Another one bites the crust AKA My food diary

What do you eat when you get the munchies?  I’ve had them today, and while I’ve heard that you are what you eat, I hope it’s not true, because if today is an indicator, I may be the next contestant on the Biggest Loser Price is Right.

6:30 a.m. Egg sandwich on toast with coffee (Starting strong and reasonable)

10:30  Potato salad, straight out of the fridge (Hmmm, anytime you’re shovelling ‘tater salad by the forkful before noon, it might be time to schedule an intervention.)

1:00 Takeout shrimp stir fry from the seafood restaurant next door to my nail place (And don’t EVEN get me started on paying $12 for 5 shrimp.)

4:00 Raisin Bran Crunch

6:30 1 slice of frozen pizza, Diet Sunkist, and banana cake with cream cheese frosting (There’s just something heinous about seeing all that typed together)

And while all of it was tasty, it left me oddly dissatisfied and searching for the next thing.

And in horticultural news (How’s that for a segue?), here’s my rose.


And my basketball.

Which I feel like right now.

Maybe chips will make me feel better.

Have a nice day.

20 responses to “Another one bites the crust AKA My food diary

  1. Funny stuff, CPQ. 🙂

  2. Is that Joseph’s Coat rose?

  3. I left out the article adjective “a” in the previous question. In case Martha’s reading, my apologies.

  4. You’re making me hungry.

    I’m going to get a bowl of cereal right this second.

  5. I’ve been STARVING all evening. That banana cake sounds absolutely delicious!!!

  6. I think you need to bring this day to a stellar end by having a Grilled Honey and Peanut Butter Sandwich.

    Thanks, now I’m hungry.

  7. absolutely giggling. love your sense of humor.

  8. You may FEEL like a basketball, but do you sport the muffin top like I do??

    I would be down right mortified to list what I ate on a munchie day…

  9. LOVE banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Hmmm…..I have bananas…..and cream cheese in the fridge……

  10. I found a great munchie this weekend at Whole Foods. They’re called “Veggie Beans.” I’m not sure why since it’s only one veggie. They’re freeze-dried green beans. Sounds disgusting, but they’re really good! Even my husband says they taste like potato chips. Salty, crunchy, snack satisfying. AND I get credit for eating my veggies without loads of fat and cheese on top of them. 🙂

  11. I bet Amber’s cereal was fruity pebbles unlike my Special K I had for dinner.

    You’re doing good to only eat 1 slice of frozen pizza…I would have eaten the whole pizza…that’s why I don’t buy them anymore.

    My new favorite snack is Ritz Chips in the Little Italy Garlic Mozarella flavor…very yummy!

    You need to move down here to Arkadoonothing so we can all go eat ice cream together too…nothing like some cake batter ice cream or triple carmel fudge.

  12. Thank you, CPQ, I’ll accept this rose.

    Lurve Raisin Bran Crunch. With quite a bit of my being, actually.

    Thanks for the banana cake linky love. I shall now perseverate upon that thought all day.

  13. haha
    this would have cracked me up more if it didn’t sound like a totally normal day for me!

  14. I’ve been eating leftovers…..your crack beans and Amy’s ‘tato salad…both delish,especially when eaten side by side. Both recipes were a success, by the way(obviously because I can’t stop eating them)

  15. Well I had to look up your link to that banana cake, and boy did that look tasty. It’d almost be worth just mixing up a bowl of the frosting and eating that straight 😉 But I shall refrain.

  16. The rose looks amazing!

  17. Oh and chips almost ALWAYS make me feel better…until I’ve eaten the whole bag…

  18. man, those days make me feel like NOTHING will satisfy my munchiness!!

    It thrills me to know that I’m not the only (of course, only a certain days) that goes through one thing to the next…

    I seriously want the recipe for banana cake, sister.

  19. Here it goes. . . you’ll be sorry I read this post J/K. . . to keep hunger at bay ’cause exercising makes you hungry . . . i boil a whole bunch of eggs and keep them in the fridge. When I get hungry I pull one out, peel it, cut it up, put some salt on it. They are loaded with protein (keeps you feeling full) and only have 70 calories.

  20. If I have major PMS I go for the M&Ms though. How’s that for balance?

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