Memorial Day Recap

One of the benefits to year round school is that occasionally the kids have to go to school on a holiday.  That happened to them this morning, and let me tell you, it was hard for Craig and me to look appropriately downcast as we dropped them off at 7:45 knowing that we had the next 7 hours to spend together on a rare day date.  We started the date by heading to IHOP where Craig ordered this


and while I want you to think that all I ordered was this small plate, I have to be honest and say that I am conveniently leaving out the ginormous stack of pancakes that accompanied it.


And I ate the whole thing.

But only because I had serious shopping to do and needed to properly fuel my body.


From there we went to Target and got new sheets and mattress pads for the boys’ beds (nothing fun to look at there) and then to Costco which we discovered had the nerve to be closed on Memorial Day.

So we decided to go furniture shopping.

I have decided after living in this house for four years, that the time may have come to actually put living room furniture in the living room.  Heretofore it has been the toy room, otherwise known as the disaster area.  Now that the boys are old enough to have smaller toys i.e. Legos AKA Things That Make Me Swear, I’ve moved the toys into their room and decided to reclaim the toy room as my own.

The front living room is small (think “early 1970s ranch house” small) so oversized furniture is right out.  I also needed to find a sleeper sofa to add sleeping capacity when friends who have children come to visit us. So with that in mind, we hit every furniture store in town and five hours later, I settled on this fabric couch which is taupe with a tiny pinstripe.  I really liked the clean look and the retro lines.  Since we’re in an older house, I thought it lent itself to the feel of the place.


I needed a couple of accent chairs, and I really wanted to buy this one, but turns out it was beyond my price range.


I am cursed with excellent taste.

I can always pick out the most expensive thing in the store.

Before you feel sorry for me, though, for missing out on that chair, I’m going to buy TWO of these reclining armchairs instead (in a sage color) for less than what that one chair cost.  With the money I”m saving, I’ll buy some pretty patterned pillows to punch it up a little.


All that shopping took us right up until the school bell rang, so we dashed to carpool, picked up the boys and took them out for a chocolate milkshake to overcompensate for sending them to school.  After that, we came home and moved rugs, the piano and the curio cabinet in anticipation of the furniture being delivered Friday.

All in all, a VERY fun day, and even though we were running around all over town, we did manage to consume our obligatory Memorial Day burgers.  They happen to be purchased rather than grilled at home, but they were delicious nonetheless.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Memorial Day Recap

  1. I LOVE getting to go pick out new stuff for the house…sounds like a great way to spend your holiday! 🙂

  2. Yeah, we tried going to Costco, too. The nerve of them, giving their peeps a holiday…we were in search of bulk item baby carrots & apple slices. 😉

    WTG & groovy on the choice furnishings. Sage is such a great color, IMHO, & like the idea of a pinstripe.

    Glad you had fun with your honey. Daytime dates are awesome.

  3. Pancakes, shopping a day with your man? What an awesome day!

    The only thing that could have made it better was chocolate milkshakes, but you got that too!

    So excited for your new furniture. Did you take before and after pics?

  4. What a day! I am loving your new sofa and chairs.

    Alas, I too am cursed with excellent taste and the uncanny ability to go into a store and be immediately drawn to the most expensive item, which my husband reminds me of quite often.

    And I heart IHOP and dates with hubby! Glad you two had a fun day!

  5. Yum. IHOP.
    Love that sofa…it is very retro! Can’t wait to see how you complete the room!

  6. Such hardship … glad you were able to suffer through the day! 🙂

  7. Love the sofa, and love that you got to hang with hubby yesterday.

    I don’t know if I could handle year round school. Do you like it??? (Obviously, asking you on the heels of yesterday is going to sway your answer.)

  8. The breakfast picture has me salivating….same with the furniture photos.

    Remember to take before/after room pictures:)

  9. I love those parent “hookey” days.

    And I LOVE that too expensive chair. Though the chairs you picked are perfectly lovely and will be a better choice in the long run. Just change out the pillows and redecorate! Makes me want to buy new furniture!

  10. oh that sounds so fun! Adam and I LOVE ihop 🙂 and do people actually NOT eat it all? weird. I always do 🙂

    ps – i love your new furniture – you should post some pictures of it when you get it in your space! 🙂

  11. Fun! Totally jealous…of both the “date” and the new furniture!

  12. Nice choice in furniture. Looks like something we’d pick out (big surprise there, eh?). And it goes very well with those expertly installed floors.

  13. Likey the new furniture very muchy.

    I’ve been banned to ratty furniture until the boys are in college. So says the husband. I’ve been paying the boys on the sly to destroy the current furniture bit by bit, so that eventually it is a necessity. So far so good. They’ve Superman’d off the back of the couch so many times that the cushions have ripped. We have progressed to slipcovers. Next stop….new furney.

    And IHOP…drool puddle.

  14. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend your free day! I’ll bet you’re loving the idea of new furniture 🙂

  15. I always wanted to experience the year round school thing, now I’m just hopeful the youngest chooses a college on the same schedule as the older two. . .
    Love the day time shopping dates! What a great way to spend the Holiday.

  16. I was doing just fine until I saw that plate of hash browns. Now it’s all I can do to keep from running to the kitchen and frying up a little skillet full. Even though it’s 11 at night.

    New furniture – nice! Great choices. I agree, that expensive chair is gorgeous – but the one (or two) that you’re getting look fantastic too. Can’t wait to see it all arranged in your house.

  17. be still my heart.

    yummy breakfast. Target. furniture shopping. with ONLY a hubby. I could only hope!

    LOVE what you picked!!

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