Ranger Rick Laundry Tip

Do not wash clay-encrusted clothes with regular everyday clothes.

Unless you are looking to turn everything a lovely shade of ecru.

You may now resume regularly scheduled activities while I do a little bit of research into how to turn ecru-colored clothes back to white.


10 responses to “Ranger Rick Laundry Tip

  1. Clorox, baby! Or wait for trash day, then go shop!

  2. White vinegar? Bleach? OxyClean? New clothes? I’m still trying to get butter out of a shirt, thanks to a peach cobbler mishap I had.

  3. Ecru is the new white. Just accept it and move on.

  4. I’m with Sally on this one…I just recently had a green crayon show up in the dryer after a load of clothes had been washed and dried…I did my best to recovery most of it but a couple of pieces were pretty worthless….Good Luck with this one!

  5. I had a green crayon get washed, tried what I thought was everything, until my “smart” daughter grabbed a Tide pen and colored over the crayon marks on her dress. It took forever, but it worked on that outfit. Don’t know about clay, though. good luck!

  6. Oy!

    Consult Lisa@SliceofLife. She has blue laundry she needs to be white again. Perhaps she can give you some pointers.

  7. Sorry, no words of wisdom here. I’ve soaked my blue laundry in bleach, OxyClean and then bleach again….still blue-ish.

    I did use OxyClean one time on some old baby clothes that had yellowed and it really did the trick.

    Ask Heloise?

  8. Perhaps you could invest in tinted glasses?

  9. the ‘other’ Amber just cracked me up all the way *high five*

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