Who’s your sugardaddy?

Dear Uncle B and Aunt K –

Thank you for our gift certificates to the LEGO store.  We’ve been wanting to use them since they arrived in the mail on Monday, but Mom made us wait.  Something about Grandma in the hospital being more important and Vacation Bible School taking up her time, and mumbling something about handling bulls in china shops have kept her from taking us, but we finally wore her down and headed there yesterday afternoon.

We informed her that since it was OUR birthday money, we could buy anything we wanted.

Thanks for helping us get around the “No Sponge Bob” rule.


And thanks to your generosity, we’re adding over 800 more LEGO pieces to our collection!


JJ was indecisive…


But it’s because he was trying to get the most bang for his buck…


Oops – let’s try that again –


We were really excited to leave the mall and go home and start building, but Mom started squealing when she passed the the 75% off sale at Bath and Body Works.  We thought it might be better to stay outside.  There were a lot of other men sitting on benches, too, so we think we made the right decision.


We’ve had so much fun building and playing with our models.

You guys are the best!

With love and thanks,

The Boys

P.S. Mom said to say “thank you” for four hours of quiet while we were playing and that it was worth every little piece she’s stepped on.


22 responses to “Who’s your sugardaddy?

  1. Cute. I love the “P.S.” We’ve not yet gotten into Legos, but I’m sure it’s not far on the horizon.

  2. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?

    Absorbent and yellow and porous is he.

  3. Glad to know we are not the only family with a “no sponge bob rule”. Hope the boys enjoy their new legos and that you only step on a few of them.

  4. We also have not really gotten into Lego’s yet. I wonder if we’ve passed the Lego phase? We have little Lego soccer guys…does that count? They look like very smart shoppers, very cute shoppers.

  5. We used to be a No Sponge Bob family too. But that eventually went the way of No Spanking, No Eating In The Car, and No Toys That Are Weapons.

    And do you know who is the biggest Sponge Bob fan of all? The Mister. I has more inellectual capacity in his little toe than I have in the all of my head and actually LIKES S.Bob…but anyway, this is not what I came here to say.

    Babies A, B and C looks so cute with the gift cert. choices. And the picture of J and T on the bench is priceless.

    Oh, and sometimes I come here just to laugh at what imnotned as commented to you. Today he has totally cleared up the meaning of that second line in the opening song. I’ll be forever grateful.

    • If you ever need any unintelligible song lyrics, obscure movie lines, or any other generally useless information, I’m your man.

      For instance, I can’t tell you what I had for lunch today, but I can tell you the name/number of the blocking tight end for the 1982 Washington Redskins (that would be Don Warren/85).

      To bad this skill does not have any marketable applications.

  6. OK, I need to proof before I comment…the second sentence of second paragraph should start with the word “He”…..so very. very clearly, not “I”.

  7. I have to have a little confession time here today in this comment box:

    My family ALL enjoys ye olde Spongebob. We do. It makes me laugh out loud sometimes. And sometimes I think if see even a millisecond more of it, I’ll die a yellow, pourous death.

    Oh, how I love shopping for Legos with boys. What a very thoughtful lot you have to write such a kind note to Aunt K and Uncle B. Please let this sweet couple know that C’s birthday is September 28th! 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Boys!!!!

  8. What a great gift! Lego used to be great when we were kids but now it is simply amazing!

  9. Cute post!
    I love the “sitting on the bench” part while mom went to her store. My hubby has already started training my son to be a bench warmer at the mall… unless it is a sporting goods store or has something to do with tools or electronics. MEN!

  10. How cute is this! We’d be in trouble with a lego store…I think my hubby might like them more than the kids!

  11. Sweet, sweet boys! And the bench picture is priceless!

  12. Legos totally rule here, also – and the habit is completely funded by relatives.

  13. Oh Legos…what fun.
    I nearly spit Cheerwine on my screen when I read that about sitting outside the B&BW.

    Bless your heart…

  14. hey!
    um, yes…legos awesome. fantastic. and that must be something for the silent time equalling out the legofootitis.

    also, i need something from you (and sprocketsnoodle), if you’re so inclined. rachel is having a birthday…and i’m putting together a list of birthday wishes for her. if you’d like to send her a note, i’m ready for it.

  15. You are either brave or crazy.

    We have a no Sponge Bob rule, too.

  16. Sadly…on my Facebook quiz…




    It hurts, really, it does. But I’m so happy for your boys and for the rules that get to be broken. Because not all rules get to be broken, so this is special.

  17. Your blog makes me laugh! I don’t remember if I’ve ever left a comment before or not. Probably not because I’m a little shy that way.

    Grandma and Papa introduced my girls to Sponge Bob without our consent. We gave in because they honored our demand to never let them watch Teletubbies when they were toddlers.

  18. Happy Birthday boys!! My son has always loved his Legos . . . however, I think he’s starting to trade his interest for Legos over to interest for girls. I’d better buckle my seatbelt . . . here goes the throws of adolescence. . . . I think I’d rather be stepping on Legos. Wanna trade?

  19. Oh how this brings back memories! I have a box in the attic of Corey’s Legos that must number in the thousands, all mixed up. They sure brought him hours of fun. Don’t know if that led to his passion for high-intensity excitement, like jumping out of airplanes & shooting every kind of gun imaginable (totally legal in the military), & climbing mountains beyond the “safety barrier”, etc. But he sure loved those Legos!

  20. We, too, used to be a no spongebob house. Now, he’s our favorite. The kids love him…I’m with Kellie, too…my mister has way more brain power than I, and he’s the biggest fan too!

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