10 Things that drive me crazy


For your reading pleasure, several things that may or may not have annoyed me in the past couple of hours/days/in my lifetime recently.

1.  Wire hangers jumbled in a mess.

2. Cheerios on the floor that get crunched into a thousand pieces.

3.  My hair.

4.  The mismatch when purchasing hot dogs and hot dog buns.

5.  Opening pint size cartons of milk and never getting the spout to perfectly form.

6.  Heidi and Spencer.  Are their 15 minutes of fame up yet?

7.  Speeders in a school zone. 

8.  Leggings under dresses.  The 80s called.  They want their look back.

9.  Toilet paper that rolls from the back instead of the front. Somewhere, my mother is delighted that I’ve seen the light.

10. Waffle House not serving peanut butter for their waffles.  It’s a travesty.

Thanks, Meredith, for hosting such a fun party!  Want to join in?  Just head over to her blog and link up.

Have a nice day.

23 responses to “10 Things that drive me crazy

  1. ” No more wire HANGERS!!!!!”

    Sorry, just have to quote that horrid movie every time I think of wire hangers.

    What’s the matter with your hair? I just saw you last week and it looked great.

    #9 is also a BIG pet peeve of mine. I have been known to change the rolls to the “right” position in the homes of others.

  2. I’ve never really figured out what Heidi and Spencer do for a living? Or even who they are. Not sure if that makes me feel fortunate or old.

  3. I had no idea you felt that way about #8. I hope this comment makes it to you since I live in a different time and I’m not sure how comments travel through the time-space continuum.


    Stuck in the 80s

  4. I second all of those. Well, except maybe for the peanut butter. I’m not sure how I feel about peanut butter on waffles.. hmmm.

  5. #9 – YES! I’ve been married nearly 18 years and still haven’t managed to train the husband. Grrr!

    I’m sorry I have no idea who Heidi and Spencer are. What am I missing?

  6. So you’re mama taught you to put the paper over the top instead of down the back? My mama insists on the opposite. I prefer it to come over the top and down the front; it’s easier to grab. She prefers it to come down the back; she believes this prevents toddlers from unrolling them with a simple swipe of the hands. Every time she visits me, she changes all my rolls. We drive each other crazy.

  7. And who are Heidi and Spencer?

  8. Can I add one more?

    Drives me CRAZY when my kids put clean laundry in the dirty clothes bin in order to “clean” their room faster.

    Oh, one more. WHITE kitchen floors. CANNOT keep mine clean and it drives me crazy that it only looks/stays clean for about five minutes.

    You feeling better?

  9. LOL I’m with you on the mismatch with hotdogs and the buns. It’s a bun and wiener conspiracy!!

  10. Ahh, WhimizieSnoodle..thank you!!

    I am kinda diggin’ the leggings with a little swing dress…I have a solid black dress and I change up the leggings, uh-huh, that’s right.

    I have some of the very same annoyances…MAINLY, H & S!? What in the WORLD?! Ick. Make a difference in the world, peeps.

  11. Numbers 4, 5, and 7 — I am so with you. Add to that the Wonder Bra that so wondrously strives to rotate to the right throughout the day, as if there’s something over my right shoulder it really wants to see, resulting in quite the odd little shifting movement I must do all day long so as not to look completely off kilter.

  12. #4. I have found a pack of hot dogs that comes 8 in a pack. Saves my sanity, though it’s more expensive.

    And Speidi needs to fall off the planet. Really. They’re just too creepy and give Jesus a bad name.

  13. I am with you on the hangers!! I switched to plastic.


    And the Leggings under dresses- I am with you there too….Go Back to the 80’s along with jelly shoes!!!

    Great List!!

  14. I’m with you on the TP. Over the front. It’s just normal.

    I also hold a huge irritation towards teensy lightsabers and legos that gravitate into my vaccuum cleaner. I pick up my toys. Why must it be so hard for the male persuasion to pick up theirs? Just sayin’.

  15. Love your list…I’m with you on the toilet paper thing!

    Check out my blog…I’ve got a little somethin’ for ya!

  16. Okay, Heidi and Spencer are everywhere so how come some people don’t know them? I wish I didn’t but yes, I have been known to watch an episode or two of The Hills on MTV. Only while switching channels though…okay I lied. I watched a marathon one weekend! I have a problem and am getting help.

  17. #4 drives me nuts!

  18. #8 Cracked me up!!

    I have a few:
    Having a garage sale…

    Buying a gift card at McD’s and having them have trouble with putting it on their card and then overcharging my bank account and having to go back to have it reimbursed…

    Having a house full of children in the summer on a cold, rainy and foggy day….

  19. I don’t care about the toilet paper as long as there is some, and on the roller would be nice.

  20. I despise wire hangers!

    But leggings with skirts and dresses? I am ecstatic to see the look back. Really. It just calls to me.

  21. Am I oblivious because I’m just glad there’s toilet paper on the rack? Really. I’m always just grateful when we’re not out. For I’m the changer of the paper–no one else seems to have figured that one out. It’s a high fallutin mechanation to be sure.

    Yes, I’m over Heidi and Spencer. And I’d like to be over the stalking of poor Susan Boyle, too. Could we let her be happy?

    Your hair doesn’t bother me a bit. 🙂

  22. Amen and HaHa to every single one. (Except #3 – my hair, not yours.) 🙂

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