Closet confessions

The thing I love about blogging is that I air all my dirty laundry for men in Pakistan to read about and then it starts to gnaw at me that I should probably do something about the real laundry.  I mean, if my mom ever does start reading my blog, she’s going to call me on the carpet for some recent housekeeping confessions I’ve made to random strangers, so I thought it best to go ahead and start tackling the old “to do” list so that when she does call to fuss at me, I can tell her I’ve mended my ways.

No, I didn’t straighten the pictures.  Or dust.  I’m waiting for a rainy fifth Tuesday of a month that ends in X to do those tasks.  Yesterday I decided the time had come to disassemble rearrange torch everything and start all over again with my closet.  Remember I said that it was in a bad way?

It was “Late to church because I can’t find the matching shoe” bad way.

“Winter coats and sweaters when it’s 90 degree shorts weather outside” bad way.

“Husband threatening to never buy another pair of shoes or new clothes until it was cleaned out” bad way.

Okay, the “no new shoes” comment is what it took to light the fire under me. Summer’s comin’ and Mama needs new shoes.

So I pulled every last item of clothing out of my closet, (and why do I have this obsession with showing you every bad habit of mine?) and this is the conclusion to which I arrived.


Hello, my name is Susan, and I clearly have a bit of a shoe problem.

It was oh-so-painful, but I had part with some of them.  I only had the emotional fortitude to toss three very-past-their-prime pairs, and I had Craig help me decide by giving him a vote on his choice for the first in line for the trashcan.  These are the shoes he chose.


Yes, they are cracked and completely worn out, but they are so very comfortable.  And they have the added honor of being the pair that have logged more carpool miles than all the other pairs combined.   Funny how when I asked if I should get rid of the ones pictured below, he said “Absolutely not”.


Smart man.

After everyone was happily and perfectly matched (unlike  He Who Must Never Be Named in My Blog Again and Molly), they were put back into the closet along with the summer clothes while the winter clothes were relegated to the hall closet.


I’d show you a picture of my summer clothes hanging in the closet, but really, how many white t-shirts can a person stand to look at?

And in other news –


I went to Sonic on Saturday to spend the gift card that I won from Amber’s giveaway several weeks back.  She’s been yapping about this Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper thing for so long that I just had to go try it.  And since it was her dime, I ordered a backup of my favorite drink (Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper) just in case her concoction was gag-inducing.


I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to find out what it tasted like.  I’ll have you know that it was oddly delightful.  The first sip was “Huh?” but the subsequent thirty were very satisfying.

Hope Mom and Amber are happy now.

And the men in Pakistan.

Have a nice day.


27 responses to “Closet confessions

  1. Lauren Richardson

    Good Morning! I can’t believe I’m the first one here! And now I’m thinking I should go clean my closet!

    Hoping YOU have a VERY nice day!

  2. That’s not too many shoes! I don’t think you even have all the food groups covered! You need more! I don’t think you’re doing your part to get our nation out of this recession! It’s your civic duty to buy more shoes! Your country needs you!

    P.S. I officially resign as your accountability partner.

  3. Ever thought of an international shoe swap. … bizare thoughts through a tired and unfiltered mind … yes. Very late err, early; yes again. Going to bed now. Yes!!!

  4. Girl, I have twice as many shoes as that, and for only one season. Lots of shoes are a must. IF they are in style. I still see a few more of yours you can get rid of and replace with cute, new stylish ones. I recommend Payless. Cute and cheap is my motto! You could pay more, but why?

  5. It was “clean out your closet ” weekend for me too, only mine was really, really bad…still not finished if that tells you anything! I may have to get rid of more shoes than you, for it looks like you have more space! Actually, I end up just putting the old ones in tubs and setting them in the top of my closet. Can’t seem to part with them.

    Glad you liked Amb’s special drink. She will be excited, since her sis can’t quite aquire a taste for it.

  6. I planned on cleaning my closet today….you have given me the incentive to do so! G was just complaining that I keep all our shoes in their boxes and he can never tell what is what. Hmmm, maybe I need to take them out of their boxes? You’ve inspired my Monday!

  7. Oh, those shoes…

    Wait, I’m just taking a moment of silent reverence.

    Okay…I’m back. Wow. I want to be like Sus. You should run for president.

    I’m not so sure I could be trusted to visit you w/o lifting a pair of “new” shoes. I hope you wear a size 9.

    Hey Pakistan Guys: I don’t clean either.

  8. That cup you are drinking from looks like a “small” what size was your back-up, huh?! I love a girl who is CAUTIOUSLY willing to try something new! hahahaha

    I am SO on an organizing, scratch-it-do-over mode today…mine will be the MASSIVE amounts of piles of homeschooling books, work, TE’s, papers, crayons, markers, eleventeen bazillion craft items and so on…I MAY even be brave enough for before and after pics, you inspire me that way…

  9. Still can’t bring myself to try pineapple dr. pepper. but the back up idea is brilliant!

    i’m cleaning out my closet today. i’m SO not a shoe girl…do you still love me?

  10. Hooray for Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper!! I’m so glad you were brave. And even more glad that you didn’t hate it. And then smack talk me and my beloved fruity goodness all over the internet.

    And those shoes….girl. We are kindred spirits. Although if I lined up all my shoes for Pakistan to see they would get an eye full of Old Navy flip flops. Every color. You betcha.

    Still hearting those reptiley swankaliscious shoes.

  11. I cannot express how impressed I am that you took everything out of your closet to sort/organize/purge! This is what you’re “supposed” to do, but I am always concerned that I’ll get it all out, then get distracted or interrupted or tired. Then, all of the stuff will be a huge mess all over the place! Great job!!

    You really don’t have that many shoes!

  12. I’m off to organize my shoes!

    I think I’ll stick with the Lemon Berry Slush or the Java Chiller at Sonic.

  13. My closet is in a BAD WAY as well, so much so, that my husband started to clean it out yesterday….YIKES! I too have a shoe obsession, and isn’t it funny how the men always want you to keep the “sexy” high heeled type shoes…or at least mine does.
    I think your mama will be proud….don’t dust until you’re having company, and even then it’s questionable.

  14. I think you need few more pairs of flip flops for summer. My favorite are yellow box (just in case you were wondering).

    On the sonic front, I might have to try the pineapple dr pepper, but you should really try the mango limeade.

  15. First, I am jealous of your Sonic drinkage. I may have to come to your side of twon so I can get a Sonic fix.

    But, more importantly, I don’t see a problem with your shoe selection. A girl must have choices.

    Among our list of reasons why we should be friends, a love of shoes is one of them. A wise Shoe Sales Lady told me “Once a shoe dog, always a shoe dog.” And that, my friend, is profound truth.

  16. E-NOUGH with this Sonic talk!!! Are you all in conspiracy to get me to the Sonic in my town that I have NEVER in my life been to?? …because it is all about me, you know.:)

    …I think I need to go buy some new shoes…

  17. Love all the shoes. It’s always hard to get rid of the gnarliest ones because the reason they’re gnarly is that they’re well-loved; and the reason they’re well-loved is because they’re comfortable. You got rid of three? I say you get full credit 🙂

  18. خردبیں جوتے

  19. Wow, what was this, National Clean Out Your Closet Day?! I cleaned mine out today too! And I think that just looks like a normal amount of shoes….

  20. Loving the reptile shoes! Pass them my way when you are ready to retire them. Your post made me look with shame at my closet…it’s a bit of a black hole…maybe tomorrow.

  21. I have three pairs of shoes and am still amazed that I can’t always find both of any pair.

    And I find it rather interesting that we appear to have the exact same green crocs. How cool is that?

  22. I love your blog. Love it. It’s like we’re kindred spirits.

  23. Hello. My name is Michele, and I have a shoe problem. The first step to overcoming a problem is admitting it, right? I so heart your shoe problem. . . b/c I get you. . I get your shoe love. . .I understand. . . and your closet . . . I get that too. I am so very ashamed of how full my closet is of clothes and shoes. . . yet I can’t stop the cycle. I need an intervention!

  24. I’m sorry, I think the only shoe problem is that you don’t have enough space for all your shoes. Too many shoes? It’s a old wives’ tale, a folktale, a myth. No such thing.

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