Eating, shopping, yammering about my hair

Some of my Tweeps couldn’t stop yapping yesterday about how fantastic Chipotle was, so of course, because all of the cool people go there, I had to go try it out and see what all the fuss was about.  Come to think of it, that’s how I got started on Twitter, too – Would y’all stop telling me about fun stuff so that I can stop becoming addicted to new things on a daily basis?


Ah, Chipotle, how I heart thee.  I ended up getting the carnitas burrito bowl with tomatillo salsa.  I seriously love me some tomatillos.  I keep thinking I’m going to roast them and make salsa myself, but then I remember that for $1.49 I can just buy the jar at Kroger and still bask in the glory with half the effort.


Here’s my lunch, and yes, that would be my ripped-in-one-knee jeans that I wore yesterday.

Why do I feel like belting out “Young at Heart?”

After Chipotle, I went to pick up the gift certificates for end of year gifts, and stopped in here to pick up something for Baby C’s teacher of the male persuasion.


And what should conveniently be located next to it?


And since I am easily distracted by all things shiny and girly (hello, men from Pakistan) I stopped in and wandered because I needed to pick out


but nothing stood out to me that might look right for summer on this head of mine, so I didn’t buy anything, much to everyone’s chagrin.

As an aside, do I have any hairdressers that lurk on my blog?  I was told NOT to use permanent – Level 3 – color on my hair since it would fry it.  My maybe-new hairdresser said Level 2 was much easier on the hair – does anyone know?

After striking out at Ulta, I meandered next door to the mall and saw this cute outfit in the window which made me remember that I was going to post a poll as to whether or not I could get away with wearing a scarf in the summer.  I tried to wear one the other day and chickened out, but if everyone else is doing it, I certainly don’t want to get left behind.  Peer pressure is definitely still alive and kicking at 39.


While I was looking at the scarves, I saw a 40% off sign, so I wandered into Talbots and found these for $25!  A steal at Talbots, friends.  They were originally $69.


I love cropped pants.

Especially on sale.

Love love love them.

Craig hates them.

With a passion.

So I bought them anyway because he pelted me with the napkin at Orange Julius.

But instead of buying the crisp white shirt to go with my snazzy new tailored crop pants (because I have no less than eight white shirts hanging in my closet as we speak), I decided to go bold with color.


I also decided to look very serious while I was snapping the photo.

And raise my pinky as though I were drinking high tea with the Queen.

I think I’ll stop yapping now.

Have a nice day.

28 responses to “Eating, shopping, yammering about my hair

  1. I LOVE reading your blog. You make me laugh! Thank you!


  2. I like Chipotle but I have trouble with two things: They are expensive and the burritos are so ding-dang big….and they are owned my the McDonalds Corp. this is why it took so long for me to eat there…I just couldn’t see how the hamburger people could, all of a sudden-like, go burrito on us.

    I guess that’s three. And its why I stayed out of the burrito talk yesterday. Our girls are SERIOUS about their burritos!

    However it looks as if you had a full day after your burrito time…nice outift!

    • I got the bowl – MUCH better than wrapped in the yukky flour tortilla – I do not like them, Sam I am. I’m a corn ’tilla girl. And corn chips. And corn on the cob. And corn bread….

      You get the picture.

  3. That is an AWESOME deal!! I love the bold shirt! Sorry to stay I’ve never heard of Chipolte . . .maybe b/c of small town living. But I so love me some Mexican food . . . like crazy!!

    You can SOOOO wear a scarf during the summer. I consider myself somewhat of a fashionista . . . so I say wear the scarf and wear it LOUD and PROUD with oodles and boodles of confidence!

  4. Lovin’ me some Chipotle!! I think you could easily do the scarf thing…not me, though..scarves and workout attire don’t seem to go together very well.

    It was great to see you Sunday…I love seeing your boys, they always look sooo happy!

  5. Okay…so you know of the hillbilly junction town in which I live. So you also know that we STILL have nowhere to eat that doesn’t serve their burgers wrapped in paper. So…this Chipotle of which you speak….well, you are just promoting burrito-envy.

    As for cropped pants, the husband over this way also despises them. But I bore him 3 children, so I’m going to wear what I want.

  6. Chipotle is the bomb! Love the pants and the top, great choice!

  7. I have to say, I think you’re pretty dang funny!

  8. Like I need another addiction. But you know how I hate missing the party, so I’m going to go to Chipotle before we move. Sigh. Peer pressure indeed.

    Please ask Craig what he would rather us wear if not the cropped pants. Ask him if he’s seen my knees and if he thinks looking at them in all their knobby, scarred-up glory would be preferable to a little ankle. Just ask him what a girl’s supposed to do, for Pete’s sake. Go on, ask him.

  9. Chipotle is my favorite ever. I love it. And it reminds me of childbirth because Jack and I went there after every single one of our childbirthing classes when we were pregnant with AG when we lived in Lexington. I ate a whole burrito every time.

    And now I live in Shreveport, the backwards town without a Chipotle.

    All that to say, I’m a jealous girl just thinking about your outing yesterday. 🙂

    Cute pants, btw.

  10. I love and miss Chipolte(had one in MN). I have a big appetite, their burritos make me smile. And they are so fresh.

    Crop pants make me smile too. Love your outfit. That was such a fun day….some shopping and food! Errands done too. Go CPQ.

  11. How can he not like crop pants??? I’m with you…they are the BEST! 🙂

  12. Cute outfit!
    Can’t wait to try Chipolte. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Hmmmm…let’s see, what else can I get you addicted to?

    Cute outfit! I like the bold. I also like cropped pants b/c they hide my lovely varicose vein MUCH better than shorts!

    Love your pinky in that pic. It seems you’ve successfully mimicked “the finger” (and found yet another way to work that into your posts this week.) 😉

  14. Guffawing at Mer’s noticing of the finger.

    Will it ever leave? Will it??????

    Basking vicariously in the glory of not only cute, cute capris, but also, horizontal stripes. Ah…at least someone can wear them. The stripes, I mean. Capris are a staple for me, too. Darling. All the way. Don’t care what C says. Because he pegged you with a napkin, and I might still be bitter on your behalf. 🙂

  15. Love the bold stripes and the capris. This is where I would have also purchased the white top because you can never have toooo many and what if one or more gets notsowhite? Just my logic.

  16. what exactly was the PURPOSE of that finger at Sally, huh?!

    cute outfit..

    I too pondered the scarf in summer…but it’s Georgia and I was afraid I’d get laughed all the Maine where it’s probably cold enough for one…

    Sounds like you had a very successful day and man, I wish I was still a teacher! 🙂

  17. Please insert *way to* before Maine in the previous comment.

    Grammar Girl

  18. My dear Queen Mum, tell the husband to stuff it on fashion tips. What do they know anyway?

    As for hair products, it all depends on the color you have now and the color you desire to achieve. Without professional highlights, you just can’t go lighter. And you’ll always want to buy a much lighter shade than you think you need or you’ll end up like me who looked like Snow White until heavy highlighting saved the day!

  19. I also love capri pants – finally a style where tall girls don’t have to worry about the length.

    Capris are much better than shorts. When you have really long legs and blinding white skin like me, the less leg exposure – the better!

  20. Love those cropped pants. I only wish my thighs would allow me to wear something that tailored, but they are rebelling against me.

    Chipotle – you would think that here in the Southwest we would have them. But no. We do not. And now I am craving a burrito bowl.

  21. You gave us the finger two days in a row…now…a finger of a different sort…very classy.

  22. i love that you took pictures in the dressing room. i’ll have to try that sometime if i’m not crying at that moment.

  23. Lydia Stevenson

    I think that you could get away with wearing a scarf. They do in Poland( of course it is only 45 degrees here today!!!!!!!!!) I am going to burn up in Arkansas I tell you. Maybe being in Greece beforehand will help.Two weeks till Greece and 3 1/2 weeks to Sonic, I mean America. hahaha

  24. Lydia Stevenson

    Ps have I mentioned how I am so excited to go clothes shopping. I am already checking out the websites looking for clothes. It has been a year since I bought something new ( Polish women do not have hips and are skinny hince no clothes here for me)and most of my clothes are 3 years(last STAS) old.So you are adding to my shopping thoughts. oh yeah.

  25. I was in that same Ulta on Tuesday morning running around saying, “No touch, breakable, breakable! Yes, it’s makeup. No touch. Keep your hands in your pockets.”

    90+ degrees and a scarf? No way!

    Love khaki capri pants, the uniform of summer!

  26. PLEASE explain the finger. Why, pray tell, is it being sold in a beauty supply store?!

    You know my personal thoughts on the summer scarf. Got lots of compliments on it Sunday. Just sayin.

    As for the hair color issue. You need to read “Don’t Go to the Hair Care Counter Without Me” by Paula Begoun. It answers all your questions. Library has it.

    Thanks for letting me write a book in your comment section. Love ya!

  27. I love the capris! We do not have Chipotle down here. I have never seen one anywhere. If we ever travel, I’ll have to be on the look out!

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