I always feel like somebody’s watching me

I’ve had a lot of fun this week (ambulance drama notwithstanding) at Vacation Bible School.  Not just because I got to hang out with a boatload of first graders, but mainly because I got to see a lot of blogging buddies IRL.

The one I was embarrased to use Moses to snap a pic with since she’s a fantastic photographer?


And her adorable daughter that makes me want to toss my birth control pills and go for the girl get all crazy smoochy lady when I see her.


Is that not the most squishalicious baby you’ve ever seen?

I could eat her with a spoon.

And Heather doesn’t mind that I’m psycho in a stalkerish sort of way is great about just letting me hug and kiss on L3 and fill my baby love bucket whenever we run into each other at church.

Makes my day.

Besides getting to indulge in all things baby in the past few days, I’ve had the chance to meet no less than four people who poked their head into my classroom to say “Hey!  I read your blog and just wanted to come by and see you in person.”  And when I asked, “Have you left a comment?”  they all said “No, because I never know what to say.”


People, people, people.

I never know what to say either, and I WRITE this thing.

So today, Dear Reader, we’re going to play Meet the Lurker.


If you lurk on my blog, you will be required to leave a comment today.

If you don’t lurk and are a regular commenter, feel free to leave a comment as well so that the lurkers don’t feel like their comment will be out there all alone for everyone else to see.

I believe in safety in numbers.

Need ideas for what to say?

You can tell me how you know me, or that you don’t know me at all.

You can tell me what you bought at the grocery store this week.

You can talk about your hair (because Lord knows, I talk about mine all the time).

You can tell me where YOU ate the last time you went to New Orleans (or tell me where to eat in Myrtle Beach – that’s coming up).

Or if all else fails, you can just say what my blogging buddy June told me when I whined about not having something quippy to leave in her comments.  She said to write “That was a lovely post.  Have a nice day.”

So, lurkers, time to come out of the woodwork.

I (sorta’) promise never to bug you about it again and don’t expect you ever to leave another comment so long as we both shall live.

Unless I have another day where I don’t know what to blog about.

Have a …well, you know.


58 responses to “I always feel like somebody’s watching me

  1. errr …. have a nice day?

    • Just a visitor from It’s not easy being Queen. Had dinner with her last night and she told us to check out this post.

  2. I’m not a lurker, but I play one on the internet.

    Just kidding. (But just between you and me) I DO lurk on the blogs of your local IRL friend with blogs. Maybe, in observance of CPQ Delurker Day I should delurk on their sites today?

  3. I think you take great pictures!! 🙂

    Oh, you can hug on Miss L3 any time you want.

    MB restaurants…there are a plethora of them! Olympic Flame pancake house….Ultimate California Pizza…and since you’re so close, you HAVE to drive across the border to Calabash for some…well…calabash seafood.
    And then there is this breakfast place in Cherry Grove that is super tasty, but I’ll have to tell you the name in person, because it might bring unwanted traffic to your blog.

    And, you could of course, make a slight detour while heading down I-95 and get some Maurice’s.

    And thus ends the longest comment e-vah. About food. Of course.

  4. That was funny.

    Proud to be a regular reader and commenter! I am SUCH a big believer in commenting. What an easy way to encourage each other, right? Good for you for encouraging everyone to encourage.

    Lurkers, de-lurk yourselves!!!! 🙂

    And btw- since you gave us license to talk about our hair, I’ll tell you I just discovered the hair straightener. As a straight haired woman, it never occurred to me that I needed to further straighten my hair, but man… it makes a big difference. Who knew???

  5. Just found your blog this week and I am emjoying it! We lived in NOLA for about 5 years and there are too many good restaurants to name! But for poboys-Deenies up on the lake and Maspero’s in the quarter!

    • I’ll add them to my list for next time. For there WILL be a next time, but not until I lose the 10 pounds I gained this past weekend.

  6. I thought, based on your title, that this post was going to be about how you are considering how much money you could save by switching to GEICO.

  7. Lurkers make me crazy! Probably because I’m so nosy…I NEED to know who they are and how they found me.

    Last thing I bought at the grocery store: Kids Cuisine frozen dinner so I wouldn’t have to cook for my kids. Mom of the Year, right here!

  8. I am a head-sticker-inner!!! Found your blog through “Sally”. Think you are hilarious and am anxiously awaiting the book. I have 3 boys so I can relate to the legos embedded in your feet. Showed my friend in TX your blog after she showed me this…. http://thebigmamablog.com/2134/the-real-fashion-friday-edition-47-how-to-tie-one-on/
    She now lurks too….Hey KKL!

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  9. toss my birth control pills and go for the girl

    Note to self: Send Mr. CPQ a note that this might be a good time for the ol’ “snip-snip” procedure.

    You can talk about your hair

    That would be a short (and sparse) conversation.

  10. I’m not afraid of you, CPQ. For I like twisted humor and talking about hair. Or practically anything else.

    Hello, Lurkers.

  11. I found your blog through Kristen Newton. I read your blog whenever I need to laugh or be inspired.

  12. An inspired idea. You should officially announce an International De-lurker Day.

    A day set aside to comment on all the blogs you follow. It would be a lot like International Talk Like a Pirate Day (9/19/09), except with less ‘Arrr!’.

    So here goes…

    First, I’ll say what Heather was afraid to. The place for breakfast in the Myrtle Beach/Cherry Grove area is Tarbaby’s. That’s right….Tarbaby’s. Soothe your white guilt with a buffet full of bacon, eggs, grits and pancakes.

    Also, I never leave Myrtle Beach without partaking of a peppercorn encrusted strip steak from Liberty’s Steakhouse at Broadway at the Beach.

    For something a little less commercial, try lunch at Duffy Street Seafood Shack in Cherry Grove.

    And of course…

    That was a lovely post. Have a nice day.

    or should that be


    • Brian could write an entire blog about how crazy, um, perfectly well-behaved my boys are in his Sunday School class.

  13. That was a lovely post. Have a nice day.


    Really. I’m coordinating VBS for August. I enjoyed hearing some of your experiences. 🙂

  14. Ohhhh, you’re supposed to actually have something to say when you leave a comment? who knew 🙂

  15. I’ve come out from under my rock to say…”this was a lovely post, have a nice day” 🙂

  16. Your blog is part of my daily routine so I could be considered a lurker, however I have commented at least a few times.
    And I always apprecitate and laugh at the comments you leave for me.
    Is this how one gets one’s regular lurkers to comment ~ guilt? Cuz I’m good at givin’ guilt, being a cradle catholic, an’ all.
    I might try it.

    This was a lovely post, have a nice day.

    I’m just sayin’

  17. Lord knows I ain’t no lurker. I’m all up in your beeswax.

    But that was a loverly post. Have a nice day.

  18. Calling the lurkers out, huh? What a brilliant idea! If my blog was anything interesting, I’d do it too. But I always leave comments when I visit a blog, because I want comments left on mine. It’s a Sally Field ego thing- You like! You really like me!

  19. I love to read your blog–it think it might just be my fave. I’ve commented before, but not lately, so thanks for the nudge. I appreciate your humor (oh so much) and how you blend it with the serious side of life, too. Thanks for writing! I’ll keep lurking…I mean, reading.

    Oh, and have a nice day!

  20. Chello!!!
    You KNOW I’m not afraid to leave my 2 cents, or 10 cents.
    This whole ‘calling all lurkers’ thing didn’t get very far on my blog. I think I pulled 3 whole lurkers from the woodwork. Best of luck to ya.

  21. Your posts always make me smile. Sometimes cry, but even that is usually through a smile. Thanks. 🙂

  22. I like how you used a song title and Heather in the same post….I had to look up Rockwell, 1984, but I’m sure Heather didn’t!

    2 posts in one day….I need to slow down….

    Gotta go try to get the music out of my head!

  23. Oh My!! Out of TWENTY SIX comments, Amber’s made me bust out laughing! So clear and concise that girl!

    Ditto from me. I got’chyou in all sortsa’ technical places, Suster…and I ain’t goin’ anywhere…

  24. Oh.my.gosh. I forgot to say something about that PRECIOULICIOUS baby cakes girl in the pic!!

    I HOPE you smothered that bundle of love with hugs and kisses!! Seriously!? Incredibly edibly adorable…

  25. I love all the de-lurkeeloo’s comments!

  26. Been sort of busy the past couple of weeks, so I’m not up on my blog-reading (or posting!) – but for what it’s worth, here’s my first comment – geat job at SSA this week!

  27. That’s why I don’t post comments – I can’t spell without spellcheck! And I got my URL wrong the first time…sigh…

  28. I read your blog everyday, sorry for not commenting more.
    again, this isn’t Oprah.

  29. I usually comment and I read almost every day so I don’t consider myself a lurker.

    And since I don’t think you really want to know what I bought at the grocery store, I will go with how we know each other. We met in college when neither one of us had to worry with coloring products for our very southern hair.

  30. Not a lurker! There’s an official de-lurker day sometime in February, I believe. You’re late!

  31. Just another note to say that I never left comments before because I didn’t think our families knew each other IRL. Then this evening during “couch time” my husband mentions that he has been doing business with your husband for several years and that just today he placed an order. My husband is looking forward to playing golf with him soon. If they decide to play on the course we live on, come with him and I’ll attempt to make coffee for you – oops, forget that, our coffee maker died. Maybe I’ll attempt snickerdoodle cookies instead?

  32. Rebecca Marchbanks

    I think I’m considered a lurker since you and Snoodle are on my Google Reader and I hardly ever comment??? I don’t know…

    Last thing I fed my family for supper…Taco Bell..

    Aaaaanndd….I think we buy the same hair color…

  33. Greetings Mrs. CPQ. Coconut gelato here. Neighbor and hubby off to the hospital fifteens mins ago to go have child #4. Coincidence that I wound up on your blog shortly thereafter?


  34. I think I answered all of your suggested questions in our last IM before I even knew they were your suggested questions. I think I’ve answered even the questions you haven’t asked yet. Yeah. What’s the opposite of a secret lurker?

  35. I found myself grinning through the whole post. Wow! I think I’m around #40?

    I think I’m just a half lurker? I read your post everyday, but comment every once in a while.

  36. I read (almost) every day, because it is a fun way to start my day! You are SO funny! I thought about nominating you for that contest thingie, but there were too many steps involved and then when June ended up on there multiple times… I lost interest in that thing… but you are TOO funny! I have commented a couple of times. I love when you mention random things and I’m like, “Wow! Me too!” (like, the console in my car looks JUST like yours!!)
    But.. would you believe, growing up, I had the SAME Hollie Hobbie Plate on my wall?????

    “Start each day in a happy way!”

    Indeed! =)

  37. I lurk, therefore I am.

  38. I love that you are sooooo very real. You crack me up!

  39. was just about to hit ‘mark all as read’ in honor of being 170 posts behind in my reader, but had to pop in and catch up with you, sis.

    glad I did. don’t want to fall so far behind I’m considered a lurky-lurkerson.

  40. WOW at all the lurkers!!! That baby is so precious! I’d be lovin’ on that little thing all the time myself! You always make me laugh!

  41. Google Reader piled up Lurky Lurkerson here. I do most of my blog reading from my iPhone now so commenting has gotten harder. I love that you always comment on my little blogette. You are such a fun and sweet web 2.0 friend. I hope o get to meet you IRL someday.

    That was a lovely post- have a nice day!

  42. Wow, you really got them out of the woodwork! Haven’t been to Myrtle in years, but we’ll be hitting Britt’s donuts at Carolina Beach this week…us 4 girls & the little M.! They’re better than KK!

  43. Just out of curiosity…where do the little patch work quilt “thingy’s” come from?

  44. Hmm, I wasn’t originally convinced about this but hiding amongst 40 odd other comments really DOES feel like safety in numbers.

    I bought cat food yesterday. Aren’t you glad I’ve started contributing?

  45. I am not a lurker…my high school friends call it being a ‘creeper’, but I also do not know you IRL.

    The best place to eat in New Orleans (although not Creole or Cajun) is the Camellia Grill http://www.camelliagrill.net/.
    Trust me on this tip!!!

    I just got a new haircut and I’m not showing it to anyone on line until I lose weight…by then it won’t be new…ha.

  46. Whew, ask and you shall receive – look at you rocking over 50 comments!

    Obviously I’m not a lurker, but I’ve been gone so long that I might be considered one now.

    That baby girl is delicious. Oh, those cheeks….

  47. just checking your site out from a BFF (its not easy being queen) blog site. You are a good writer just like my BFF. Your hair looks great even though I don’t know you. However, I haven’t see a bad hair day yet… 🙂

  48. I cannot believe I missed out on this fun! I’m right there with you on the squishy baby…love, love, love that little one!

    But, I have to say, I’m scared to ask the lurkers to comment on my blog…what if there’s only 2…or zero??? I don’t think I could handle the rejection…

    But, this is not about me..it’s about the fact that ANYONE that can get over 50 comments needs to consider a book deal. Really..I’m serious.

  49. I’m NOT a lurker…not even close to being a lurker but I’m just now catching up on your blog. I can’t comment on all your posts…so I chose this one. And the last thing I bought at the grocery store was half n half. ‘Cause it’s just wrong to be without it.

    Squishalicious. That’s a fun word you made up, Sus.

  50. I with MICH…a half way lurker…read all your post but only leave comments part of the time. I just can’t live up to Amber’s comments!

    I’m with Meredith too…just now getting to where I can keep my eyes open to catch up on the blog world.

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