I got nada

I’ve started three separate posts and ended up hitting “Save draft” because they’re not witty, charming, or worth your time stopping in today.

I could show you pictures of my rose again, or the dead spot in the grass from where the basketball killed it, or the weird plastic finger from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

We could talk about how I got caught in the rain yesterday and learned the lesson about not wearing colored britches under neutral colored pants if the forecast is calling for stormy weather.

I could talk about looking like an Oompaloompa when I pulled out my tinted moisturizer and realized I’m not quite tanned enough to be using it yet.

I might mention that this morning when I told the kids to get dressed while I made breakfast, Baby A said “Make it a fantastic one, please, Mom.”  Oh, the pressure….

What about the Lego store opening today that has the boys wound up like Richard Simmons on speed?

The 14 mini-bottles of shampoo I’ve gone through this month in an attempt to clean out under my bathroom sink?

The recipe for my homemade alfredo sauce?

Nope, not striking me today.

Well, maybe the plastic finger….


Have a nice day.

24 responses to “I got nada

  1. What the heck is that finger for?

    And “Richard Simmons on speed” made me laugh–hard. Thank you for getting Richard Simmons stuck in my head. Now if only I could find a tank top and some shorts from 1979.

  2. I got nada, too.

    So I’m heading to the pool. I’ll people-watch and get some inspiration.

    That finger is creepy.

  3. Ahh…the Lego store. Sigh. If I hear one. more. word. about it today I’m getting in the car and the kids will drive me to Crazy Town.
    I’m with you on the lack of blog-spiration. I too am going to the pool today. I know–who let me out of the house in a bathing suit?
    And how did you even get into Sally? I thought you had to be a card-carryin’ member of the NC secret society of beauticians? At least that’s what the sign says on the outside…

  4. Even when you got nada, you got something.
    Funny girl.
    Creepy finger.
    I hope you left it in the store.

  5. Oh I still find you very entertaining!
    I hope you don’t mind I posted a little award for you over at my blog:)

  6. Am I just really dense? because I cannot for the life of me figure out what you do with a plastic finger and what it’s doing at the beauty supply store. It is for when you’re practicing braiding hair and your own ten fingers just aren’t enough?

  7. For nada….that was mucho!

    That finger? Oh my.

  8. Completely creeped out by the finger.

    Totally get the non-inspiration…I think the sun / rain/ no definitive schedule has turned my brain into mush.

    Saw lots of ‘Richard Simmons on speed’ today at the Lego Store. Richard Simmons creeps me out too…but not as much as that finger thing.

  9. Icky finger. I don’t even want to know what it is for. Your “nothing” blog post made me laugh!

  10. haha what the heck is up with that finger???!!

  11. Please don’t give us the finger on your blog ever again.

  12. what is a practice finger? for manicures?

  13. oh i just read whimzie’s comment. hilarious.

  14. Oh Whimzie! You crack me up!

    And Susan, you could probably post a blank page and we’d all laugh. Does that prove how funny you are or how crazy we are? Oh whatever…

  15. Um … what is the finger for? Nail biting? Flossing back teeth? Since it says “adhesive” I’m guessing you stick it to something. I think I’ll just end that line of thought there.

    I’ve got a great alfredo recipe. It’s so much better than the premade stuff.

    Oh, and I’m a dry well this week too. I’ve got lots of ideas and thoughts, but no time to develop them fully. Need more time in prayer, I think. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  16. Am I the only one who saw the “Practice Finger” and immediately thought “Prostate exam?”

    Yeah. That’s what I thought. It’s just me.

  17. You’re good.

  18. From their website:

    “Nail Technicians Practice Finger is for practice application of artificial nails.”


  19. “Nada” is what summer is all about. Enjoy.

  20. ‘nothing’ and the comments following ‘nothing’ made me laugh out loud…for several minutes.

    I’ll read whatever you write. promise.

  21. Thanks for going to such efforts for our reading enjoyment…we appreciate your dedication! Nice finger! 🙂

  22. Thank you so much for the clarification, imnotned. The whole finger question was keeping me up nights.

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