Our date nights are so romantic

Because nothing says lovin’ like refrigerated pork in the grocery cart.


That is one happy ham man.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “Our date nights are so romantic

  1. Oh, ick! Just buy Spam and potted meat and get it over with!

    • Would this be the appropriate time to tell you that he loves Spam? Yes, the can is in my pantry. No, I won’t touch it.

  2. It looks like he’s about to hand out samples.

  3. He looks happy as a ham clam.

  4. Beats going to the pet store for dog food.
    And really, aren’t we lucky that our guys are so easy to please?

  5. It’s the least you could do for making him throw out the car-ham 😛 Anyhow, you’re out of the house and you have sliced meat, you’re pretty close to being on a romantic picnic!

  6. Mr. CPQ sure is hamsome!! hahahahaha..I crack myself up!!

    Where did y’all pork the car on your date? In the porking lot? Wait, that sounds a little ewww…

    Glad you had a date. period. What are those again??!!

  7. I read your post and saw the picture and laughed. then I read all your comments and laughed some more.


  8. He must really, really love you friend.

    He puts up with a lot. 🙂

    Glad you had a fun date.

  9. I love how he’s posing….in the grocery store. He is really getting the hang of this blog thing. 🙂

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