Brother, can you spare a dime?

“Mom, I need $25,000.”

Oh, me too.

“Whatcha’ need it for, Squash?”

“There’s a hotel in the Bahamas that has a room for $25,000 a night.  If I had $100,000, we could stay there for four whole nights.”

So glad that he’s mastered some basic mathematical calculations. Now if only he could master keeping track of his nineteen million lunchboxes I’ve had to replace to the tune of $25,000, we’d be in business.

But I digress…

“What’s so special about this hotel that it costs so much to stay there?”

“They have a butler, Mom, and marble bathtubs.”

No one in this family enjoys soaking for hours in a tub more than he.  Except for maybe me.  How I love this wrinkled, pruney, water-logged child o’ mine.

“If you could tell the butler to get anything in this world for you, punkin’, what would it be?

“A cherry soda.”

I think he’s adopted.

Have a nice day.

13 responses to “Brother, can you spare a dime?

  1. Marble tubs and cherry soda….that’s a kid after my own heart!

  2. This made me smile….he’s a funny kid.

  3. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for something Bionicle-related.

  4. Guess we need to start savin’.

    I’d like a butler, too.

  5. sweet

  6. I’m with Whimz, I expected a Bionicle/Lego request…

    How many people get to stay in said 25.000 room?? Could me and the kids get in on that?? They entertain themselves while we sunbathe!!

  7. Oooh, I like this kid. Our tastes are very, very similar.

  8. haha that’s hysterical 🙂 and a waste of money for serious.

  9. Cute!

    Are you feeling better?

  10. My kid is counting his quarters for an iPhone…he says he’s almost there. Good luck with that, Kid.

    Mine can text me on his phone while he’s with yours in the Bahamas.

  11. Such a thoughtful kiddo!

  12. A cherry soda for $100,000? Tell your kid I’ll be his personal butler & bring him cherry sodas on the hour for 4 days for HALF that.

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