I’m off the Shred bandwagon.  Lost my mo-jo.  Need to find it. We have been not exercising at home since I let our gym membership lapse after my gym partner had to start traveling for work.  Believe it or not, for most of last year I was getting up at 5 to go to the gym with my buddy.  I quickly found out how much I need an accountability partner that’s standing at the end of my driveway to keep me motivated.

I’m off the no-drinking-coke thing.  It’s hard for me to pass up a $2 12-pack of Diet Sunkist.

I’m off my rocker because I’m considering buying Travis a mouse for his birthday.  Actually, he’s going to drive me to drink with his incessant asking.  It’s self-preservation in a cage, my friends.

I’m off beachy reads and onto smarty pants books.  At the library last night, I checked out a book on transformational thinking, a writing guide to help get the old creative juices going for the book I’m going to write before I die, and a collection of short stories by people I should have read in an American Lit class in college.

I’m off to the races to get my VBS planning done.  A friend’s coming over this morning and we’re cutting out boomerangs from foam board for one of the crafts.

I’m off kilter with my lack of devotional time, so I’ve joined a summer Bible Study that begins Monday.  There’s that old accountability thing again.

I’m off schedule since school is out and I love it.  Yesterday was a free-for-all day for the boys (sleep in, watch all the tv you want, etc.), but we will get into a routine by Monday.  I’m implementing Meredith’s idea to keep the boys engaged over their six week break. Yesterday was JJ’s turn to make lunch and he pulled out all the ingredients for bacon alfredo pasta.  I may need revisit being off the Shred. Otherwise I’ll be off to the mall to buy clothes that I can fit into.

I’m off to start my morning.  The coffee pot beeped and that makes me happy.

Have a nice day –

17 responses to “Off

  1. Seriously? A mouse? Drinking may be the better option.

    And Sunkist can’t really count as a coke. It is fruit.

    We’re also doing the kid-cook-lunch thing, and I think it is mah-va-lus. Except for the honey/peanut butter/jelly/balogna sandwich that was cooked up yesterday. Talk about a diet plan.

  2. What VBS are you guys doing….Amber and I can feel for you. VBS’s are hard to plan!!!

    How do you get on a schedule in the summer…I think I’ll be OFF all summer!!!!!!!!!

    • We’re doing Boomerang Express. I spent two hours cutting out foam board this morning. Not one of my brighter ideas to give the kids a ‘rang with some heft. I should have done poster board. But nooooooo…..CPQ had to be cute….and dim….

  3. Oh no! You were my Shred inspiration. I am realizing that the 30 days are to be spent doing the program, not looking at the DVD on the shelf.

  4. ahh, summertime…I love it.

    love being “off”!

    I just finished a post about being “off” on Bible Study…hmm, it’s in the air, I guess.

    Have fun w/ your foam and your friend!

  5. Do I need to talk you out of the mouse again? Do you not remember one single thing that we discussed? Please don’t make me think “I told you so.” (We both know I’m too much of a wimp to actually say it aloud.)

    P.S. I’ve always known you were a little “off.” It’s one of the things I like best about you.

  6. I just got an email saying that my copy of the shred is in, I don’t even want to open it. I’m off before I even got on!

  7. See, I always thought it was 1 exercise day on, 30 DAYS OFF, 1 exercise day on, 30 DAYS OFF… and I’ll thank you NOT to tell me any differently.

    Now be OFF with your bad self.

  8. My grandma calls it “half a bubble off”.

    Anyhoo…I just finished registering for a 5K in my ‘hood coming up on July 11th. Feeling faint for sure. I’m not a good goal setter for fear of lack of goal achieving. But, I’m trying to change my whole attitude about my body and see it as His gift for me to treasure, rather than to trash. My children (dtr, especially) are watching.

    Talk to me tomorrow, though. I may be off, too.

    I think Cathy may have it right.

    A mouse, huh?

    Good luck with that. 🙂

    Blessings on your study, too.

  9. I’ve done mice…& you DO NOT want to do that one! But I have the perfect substitute – DUCKS! And I even know where you can get some perfectly tame, loveable ones: 6 of them!
    Looking forward to Bible study with you!

  10. Accountability can happen cyberly. I ‘graduated’ the shred and am wondering if I’m going to suck back all that ‘me’ that I lost … isn’t that biblical? Like the demons who came back and bought seven friends with him … {grins}

    The shred craze is huge but I’m not seeing anywhere to give encouragment for it. Wanna make somewhere …. I can help you consistantly kick your butt.

  11. We bought a pregnant hamster by accident once. Be very very careful. 🙂

    I’m planning VBS too. Ours is in August though. Have fun!

  12. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about having a mouse in my house. blech 🙂

  13. Oh how I love reading blogs by southern girls! It just did my heart good to hear someone else refer to all soda pop as “coke”, because that is exactly how it was back in my growing up years. Thanks for being southern!

  14. i’m off the shred too. it shredded my knees and they haven’t recovered.

    i tried being off cokes (was down to 1 per day) but today i had 2. my stomach fat is hanging on.

    DO NOt get a mouse or a hamster. you will so regret it.

    i take that back. I can mail you a perfectly good hamster with a limp who impersonates a pirate.

  15. You know when you’re a children’s ministry gal when you read VBS and Boomerang and know exactly which VBS is being spoken of. sheesh.

    I got my boy a rat. It was true love for the two of them. eeew.

  16. I’ve had pet mice. Don’t go there.

    While they are very cute, they poop constantly and it STINKS. I mean, you can’t even play with them without them pooping in your hands.

    I highly recommend a guinea pig as a viable alternative to the mouse. They are big enough you can’t lose them and they move a little slower so you can catch ’em. Also, they have cute little personalities and make neat sounds. They’re pretty sturdy too. But not too sturdy…if you catch my drift!

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