18 responses to “D-Day

  1. Praying for you.

    And really hoping you’ll Tweet your Tweeps On the way home, and while still under the influence.

  2. Praying for you! This time tomorrow, it will be over…and it will be Saturday!

  3. I’ll say a prayer…

    I’m still not finished going to the dentist. I have to go back the end of this month. I think they like me and keep making up reasons for me to come back.

  4. Praying it will be an uneventful, boring, painless, sleep-inducing day!!!
    Love you!!

  5. I agree with Karen!! Completely and utterly painless….you won’t even remember you were there!

  6. Oh girl! Not fun. Hopefully there will be lots and lots of drugs. At least my dentist had TV’s built in to every chair so I could zone out while they did their thing.

    Hope it goes quickly!

  7. Can’t wait to hear all about your win.

  8. Praying today!

  9. Praying for you!

  10. Yeah, I’m praying and part of my prayer is that you’ll call me on the way home. Because I’m pretty sure that would be entertaining. Not that I’d enjoy a laugh at your expense, but you get the drug buzz, so it equals things somewhat.

    You might want to read my blog today BEFORE you come out from under the effects of your drugs. Love ya!

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  12. I not only think you should tweet while high…I also think I blog post should be in order. Because, you know, the main reason for this is for us all to get a good laugh at your expense while your under the influence.

    Oh! I kid! Sorta….:)

    But in all seriousness, I WILL be praying for you. That it would be painless, stressfree, and that you will have found your “drug of choice” when next you need it…and all that jazz.

  13. oh hope it goes so so well!

  14. Hope it all went well….how were the drugs?!

  15. Come on come on come on! We need an update!

  16. A voluptuous blonde entered the dentist’s office in an obvious state of agitation. She sat down in the chair and fidgeted nervously as the dentist prepared his utensils.

    “Oh, doctor,” she exclaimed, as he prepared to look into her mouth, “I’m so afraid of dentists. Why, I think I’d rather have a baby than have a tooth drilled.”

    “Well, miss,” said the dentist impatiently, “better make up your mind before I adjust the chair.”

    Hope your day went well. 🙂

  17. Hope it went well and your family is waiting on you hand and foot! Live like a princess for a few days!

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