How I was crafty on their birthday.

I am slap wore out from the party preparations.

And grateful that I only have to do this once a year.

Plus slightly wreck-ish from scanning in those pictures of the boys yesterday and reliving a very stressful time in my life.

And thank you for your kind words of encouragement and praise to our Father for His grace.  There are many things left unsaid that I wanted to say and will another time, but I was honestly so overwhelmed by emotions as I wrote that I just had to stop and walk away from the computer.

I’m feeling better now.  There’s nothing like the panic of waiting until the last minute to plan a birthday party to whip me into shape.


I am usually not the cake maker for birthday celebrations.  Typically we’re in Oklahoma every June visiting my family and my wonderful sister-in-law Sybil makes the boys the most beautiful creations you’ve ever seen for our family party.  She has done it for years, enduring our phases through Elmo, Blue’s Clues, and more recently, Transformers (gray and black icing – tasty, but ick).

This year due to scheduling conflicts, we stayed home, and the boys were stuck with me.

The box mix queen.

And the box mix queen had to come up with a creative cake to jive with our birthday theme, which was…wait for it….Legos.

I know.

You’re stunned.

Try to rally.

Whimzie and I were discussing how to make a Lego cake, and since she is the Google Queen, she sent me eleventy million links to different Lego cake sites and we spent the better part of an evening discussing the merits and mistakes of various approaches and which one would be LEAST likely to land me in the next post on Cake Wrecks.

Travel with me, Dear Reader, as I show you how I made their cakes (Yes, plural.  They always get their own. It’s enough to have to share their birthday – I draw the line at sharing cake.)

I placed the box mix Devil’s Food cake batter went into mini-loaf pans and mini-cupcake tins.

And Mr. CPQ wanted me to tell you that he totally saved the day because I ditched him after supper to go buy birthday presents for the boys and he made the second batch of cakes AND cleaned the kitchen and leapt tall buildings in a single bound. 003

I have no idea why that penny is there.




Oops, a little off-kilter – had a wee bit much of the batter in the molds and they were domed on top.  So, I leveled them.


And I was left with remnants.

Which now remain on my hips.

For the icing, I went with fondant, even though I”ve never worked with it before.  I was way behind schedule and didn’t have time to add in the color and work the daylights out of it and hope and pray it turned out quasi-uniformly colored so I chose white.


I did add some vanilla extract to it and worked it in prior to rolling since the box said that fondant had a “mellow” flavor and could stand to be boosted with something else.

“Nasty flavor” would be a better descriptor.009

After rolling it out, I layed it over the cake and trimmed the excess with my pizza cutter.


I used the trimmings to cover the mini-cupcakes and used toothpicks to secure them to the top of the cake.


Mr. CPQ then made a crack about Dolly Parton.

Notice whose name is missing on the cakes below.


I wouldn’t say it was super hard, but it was a little tedious, especially getting the edges to look crisp.  The whole project took me approximately 4 hours – 2 hours of cake baking time yesterday and 2 hours of decorating time today (counting interruptions for discussions about who needed to NOT be touching whom).

And they barely ate them because they were too anxious to get to their presents.


Have a nice day.


The rest of this post is for my mother who hated more than anything to not be here for her grandsons’ birthday, so I’m filling her in on what the boys did.

Travis helped with the balloons (he was tickled to do it and he was a big help.)


I decorated the mailbox.


And the dining room.


We had quart-sized bags of Lego pieces that I had scooped from the bin of previous projects.  The kids had 20 minutes to build a creation using only the pieces at hand.



Without telling whose creation was whose, Craig then inspected them and declared a winner (it was JJ who had placed a portable potty on his spaceship..he got major creativity points for that).


Then we had the singing of the song, cake, and present opening, then the guests got to chose a small Lego set to build and take home for a party favor.

And I’m sorry, but I didn’t get pictures because I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

But they had fun.

We missed you, Mom.




21 responses to “How I was crafty on their birthday.

  1. Dear Sus,
    Thank you for working so hard and diligently to provide your boys such a fun and exciting birthday party built around their favorite toy. Thank you too for totally planning, down to the cake, games and goody bag ideas, Connor’s party in September. You rock.

    Another Lego Mama

    *seriously?! each.kid.had.a.cake.!!! that was just too great..above beyond! Ask Mr. CPQ to clear his calendar for the end of Sept. so he can get our batches made too (tell him I promise to have the fridge stocked in ham).

  2. Of course it was a Lego party.

    Of course you always make your boys their own cake. Making one for each kid at said part, a little bit overboard.

    Of course fondant tastes nasty. It’s missing the gallon of lard that goes in buttercream icing.

    Of course you get the award for mom of the year!

  3. Cute cakes. Way to go Mom!

  4. You have once again proven why you are the Oprah in this relationship. Wait. Maybe not. Oprah would have either had Chef Art bake the cake or made Gayle responsible for bringing the cake. On second thought, I’m guessing Oprah has logged fewer fondant hours than you have. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I still want to be like you when I grow up.

  5. Yay Mr. CPQ and to you too CPQ for this amazing b-day party!! I LOVE it!!! What a fun mom you are!

  6. ( A penny for your thoughts?) That’s what came to mind when I saw the penny 😉

    Those cakes are wonderful. I love the icing…or fondant. Box mixes are great….so our bag cookie mixes. The party looks like it was perfect.

  7. Amazing! I also love that the remnants landed on your hips. That is the best place for extra cake.

  8. I like Legos, too. And my birthday is in February.

  9. That penny …. is a penny from heaven! A sign from a loved one who is no longer on this earth letting you know they’re with you. Truly. Pennies that turn up in odd places …… think about it.

  10. Do you hire out? My son’s birthday is in Sept.

  11. Wow! 3 cakes? Wait until I tell my hubby… he’ll feel outdone!
    You’re such a great mom

  12. My favorite part is when C made the Dolly joke. Because that is just good fun.

    Great party, sister! And way to go in only inviting 3 kids….or you would have had a whole lot of Joleens to make.

  13. I love the lego cake idea! How cool is that??? Looks like you all had a blast. I hate Si missed it.

  14. I’ll never look at a lego the same again.

  15. Lisa@SliceOfLife

    Individual Lego cakes with fondant?!?!

    You. are. My. Hero.

  16. A little bird saw you at the craft store that Heather will never name..she told me about your planned adventure into cake decorating. I’ve been waiting patiently for the pictures. You are truly supermom!

  17. Well done

    Well done

    Well done

    And happiest of b’days to 3 special dudes.

  18. Nice cakes! Mine would have, in no way, looked even close to a lego piece LOL

  19. Awesome cakes! Sounds like a great party!

  20. I would like you to know that I have never been more impressed with you than I am right now. seriously, four hours? I will tell you what, Jayci is for SURE getting a (gasp) store-bought cake for her bday! 🙂

  21. Those Lego cakes are so fabulous!! I am very impressed.

    I really like the lego building contest idea too, very creative.

    We just had a b-day party and my hubby did most of the work. I was so beyond blessed! I need to blog it.

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