And for more laughs….

Taking the kids and meeting Kellie and her kids for lunch and a movie.

Wearing the scarf.


Trying not to show how COMPLETELY uncomfortable and chicken-y I feel about wearing it.

Have a nice day.

16 responses to “And for more laughs….

  1. You are a fashion plate.
    Wear it with confidenct.
    You look great.

  2. Confidence….is what I meant to say

  3. You wear it well! I’m a semi-scarf chicken too. G hates it when I wear a winter one indoors…in the winter. Keeps my neck warm. Wear that scarf proud woman…and have fun!

  4. What are you talking about? You are SO rocking that scarf!

    Good grief, your hair grows fast!

    Have fun with Alice today.

  5. You look lovely! And the giant blue Chiclet is just a bonus.

  6. You’re ALL that!
    Because of your height, you can totally wear a scarf.

    Personally, I think it’s just a good excuse to show off Moses’ blue spring jacket.

  7. You looked fab in your chic scarf.

    And it came in handy when we were weeping together at the end of that stinkin’ movie.

  8. Why?! You look adorable! I love it! plus the movies are always freezing so it’s perfect!

  9. Girl. I am so proud of you.

    I thought of you yesterday when I was with a 13 year old wearing one w/ her tanktop and thought “maybe Sus and I should revisit”’s ADORABLE/STYLISH/ROCKIN’!

    I love the tshirt w/ it (b/c I wasn’t sure I would) and those are your cutie new craig-hates-short-pants, right?! Totally great combo, my fashion foward friend.

    Now, the TRUE test is this…will you wear it again?

    • I will, but I’ll do the wrap around the neck thing because trying to keep the ends looking right drove me to distraction.

      And yes – I wore the Mr. CPQ-hating pants.

      He has wisely refrained from commenting.

  10. You and Moses look scarfaliscious.

  11. Yes, I feel like I’m wearing a costume when I wear a scarf, but I keep doing it… for I am a sucker for peer fashion pressure.

  12. Will someone please just buy me one and put it on right for me? For I don’t have “the knack”. I would look like I was trying for something.

    Whilst you, my friend, look like you’ve just upped the cute factor. Like your wall color, too.

  13. Lovin’ that scarf!!!

  14. I , too, am loving the scarf and I also noticed the cute new pants! Very cute ensemble.

  15. How fabulous you look! I can never get the scarf thing going…I think I’m too short & not a long enough neck. But it looks GREAT on you!!!
    Loved having you at Bible study tonight!

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