Important things like The Bachelorette

I could bore you with the story about the boys chopping down my favorite dogwood yesterday, or the fact that I spent all day talking to my new best friend Julian at the IT Help Desk at work, or the fact that VBS is in less than a month and I haven’t even cracked the leader’s pack.  But no, I’m going to be a mature adult and talk about Grey’s Anatomy and The Bachelorette.

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short to the  Grey’s Finale.  I had backlogged episodes dating back to March on the DVR.  But Sunday night I got caught up (and thank you to my West Coast Tweeps who talked me out of starting the two hour finale at 1 a.m. Eastern time.)  Late yesterday I treated myself to a little me time and finished the season out, and I have to say, I loved the finale so much that I watched it TWICE.

That would be in the same afternoon.

It may or may not be the reason my kids had dinosaur chicken nuggets with a side of leftover spaghetti for supper with chocolate cake for dessert.

I think my favorite part of the whole episode was watching Christina Yang finally crack.  She let her guard down (at last!) and smiled.  And hugged Meredith.  And said “Yes” to Owen.  And the scene between the two of them in the mechanical room?  Sheer perfection.  I think I may have a slight crush on Owen.  Anyone that can rip icicles out of somebody with his bare hands is kinda’ cool in my book.  And I also think Korev rocks.  And McDreamy.  And Sloan is growing on me.

Moving on…

…to Jillian.

Dear Reader, Jillian was my first choice for He Who Must Not Be Named in My Blog Again on last season’s “Bachelor”, and while I was throwing things at the television in devastation slightly miffed that What’s His Name didn’t choose her, who knew that getting the short end of the stick would turn out having her smelling like a rose? 

Lamest attempt at a pun ever.

Let’s cut to the chase.  I’m assuming you all watched it so I won’t bore you with the details of the cute skinny jeans and boots the Jilli rocked, or the gratuitous shots of men without shirts on.  My #1 choice is Jake the pilot.  He’s from Dallas (where I was born), he gave her bling the first time he met her, and let’s face it, she’ll get to fly free for the rest of her life to wherever she wants.  Perks, baby.

Running a close second is Kiptyn, mainly because he spells his name kinda’ funky and he looks pretty darn cute in a wetsuit is kind to puppies.

Rounding out my top 10 are Josh the lifeguard, Ed the IT consultant, Jesse the winemaker, Mark the pizza guy, the Non-Creepy Tanner, Dave the trucker, Mathue (please find a new way to spell your name) the trainer, and Sasha can’t-remember-what-he-does-but-he’s-from-Texas-so-he-must-be-okay.

In the “I can’t believe she wasted a rose on this guy” category, I would include breakdancer Michael, Brad who pretended to brush dandruff off his jacket when he stepped out of the limo, “sassy minx” redneck Brian who annoys me, and Creepy-Foot Tanner.  Something tells me she’s going to regret that choice in particular.  And his jacket was shiny.  Bad form.

The highlights for upcoming episodes were riveting.  I think I saw my boy Jake crying over a balcony.  I am not going to take it as a bad sign.  I am undeterred.  I’m going out on a limb to say that I think he’s going all the way to the final four and may even get the final rose.

You heard it here first.




Have a nice day.


16 responses to “Important things like The Bachelorette

  1. Yes, to see Yang finally get a heart was awesome! I did not see the ending about George coming at all!! What a twist!

  2. It’s too soon for me to speak of Grey’s. I can’t even think about it without beginning the ugly cry and we both know that’s something no one needs to see.

  3. Jake is totally my frontrunner- make -it- a -long way pick…

    Next Monday you’ll have to IM w/ me and Mimi…we may or may not have had a beverage of the adult persuasion and made up names like:

    Mr. Job Security (the Lifeguard)
    The Serb (Sasha)
    Weird Foot Guy
    Mr. Stuck on Himself (the bleached teeth, Bilbo?!)
    Cawntry Sanger

    You get the picture and we oh so quickly would type YES! or NO! or EWW! ..Jills was also my first choice right off the bat for Whozit but lucky her she’s one less jerk and 30 men richer…

    How about the guy that said “I smell good, look good, make love good…” EWWWWWWW and I’d dismiss him on the basis of poor grammar alone!!

    Totally cannot believe she kept Mr. Sassy Minx (totally NOT representin’ the ATL, btw) and Shiny Jacket Creepy Feet!

    I think the BreakDancer Boy will be like Jessie the Snowboarder and stick around b/c he’s funny, silly, etc.

    I think Mr. Scruffy “Great Catch” is the one to hate that she’ll be “in” to and the guys will loathe and just won’t understand it.

    Okay, good thing there’s not a character cut off in this comment box like on Twitter or I’d been up Comment Creek without a rose…it’s gonna be a great season!!

  4. I didn’t even touch Grey’s Anatomy…maybe I’ll come back this afternoon, I was overloaded from TB (The Bachlorette, not that horrible lung disease.)

  5. I don’t watch either show, but my bet will be Jill chooses a cute guy and they break up within 6 months after the show. Because that’s how the show goes, Trisha aside.

  6. I was actually overstimulated by the end of the evening. Jake, Juan, Jesse, and David were my pics. I had to endure a bit o’ the ribbing from Big as I took notes on Apple. I was feeling all confident about my choices until I saw the scary previews. Man…we’re in for a wild ride. She may end up with the foot man after all.


    Re: Grey’s…I have it on my DVR for one more view. I think that’s all I can take. And then I’ll watch the finale of Friday Night Lights, again.

    My name is Gretchen, and I am TV dependent.

  7. Pretty good choices except for Juan creeps me out a little, and keeping creepy Tanner was a bad move. BUT AT LEAST she got rid of “let’s hug it out” guy, and the fact that he said it twice in the mattter of 30 sec. just sealed his fate in my mind.

    I don’t normally watch this. Why did I get sucked in? Because it was one night I actually wanted to watch mindless T.V. Because apparently it’s a good use of my time to watch ONE more hot tub scene or cheesy “this is the most amazing day of my life”, “you are so beautiful”, “I feel like we’re soul mates” lines.

    Anywho…I guess it allowed me to participate in this blog post of yours!:)

    I KNEW you would love Grey’s! *sigh* Don’t know if I can stand waiting to see how it turns out for Izzy and George, though…heartbreaking just heartbreaking. (THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE, GOSH DARN IT!)

  8. I think your rundown of Jillian’s choices is sooo correct. Tiff gave you our full analysis. Please, come join our Monday night IM party!

  9. Oh and it’s really hard for me to hear the name “Jillian” and not think about the torture that keeps me from sitting on and standing up from the toilet like a normal person. Just sayin’.

    Seriously. Hug It Out Guy! Did no one else have a problem with that??!!

    And, Tiffani, you are cracking me up over there in TB Land…

  10. Sorry for the Dogwood tree problem. I assure you its a boy thing. My Boy is always talking about how he wants to chop down trees (he took one or two down last time we were here.)

    And, as you know, The Mister recently took a tree down himself.

    So I guess what I am trying to tell you is this:

    It doesn’t get better.

    Also, I’m kinda sorry that I am not a TV watcher (except for that little Desperate Housewives habit….oh! and that one week when I sat on the couch and watched all the seasons of Top Model…in a row.), because I miss out on all the camaraderie!

  11. Can you freakin’ believe that I missed it? Dern baseball. Dern me even more for forgetting to set the DVR. Might just slightly be more upset with myself over that than the time I dropped my baby. (He was okay…nobody call DHS.)

    So I like the pilot…because I trust you.

  12. I had to record it and I haven’t watched it all yet, but Bilbo and the foot guy were over the top! So glad to know I can come here for perspectives!

  13. I’ll have to stay up to date by reading about it here! I watched it several seasons ago, and haven’t been able to take it again! 🙂

  14. CPQ – wow, I’ve missed coming by here for my daily dose of funny.

    I don’t watch Greys, but I do watch the Bachelorette. I totally missed Brad brushing off the pretend dandruff…ha! And you are far better than I am, because I at this stage in the game, I can never keep all of their names straight – I didn’t even remember that there was a Sasha. I just know that creepy foot Tanner has got to go. Soon.

  15. It took me all the way until last night to watch this episode so i was waiting to read your post haha 🙂 now i’m behind and need to watch last night’s episode! 🙂

    I actually kind of like the break-dancer. but i also like jake – even though he seems slightly cheesy . . . and the foot guy – well i dont even know what to say about him!

    ps – at least she didn’t keep “Bilbro”

  16. Jillian was my first pick last season too….LOVE HER in all her gorgeousness and hot dog topping ways! I am rooting for Jake too…at least for now!

    NOT a fan of the foot guy….ewwwwwww!!!! Mathue….I don’t particularly have anything against, except that he spells his name all screwed up. I’m an English teacher for Pete’s sake….spelling is crucial!

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