Raleigh 911

Otherwise entitled “How I was going to tell you about my New Orleans vacation but ended up telling EMS my mother-in-law’s medical history.”

I had a crazy good time in Lousiana this past weekend.

Flat out delightful.

Except for the 110 degree heat index.

Let me tell you, 110 degrees on a cloudless day can make people do crazy things.

Like wearing black leggings under your dress


or crawfish on your shirt


or breaking out the 4th of July togs a month early.


But I’ll tell you all about that later, because the most interesting part of my trip didn’t happen until thirty seconds after I walked in the door of my house Sunday night.  The boys came barreling over to hug me and as I was greeting them, I happened to glance over to the couch where my mother-in-law sat.

My pallid mother-in-law.

My not-smiling mother-in-law.

My looking-like-her-eyes-were-about-to-roll-up-in-her-head mother-in-law.

I walked over to the couch to ask her if she was okay, and it was immediately clear that she was not.  Her words were slurring, she was confused, (and if you’ve ever met her, she’s never been confused a day in her life) and the left side of her body seemed to be sagging.

I picked up the phone and told her I was dialing 911.

She didn’t argue.

To save you from having a time consuming conversation with the 911 operator when you suspect a stroke, do these four little things:

Have your loved one smile (the smile should be even).

Have them raise both arms above the shoulders (the arms should raise to equal height).

Have them squeeze your hands with both their hands (grip strength should be equal).

Have them repeat a familiar phrase (we used “The early bird catches the worm.”).

This is my little public service announcement for the day.

Within minutes I had fire and ambulance trucks in my driveway and enough lights flashing that all I needed was a disco ball and some Boogie Fever to have a party.  It definitely was raining men, let me tell you. Big brawny ones that knew what they were doing.

I just stepped out of the way and tried to answer as many questions as I could.  Birthdate, medications, medical history, address…YOU DO KNOW ALL OF THIS ABOUT YOUR PARENTS, DON’T YOU????

To keep the boys from getting in the mix and wailing, I told them that if they brushed their teeth and got into bed, I’d give them their New Orleans souveniers.

Never heard a peep.

14 people in the house, sirens going.

Didn’t budge out of that bed.

Makes me feel bad that I only brought them bubble gum.

Everything seems to be fine today and it appears to have been a transitory event.  She’s the picture of health and is back to herself today.  As I write, she’s on her way back to our house where she’ll recuperate for a day or so before going home.


But it’s all good.

Almost as good as this


Have a nice non-eventful day.

22 responses to “Raleigh 911

  1. Wow I’m so glad she’s ok . . . and glad you had a good trip! 🙂

  2. Whoa. I’m glad she’s ok!

    My parents kept my kids this past weekend and they looked a little haggard when we got back.

  3. Well, now that things are back to normal, go to Cafe Du Mondes for some cafe and begnets! If I spelled any of that right!

  4. Oh, my goodness. I saw your tweets and had to hop over here for more details. I’m glad she’s okay! And I had to laugh out loud at the bubble gum comment. Nice. I’m praying things *stay* okay. And then I’ll call my MIL to get copies of their medical history.

  5. Nothing says “Welcome Home” like that! I’m glad you were there to take care of her and I’m even more glad that she is okay. My MIL had a stroke last summer – scarry times, but she is fully recovered now.

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  6. Good to hear that she seems to be well on the road to recovery!!
    I’ll keep praying!!
    Oh, and I love the dancing pictures…can’t wait for the full details on that one!

  7. I am so thankful she is okay! That is SO scary, Sus.

  8. Wow, I am so glad that she is ok. I’m very impressed at how you knew just what to do.

    And that pie at the end….I’m impressed with that too!

  9. Grammy! Sheesh, what a scare! I cannot believe your boys could get to bed w/ all that going on!! Your superspy skills have benefitted them well..mind power and all..

    I am just delighted that MIL is doing well today…

    I am delighted, too, at that loverly concoction I hope to know more about later in the week…

  10. I’m so glad that she is okay. And so glad that you ate yummy food. And so glad that you were thoughtful enough to include What Not To Wear photos.

  11. You do know how to tell a story, friend. And this was a doozy.

    Glad she’s doing better.

    Glad you had a break before the storm.

    Glad to be notified of my fashion don’ts before I do them.

    Thank you NOT for having Boogie Fever rolling around my noggin now.

  12. Oh my gosh! Is your life ever uneventful?!
    So glad the MIL is fine.
    And bubble gum is a huge souvenir if they never get it otherwise!

  13. That’s scary! I don’t really know my parents medical history like I should but I know my grandmother-in-laws. I actually have all her meds written down and with me b/c I’ve had to do emergency room runs with 80 yr olds 1 to many times.

    Glad everything is ok!

  14. Wow!!!! I think their angels kept those boys in bed! I couldn’t stay in bed with all that going on! God really gave you presence of mind when you needed it most. Praying for you, my friend! I’m so glad you had a good trip!

  15. That’s scary!

    Is bubblegum technically considered a souvenir since you can get it at any ol’ gas station, anywhere? LOL

  16. I’m so glad you MIL is OK…and your sweet boys staying in the bed…God is GOOD!

    Can’t wait for details concerning everything Cajun!

  17. I’m glad to hear that your mother-in-law is doing okay! It is so ironic that I read this right after getting an email with the signs of a stroke. I hope that someone isn’t trying to tell me I’ll need to know these soon. Can’t wait to hear more about New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go there.

  18. wow…so glad she is ok and you can keep your sense of humor about it all…whew.

  19. Never a dull moment, huh!? So glad she is feeling better and that you didn’t lose your sense of humor.

  20. Oh WOW!! Bless her heart and bless yours. Bless your boys heart too for only getting bubble gum 🙂 and missing out on all the action.

    I am glad to know everything is okay though. Pretty scary!!

  21. “…raining men…”

    Now that was a funny reference! I am so sorry your MIL wasn’t doing so well but glad she is now – whew!

    You need to take those boys out for a treat! 🙂

  22. Wow, it sounds like you and the family had a little more excitement than you bargained for, especially on your return home. Thanks for the public service announcement; good stuff to know. And I’m so glad your MIL is fine now!

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