Hurley, and not the LOST kind.

I have a really bad headache today and I think I might “get sick” which is our family’s euphemism for delicately ejecting the contents of one’s stomach into the porcelain receptacle.

Martha would be proud.

Aren’t you glad I waited until after breakfast to post this?

I’m sure Craig is glad to be out of the house this morning because he doesn’t handle “sick” very well.  It reminds me of the time early in our marriage when I had to have a little surgery done to remove a crazy benign bone growth on my skull that had it not been removed, would have begun to resemble an antler.  Harmless, yes, but I needed to get it off my head because if Craig wondered aloud one more time how many points it was going to be when it got full grown, I was going to have to bag and tag him myself.

I woke up during the surgery (horror), so they had to slip me some extra juice, and by the time I was sewn up and wrapped up, I looked like a patient in the recovery ward in an old World War II movie.   And, oh, I was feeling “sick”.

Very “sick”.

The orderlies loaded me into the passenger seat and Craig slowly began the hour drive home.  I closed my eyes and as the first wave of nausea hit me, I looked over at him and said, “I think I’m going to be sick.”  Concern crossed his face and I was momentarily distracted by my nausea in gratitude for this man who was to be my friend and life partner and hold my hand through struggles we would bravely face together.

And then he said, “Not in my new car!”

Sick, indeed.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Hurley, and not the LOST kind.

  1. Yes, my friend. My husband once sent me to the ER in a taxi (granted, someone had to stay home with the sleeping kids) when I had a kidney stone…b/c I was crying and moaning and he said neither of us could get any sleep. Yes.

  2. At least you didn’t throw up in Dennis Tucker’s car and pass a virus on to him and the rest of the people in your car earning you your Ouachita Players’ nickname that we won’t discuss.

    Did I ever tell you I threw up during my c-section? Not the Hallmark birth moment I was hoping I’d get.

    I’m not sure how this became about me and my regurgitations stories.

    Did you take that sinus medicine and drink plenty of water like I asked you to do?

  3. P.S. Yay for your creative post title! Good one. And with a headache, too!

  4. Your title made me snort.

    I’m so sorry you’re not feeling so great.

    There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, worse than “getting sick” as an adult. Hang in there.

    Oh, once we were driving home from the Texas State Fair in Dallas. It was about an hours drive to Fort Worth. I felt sick as we were walking to the car and it got progressively worse. I kept telling J that I was going to “be sick” and he kept DRIVING because he didn’t want to pull over on the interstate (he said it wasn’t safe). Don’t know how in the world I managed to make it home, but we had barely pulled in the driveway before the puking began. He pulls over now.

  5. We say “get sick” too. Driving in a car and feeling like you are going to get sick….makes me feel like getting sick reading about it.

    I hope you feel better quickly. Have you ever tried a neti pot?

  6. You make me laugh even when you are feeling like you’re gonna “be sick”!!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Sorry your head is hurting! Had to comment that even while in pain your posts make me laugh.

  8. Miso veddy soddy, friend.

    I think your hubby and mine would get along well, for they seem to both be the sensitive, ubernurturing type. 🙂

    Praying that headache gone.

  9. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. You get Mom of the Year for going to a museum with a headache and feeling hurley.

    I would have totally “bailed and bribed.

  11. Oh….I hate feeling hurley. So terrible.

    Feel better. Rest up. And bribe the children with new legos if they stay out of your way.

  12. My hubby is the same way….he stays as far away as possible!

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am with Craig on this one, I stay as far away as possible. Of course the last time I got really sick, I begged Tim to shoot me while I was laying on the bathroom floor.

  14. I really wish you hadn’t mentioned that waking up during an operation incident.

  15. So sorry that you feel sick enough to ‘get sick’. Praying for you!

  16. Seriously, you managed to be creative and tell a story even feeling go, girl.

    I absolutely loathe more than anything “getting sick” and as an adult I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done it…

    A fave: preggers, driving down the road after a Kansas concert, got Hurley in the parking lot of a Strawberry Farm…mmmhhmm…

    Funny how your comments turned into hurley sturleys (so, it isn’t quite “stories” but it rhymed!)

  17. Wow. You guys are so proper with the “get sick” phrase. That’s really impressive. After ‘getting sick’ numerous times during all three pregnancies we’re not so formal. Hubby has heard me say, “I’m gonna …. ralph, hurl, puke, vomit, blow, die, throw up, barf, upchuck, etc…”
    We’re fancy like that.

    Hugs, girlie. Hope you feel better.

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