See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Can I tell you how much fun I had on Friday’s post to see The Others come out of the woodwork and show up in the comments section?  It was like having  a party that I didn’t have to clean the house for.


I don’t clean the house for my real parties anyway.

Well, I sorta’ do.

If you define “cleaning” as waving a dried out Clorox wipe in the general direction of the guest bathroom and running my burned out vacuum cleaner over the used to be white carpet.

I probably clean my house better for leaving on vacation than I do when we live here.  I’m in masssive cleaning mode now because at some point in the next millenium we’re headed to the beach for a day or so to hang out with family.

Where I will regret eating waaay too much as I try to cram myself into a swimsuit in front of my size 4 health nut sister–in-law.

And I say that in the most positive, loving and supportive way possible.

Because I’m not bitter.


Have a nice day.


14 responses to “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

  1. Hope you have good weather, at least!

  2. Oh, I know. I attended a bridal shower this weekend for an anorexic-looking cousin. There all the size 2 cousins gathered around me — the elephant and the only person they’ve ever known to reach double digits on a clothing label. We talked about statutes of limitations on baby weight. It was fun. :p

  3. By the way, that makes TWICE that I’m the first person to comment on your posts! I’m feeling pretty special. 🙂

  4. but i bet you are way funnier! it’s so much more fun to be around a “normal” person who is funny than a skinny person who is not! and you will always be funny; she may discover she likes fettuccine alfredo much more than her size 4. ha! enjoy the beach. i’ll just keep enjoying your southern humidity (and rain) in chicago. i’m not bitter either. really. smile.

  5. Every single time I go on vacation I wish that I cleaned my house like that before I left the second I walk in the door. You’re a wise woman 🙂

    also, I have TWO size 4 health nut SILs. I don’t do bathing suits with them.

  6. The beach sounds wonderful….eating at the beach is required. Eating anything you want..mandatory! Have fun.

  7. You mean the sister-in-law that can eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants and still wear whatever she wants sister-in-law?!!!

    Yep! I totally get you friend, becauseI have one of those too!

  8. My MOM is the size 4. It’s disturbing. I avoid getting in the pool at the gym with her. I just feel like such a whale!

    You have inspired me to clean today. 🙂

  9. Um-hum. I feel your swimsuit pain. I’m headed to the pool today in my swimskirt…because I don’t want to scare the children.

    Have fun at the beach!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. I’d say that I feel your pain, but it’s not like you’re a hippo, going off to graze on whatever it is that hippos graze upon. But still. We’re women. Hard not to be one’s harshest judge.

    You still have my unabashed admiration and a teensy bit of white hot jealousy over your ability to wear stripes and orange. I haven’t gotten over the tall thing, either. But I’m trying.

    And I hear you. Nothing says ‘clean’ like a quick whisper once over with a dried out Clorox wipe. 🙂

  11. Why is it we as women always want a clean house when we leave for vacation? I’m in crazy cleaning mode too for our upcoming vacation. Hope you get lots accomplished!

  12. I always clean my house before leaving, too. I even make up the bed…and …usually we roll in just in time to get in it! Don’t know why I do that.
    Packing is always last and I wonder why I’m always up late the night before a trip….
    Enjoyed your lurkers, too.

  13. So, if I leave 2 comments in one week, does that mean I am officially not a lurker?

  14. I am being a drill sergeant tonight barking orders like “Unless you want to go on vacation naked you’d better bring your dirty laundry in here!” And I told my kids that we weren’t leaving tomorrow until the floors were vacuumed and the kitchen cleaned. I’m also washing my sheets because I love to come home to a fresh, clean bed.

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