May the Force be with you…again

It seems like just a few days ago we were talking about the light saber stuck in the tree.  Well, this morning after I came back from carpool, this is what I saw


We can’t seem to find the basketball when we need it, but that light saber is like a bad penny….

Speaking of basketballs, you’ll see it hiding in the jungle that is our waist-high grass because of all the rain we’ve had this week.  And while you’re gazing at the basketball and my unkempt grass, you can also feast your eyes on the one rose bush that the deer haven’t eaten.  I love these roses because they change color – they’ll turn from orange to fuschia before the bloom dies.


And I was crafty today – As I was cleaning out the stacks of stuff that I would love for you to believe I do not have on my counters, I found these three watercolors the boys painted for an art project.  I never got around to turning in the order form to have the paintings turned into a mug, magnet, or mouse pad, but what I did end up doing is going to Michael’s today and buying some inexpensive frames and putting the pictures together.

Want to see?  Sure you do – it’s my blog – I’ll make you.

These are the pictures.  Travis painted the top one, Tommy the middle one, and JJ the lower one


I then used my table knife  – I’m an expedient crafter – and pried the little bars off the back of the frame


In 5 minutes, I had this –


and I’m going to hang them in my new living room (I just like saying that) after the furniture arrives.  Here’s an in-between pic of where things will go – I could not shoot a before photo because that would have been a little too much honesty about what a disaster it looked like with Legos strewn everywhere.  It was so bad that when my sweet neighbor came over, she gasped.

Hopefully you’re not gasping at this….


See the lovely masking tape on the rug?  That’s where the couch will go.  The empty space on the right beyond the piano is where one of my recliners will go, and the other one will go where you see the WHITE PLASTIC FOLDING CHAIR that currently is the only seating in the room.

Did I mention that Martha does not live in my house?  Now might be a good time to do so.

And I’m not sure if I’ll keep the low coffee table in the corner as a weird end table or if I’ll move it out into the center of the room.  I have this pesky requirement to keep traffic lanes open for a wheelchair, so that limits furniture placement for me.

And I obviously have an aversion to hanging things on the wall, but banging nails feels so permanent.  This was only going to be a temporary house until we decided to build, and we haven’t pulled the trigger on that project yet, so bare walls it is.

I did other stuff today but it was extremely boring except for my good leftover lunch of brisket, collards, and potato salad.

And I have no idea why I just wrote that down.

It has absolutely nothing to do with anything I just wrote.

And yet I’m going to leave it here.

Blame it on the light saber.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “May the Force be with you…again

  1. Martha would be proud. She wouldn’t actually say it because we both know how she is, but I know she’d feel it. I’m certainly proud. But then I’m always proud of you, friend.

    I LOVE the framed artwork. I need to do more of that. I saw a fun project somewhere for displaying kids’ art that involved a big empty frame and wire but I can’t remember where I saw it. I’m sure it’s starred in my Reader somewhere.

  2. When does your furniture arrive???

    I’m quite certain you’ll be seeing that light saber again…in between your new sofa cushions. And you might wanna hang that artwork up VERY high so it doesn’t meet the saber as well.

    Scratch that. You can’t hang the art higher than the bball goal. You’re on your own, sister. 😉

  3. I am so impressed with their artwork! And it looks so nice framed – you couldn’t buy anything better, plus it has all the sentimental value….

    I am looking at your piano and sighing….someday….

  4. Everything looks so lovely.

    And can I tell you a secret, (since I have a few years on this old blog thing). That picture of a clean, but empty, living space CAN be the before picture. And no one has to be any wiser…

    You could have said, “this is the before picture. Please excuse the tape on the antique rug I scrounged up. It was just something I had stored in my eighteenth century barn. I thought it would go well with the piano I had it flown in from my home in the Hamptons. I just LOVE to have old family pieces passed down from generation to generation, like this round table in the corner…”

    Anyway, who’s wordy today?

    I think your room is going to look beautiful. I can’t wait to come sit it in!

    May the force be with you.

  5. Love the kids artwork!

    I’m excited for you about your new space.

  6. Ah…light sabers. The laser in my side.

    I don’t even go and rescue ours anymore. I figure that if the rascals want to keep theirs then they will stop chunking them in our trees. And the neighbors already think we’re ghetto. So we have yard ornaments that are niftily Jedi.

    Because we roll like that.

    Love the framed art!!! 🙂

  7. I don’t know what I’m laughing more over–your left-over lunch, or your readers’ comments.

    We have graduated to StarWars miniatures for which to vacuum and trip.

    I, too, have piano envy. And I see…need to head out to Michaels, as well.

  8. Kid Art is my favorite decor! They look great in the frames, too. As for the light saber, if you have my luck, it’ll turn up next on their bedroom floor in the middle of the night where you will either stub your toe or bruise your foot on it. Oh, well…may the force be with you! 🙂

  9. Alas, I was relieved to read that there was another mom out there with random light sabers left in the weirdest places and we didn’t turn in our Kids Art either. I forgot. Oh, well….

  10. The framed art work is lovely….truly a work of art! I love kids art work framed. I just wish my kids liked to do art work.

    The color of that rose is so neat!

  11. I love the framed art work! I have quite a stash of great art that my kids have done, just waiting for frames. Unfortnately, that stash has been waiting for several years now. 😦

    I need to take some inspiration from you and get hoppin’!

  12. You have a piano?

    And re: the kid art, since we can’t seem to get rid of anything they make, we purchased these for their “frame-able” creations:

    Allows us to pop in new artwork (and stores older artwork).

    • Yes, notned – We’ve had it since you’ve known us…you just couldn’t see it for the LEGOS.

  13. or blame it on the rain… (yes, I still live in the ’80s)

    I will resist the temptation to sneak over in the middle of the night and pick that gorgeous rose. Enjoy it and the equally gorgeous artwork!

  14. just popping in to say hello- and to let you know I’ve been giggling in the library thanks to the fact that I totally identify. Here’s to a great new living room!

  15. I love the artwork! I’ve been planning to do something like that for a while. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, I’ve been known to use a table knife for just such a task…and also to spackle dry wall. And stir paint. And unscrew the thingamabob on my vacuum cleaner and unclog said vacuum. Really, the possibilities are endless.

    And too, I’ve never known anyone to eat collards except my grandparents. Except we called them collard greens.

  16. The light sabre…what a hoot. I have three (still to this day) light sabre-lovin’ guys. As teenagers they had a light sabre battle in the front yard…not so long ago.
    I heard the little voices of boys up the street, “Dad, there’s a Star Wars show going on!”
    Soon there was a line of neighbor boys lined up watching from a rock across the street.
    And my guys really put on a show when they had gathered an audience. It was a very, very funny.

  17. I think my “taste” of house I’m looking for is exactly like the one you’re living in!! I LOVE that style!

    Can’t wait to see the finished product..

    I have 80989 things on my summer to do list and framing artwork is one of them…

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