days? Or at least that is what I keep telling myself…

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  5. Yeah, I think I’m with Mich. Have you noticed to what lengths teenagers go to these days to look unkempt? Why can’t the just rolled out of bed look fly when it comes to the house?

  6. It scares me a little bit that my “need to do” list looks almost identical to yours. Except for the cabbage plant thing. I have no such cabbage plant hanging out at my house.

    …just thought you should know that one time the fruit flies were driving me so nuts that I actually set a homemade trap for them and then released them into the wild. Hopefully you don’t think any differently of me now…

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

  7. Tell me again … why must these things get done? Isn’t life still functioning with them as is? I’m just saying…

  8. I have bananas that rival yours – they will also be donated to a h igher good either today or tomorrow. Happy baking! 🙂

  9. Your nightstand and my car have a lot in common.

    Your pictures crack me up. It’s been 3 weeks since we’ve painted the upstairs & had the carpet installed. Do you THINK I’d hang a picture?

    So at least yours are on the wall.

    Tweezed me eyebrows jest yesterday.

    Fruit flies are the worst. Never saw them until I moved to a more humid environment. Maybe CO scares them off.

  10. LOL I do believe we have a lot in common! I’m just not brave enough to put my list in pictures.
    Hope you don’tmind a new follower from Canada, love your blog.

    • I have a special place in my heart for all things Canadian. Funny story – Canada was the first “foreign country” that my children visited. We were studying up a little about it prior to our trip, and I told the boys that Canadians speak French and English. We crossed the border and J kept saying “Bon jour” to everyone he met. He was severely disappointed that everyone said “Hello” back.

  11. Our nightstands could be friends and I don’t even want to walk into my laundry room at the moment:0)

  12. I love this list….I have many of the same things going on in my home! I always have a crooked picture, open clorox wipes container,rotting bananas or any fruit and I still have the sunflowers from last year standing in our back yard(dried and brown after a full winter)….laundry, oh I could go on and on.

    Happy Mother’s day!!

  13. CPQ! I wish you had told me you snuck in my house to take pictures! We could have hit sonic! Seriously!
    1. dead flowers? Check
    2. Dust on night (and entry table, end tables…) Check, check!
    3. Mt. Washmore? Check, but it’s in my living room!
    4. Bad Nanners? Check
    5. Crooked pictures? No, but that’s only because I haven’t hung them them yet!
    6. Cabbage plant? Check…Oh wait, it’s dead already!
    7. Doughnuts. Okay not this one
    8. Bushy brows? Check!
    9. cruddy coffee maker! The whole kitchen!
    10. Chlorox…who needs em!

  14. Honey, your list just let’s us all know that we’re one big happy family!

    Mt. Washmore? Love it!

    We have Cotton Mountain (clean clothes) and Mt. St. Laundry (dirty)…pick your pile.

    Hope you get all your “things” accomplished!

  15. Kindred Spirits we are!

  16. Well we talked about laundry the other day. Yesterday I did four more loads to stay caught up. FOUR freaking loads. I swear I am going to hang a nail in their rooms and make them wear the same clothes for a week. Worked back in the day.

    At least your flowers resemble flowers, my boys are pulling up weeds from the yard and bringing them to me. I dutiful keep them in a vase by the kitchen sink until they expire.

    And lastly, I have been meaning to ask if you were flying and shredding?

  17. oooh! We have matching nightstands! Well, not the wood, but the dust.

    Not to burst your bubble or anything, but we’ve tried for two years to have the mac-daddy, worlds largest cabbage worth $$$. What they don’t tell you when the kids bring home that beginner shoot, is that it is actually way to0 early to plant cabbage. It’s a WINTER (fall) crop! But, I’m rootin’ for your $$$ prize.

  18. With such a great daughter as you, there is no need for your mom to hang her head in shame! You are busy “being” a mom, which means you don’t have time to chuck dead flowers, dust a night stand, close the Clorox can, etc.
    Just for the record: I didn’t make it through NewEveryAM’s blog without crying. Thanks for your sweet comment! We are truly blessed, & I have so enjoyed getting to know you!

  19. I say, why bother? If you do it it’s just going to need doing again next week or someone will come and un-do it.

    Wait. Weren’t we doing FlyLady a few weeks ago? I vaguely remember something about something. You know, it was right before we started exercising daily. Are you seeing a trend? You’re at least shredding. You are shredding, right?

  20. Ahhhh….the cabbage plant. Ours looks just like yours. Poor Keaton doesn’t understand that his mama has black thumbs. and pinkies. and toes. If his college future is dependent on that cabbage…he’s in serious trouble.

    And all my pictures look like yours! Mine are due to many a game of ball in the house. And wrestling matches. And temper tantrums. Yours?

  21. LOL 🙂 I love your to-do list because it looks like mine. I think I’m on load of laundry #8 so far . . . and we only have one very small child.

    oh and I kept telling myself I was going to make banana bread. but alas I had to throw away the bananas this morning because they were past even the bread-making stage.

  22. Ba ha ha ha you must tell the fly lady about those cleaning vapors she could start selling them on her website

  23. Thank you for being a girl after my own heart!! So many things to do with so little time. . . but who cares? I LOVE me some Daylight Donuts. They used to have one in my college town . . . and I have such sweet, sweet memories of them. I didn’t even realize they were still around. I might have to make a road trip up to your town real soon to satisfy my craving for them now!

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