10 Things you don’t want to see

1.  Eleventy million people that had the same plan to attend the LEGO Store Grand Opening as I did.  It was two hours of standing in line.  One hour to to get in the store, and the second hour standing in the checkout line while the kids perused the merchandise.  Note to LEGO Management:  Please plan on having more than two registers open on opening day, especially if you have mailed out invitations to 9,498,574 little boys.


2.  A nine year old that is a foot taller than his other triplet…


3.  A 10,000 piece LEGO set that they are B-E-G-G-I-N-G  for their birthday.  Ummm, not going to happen.


4.  Unfettered access to grab whatever they can fit in the bucket.  And why did I let them do this? This is not my first rodeo, people.  I know the havoc that LEGOS can unleash on my unsuspecting, tender, never-shod-in-the-house feet.  Just.was.not.thinking.


5.  A pizza that covered the table and yet wasn’t big enough to fill up the little ones after our intrepid adventure.


6.  3 eager boys + 1 room full of bouncy mattresses – 2 distracted parents who were trying to decide on the appropriate level of firmness = Xanax.


7.  Brown Uggs on a 95 degree day (Look under the table- It’s a little sketchy and you can’t get the full effect becuase it’s missing the LONG SLEEVED HOODIE that accompanied the outfit, but I had to take the pic surreptitiously PLUS I had to file a workman’s comp claim after getting pegged in the head with a napkin launched by Mr. CPQ for snapping papparazzi photographs for this month’s installment of “What not to wear to the Orange Julius”. )


8.  BK Lounge Onion Rings at the mini-mart.  Few things make me more depressed than the changes BK made to their fries several years ago.  They’re just plain bad.  They’re so bad that I now order a side salad instead of the fries because a bunch of wilted lettuce drowned in ranch dressing is going to be boatloads better than what comes in that little white paper sleeve.  I can’t imagine that stuffing them full of preservatives and serving them at the gas station at room temperature is going to be much better.



9.  The bloom fading on the rose.





10.  The Finger.


That was the last time you’ll have to see it.


Have a nice day.


19 responses to “10 Things you don’t want to see

  1. Ahhh…the Uggs with the bootie shorts. Not really sure what that is all about.

    That finger…still sceery.

    Only thing that may be more sceery is the thought of all my boys in that LEGO store. *shudder*

    You deserve a cookie.

  2. I showed my 6-year old son the Lego pics and he was in AWE. So cool. And I think you should go ahead and get them the 10,000 piece set. After all, that Xanax can be quite effective when you need it to be.

  3. LEGOs?! That’s why I have girls.

    My 13-year old daughter greatly admires the sweatshirt/booty shorts/Uggs look. She has to admire them from afar because there’s NO WAY her mama is buying her booty shorts and Uggs are just uggly.

  4. What the heck is up with the finger???

  5. Apparently that LEGO store is a big deal. Everybody’s talking about it. My kids are oblivious and I hope it stays that way. I’m an optimist.

  6. I love that you took a picture of the Ugg situation…and that Mr CPQ launched a napkin rocket at you because of it. Something G-man and I would do!

    Actually, I love every point of this blog…hysterical. Your boys must have been in LEGO bliss. 2 registers though…that drives me crazy.
    Your rose is still gorgeous….the finger just creepy.

  7. LOVE that lego Eiffel Tower! The website says it takes over 7 hours to put together – still not worth the big bucks.

    I really need a fancy phone so I can take papparazzi photos. Totally laughing at Mr. CPQ – doesn’t he know you’re a blogger and need material?

  8. Love the stealthy what-not-to-wear picture. It sounds like you had quite a day at the LEGO store, especially the two hours in line with three boys part 😮

  9. The only things scary than seeing the finger on your blog (twice) was seeing it in real life.

    It is as scary as is looks.

    can you believe about three years ago I considered the Ugg? Thank goodness it passed.

    Thinking about heading to the Lego store today…hoping that will pass too.

  10. LOL Love the paparazzi photo!
    Is it wrong that I want the Eiffel tower lego?

  11. Chortling over Mr. CPQ’s reaction to the paparazzo photo. Big would’ve done the same thing. And then he would’ve started leaving, probably.

    The finger? Why, CPQ…Why?

    Lurve that your boys love Legos. Why is that, Gretchen? Because, CPQ, soon enough they won’t be playing. They’ll be just computering and emailing and texting. Um…like their mothers. 🙂

  12. Mothers plural because i was refering to my own son’s playing with Star wars minis. And mothers plural because as my dtr says, she’s got a lotta moms in the blogosphere. I suppose I was just staking claim.

  13. Seriously, this is the first time I have been given the finger, not once but twice, in Blog-ville.
    What’s our world coming to? (Smiley face)

  14. Oh my gosh, the Lego store lookes like so much fun! ~ . . . my boys are WAY past the Lego stage which is why I can say that, but still. . . brownie button to you for taking them!

  15. There is a store of just legos? Why didn’t I think of that?!!!

  16. Your Lego adventure sounded, uh, fun. I need to get some Legos, for the kids, though. We haven’t graduated from the mega ginormous things that were given to us when our eldest was a baby because…well, mostly because no one has given us any.

  17. My son would be so JEALOUS of you guys being at the Lego store. He is a Lego maniac. . . . slowly though I can start to see he is trading his interest in Legos to interest in girls.

    Loved reading about your adventure!

  18. “What not to wear to the Orange Julius”

    *wiping eyes* whooo! that was hilarious!

  19. I hadn’t been to that mall in months – didn”t even know the Lego store was there till we stumbled upon it on Saturday. Thankfully it wasn’t ridiculously crowded. My little guy hasn’t stopped talking about it now for days!

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