Get in the game

You’re looking at the wounded and bloody knees of a child who cannot walk but who REFUSES to let that deter him from going where he wants to go.

I watched this disabled-in-body-but-mighty-in-spirit child decide this week that:

A)  Life’s too short to spend observing from afar; and

B)  Living means experiencing the pain along with the pleasure.


He’d been asking me to take him to visit the “jungle” (otherwise known as the natural area in the back yard), but I had put him off.  I didn’t really feel like carrying him over the uneven ground, not to mention I wasn’t too anxious to encounter one of the coyotes that have been sighted roaming our neighborhood this week (when I talked about choosing life yesterday in my blog, I meant that LITERALLY).  So instead of the jungle, we compromised on hanging out on the back deck full of potted plants where I had prepared a pallet of blankets and loaded him up with toys and Cocoa Puffs.

I went inside to put the dishes away and was standing at the kitchen sink when through the window, too late to rescue,  I caught glimpse of him as he left the comfort of his play area, crawled on his hands and knees across the splintery wood, and hurled himself off the top step,  landing flat on his back, spread-eagle in the grass.

He never stopped smiling.

And in that instant, a voice deep within whispered…

Are you in the game?

In the tall grass?  Where the snakes slither and the ticks and ants crawl?


Are you in the game?

Are you willing to venture where others dare not go?  Where poison ivy stings and rocks tear flesh?


Are you in the game?

Is what you want too much effort? Too much pain?

He lacks the abilities that most people would consider necessary for an abundant life. Yet with what he has, he lives vigorously, focused and intent on what he wants, determined to achieve that upon which he has set his sights.


Laughing, even.

With bloody knees.

And a fistful of grass.

Are you in the game?


21 responses to “Get in the game

  1. Girl, when you get thinky, you are on fire!

    The things we can learn from those we think are limited in life. When the truth is that it is us who are more “abled” that are allow ourselves to be disabled.

    Praising God for the big lessons T is teaching you…and me. Oh that I might be able to overcome the pain of my bloodied knees to see that life is right there to be taken in hand!

  2. Precious!!

  3. LOVE THAT!!!!!

    I wish I was more brave to hurl myself off the comfort of the deck and into the jungle.

  4. Lydia Stevenson

    Girlfriend, as I wipe tears from eyes I understand that your sweetie has alot to teach us all, he is precious and so are you. What a special gift God has intrusted you with.

  5. We can all learn a lesson from that! 🙂

  6. I know he is a boy but I am going to say it anyway…He is BEAUTIFUL.

  7. I love that boy….I love his determination and probably a hundred other things that I have not learned yet about him. He seems to have so much oomph and life in him!

    I love moments like that….maybe God had you go into the house , so he would venture off the deck…to teach both of you something. Maybe not, I’m only on my first cup of coffee. I have not gotten into full analyzing mode yet. 🙂

  8. I’ve heard it said that our job is giving roots and wings. As a mom, I’m an A+ student on the former, and am starting to get my own knees bloodied on the latter.

    Great encouragement to me, too.

    You have one fab jungle explorer on your hands.

  9. Beautiful! He’s an inspiration. What a blessing!

  10. This is the absolute best post I have read in a long long time. I’m turning off the computer now and spending the rest of the day with a smile. Yeah him..yeah you!

  11. What an amazing boy….what an amazing mom!

  12. I think I could learn a lot from him.

  13. Isn’t it amazing that “He lacks the abilities that most people would consider necessary for an abundant life. ” is teaching all the rest of us what it means to live abundantly. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  14. I am in.

  15. What an amazing post 🙂 thanks for sharing girl!

  16. I’m not sure how much conviction I can stomach on a Saturday morning.

    This line is a killer: “Is what you want too much effort? Too much pain?”

    Thank you for the encouragement, even when it stings.

  17. I want to meet that little man…his spirit just soars.

    I know it’s funny to compare this post to So You Think You Can Dance, but…there was this girl (young lady actually) who was born with a short spine (can’t remember the name for it) and her entire torso was compacted together but she had a normal size head and normal length of arm and legs. Her mom was told she wouldn’t even live very long and now she’s in her 20’s. She danced. Beautifully. So courageously. And a judge talked about the fact that how can any of us able bodied people EVER say we can’t do something after watching her. So that along with your BEAUTIFUL post (even though tear inducing:)) is SO convicting to me.

    I need to and jump into the jungle. Thanks for the encouragment. Oh and thank your son for me too…

  18. With tears in my eyes, I admit that often I’m sitting on the deck. Often I’m putting my kids on the deck with me, too. Thank your for this. What an amazing kid he is. I can’t wait to meet him one day!

  19. T… it is an honor to know you, God has such huge plans for you!

    Sus, you are pure talent and I am blessed whenever you are near.

  20. Girl… I’m so in.

    Love this post. Love that boy.

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