I can’t believe he stays


Happy Father’s Day, Craig.

Your job is harder than most.

And you have the gray to prove it.

But your character and commitment to our brand of crazy makes me love you all the more.


8 responses to “I can’t believe he stays

  1. Have a great Father’s Day with your special guy!

  2. And from the looks of that pic–they adore him, too. Blessings to your awesome hubby this fathers day and always.

    yeah, I’d say he’s a keeper

  3. Now that is a handsome foursome! I love gray hair…it shows a well worn life. Hope you all have a fab day!

  4. Happy Father’s day to your man! He sounds pretty amazing…

  5. I still can’t believe your boys wore their sweater vests for this great shot. My boy would’ve totally revolted!

    Happy Fathers Day!

  6. What a handsome family! Happy Father’s Day!

  7. I echo Mims..I love me some gray hair!! So sophisticated and handsome!

    Happy Father’s Day to the originator of “Tweeps” aka Mr. CPQ aka The Snore Monster!

  8. What a GREAT picture of your “men”!!!!

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