All aboard the diet train wreck


So Kellie came over this morning to my house with her beautiful children in tow and after I pried her off my new couch where she was vamping in all her Jackie O gloriousness, we loaded up our respective broods in the vans for a morning of fun and frivolity at Krispy Kreme singing “Turn on your Hot Light” the whole way there.

Apologies to Neil Diamond.

I had not fed myself or my children breakfast yet and we were nigh upon 10:00 so let’s just say we were a little crazed by lack of nourishment by the time we arrived.

At least, that’s the excuse I offered Kellie for ordering two dozen doughnuts for my family alone.

To which she politely asked, “So, do you freeze the extras?”



She’s obviously new around here.

There’s never “extra” and “doughnut” in the same sentence at our house.

“Extra” and “broccoli” maybe, but never “Krispy Kreme”.


It was a little warm eating hot glazed fried dough balls outside in the 90 degree heat, but we thought it might be impolite to mow down the vanload of senior citizens from one of the local nursing homes to get the coveted tables by the conveyor line, so we took the picnic tables outside until they cleared out.


Tommy was distraught at seeing a large garbage can at the end of the conveyor line where the rejects were summarily deposited.  He kept muttering “What a waste of a perfectly good doughnut.”  I tended to agree.



JJ kept muttering “When are we going to the museum?”

I swear he’s adopted.

The child ate only one doughnut. 


I have failed as a mother.

So we took off from KK and headed over to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences where we spent 30 minutes calling each other saying “Did you find a parking space yet?”

We wandered around the museum where the kids had the most fun with the shark mandible and the unsanitary bird carcasses in the Nature Conservancy Room and the parents had the most fun watching the science guy squirm when the kids asked what the difference was between the male and the female octopus.


Have a nice day.


17 responses to “All aboard the diet train wreck

  1. “So, do you freeze the extras?”

    What is this”freeze”of which you speak?

    Hope you had one (or three) for me.

  2. ‘Diet train wreck’ is all a matter of perspective..

    …. is it not so much a disaster if donuts where part of your menu to begin with therefore no wrecking of said diet?

  3. I am still laughing as I type.

    This couldn’t be a better synopsis of the fun morning we had.

    Thank you for not mentioning how “girly” I acted watching our children pet dead stuffed animals; and how I started to giggle like a junior higher when the boys asked about the gender of said marine animals.

    After my early morning issue at the groomers…sometimes gender profiling is cleary not easy.

  4. What a fun day. There is never a leftover doughnut in our house either. What a fun crew to spend the day with!

  5. Did they have peach?!

  6. So…how do you tell the difference?

  7. I’m going to have to talk to you about that Duke shirt…

  8. But I’m with you on the Krispy Kremes.

    For the record.


  9. I am so jealous!!!!

    What a way to start the day… Krispy Kreme and Neil! 🙂

  10. We served KK at the church we started in STL. The children’s director LOVED us. LOL

  11. They closed down ALL of our KK here in town last year. Not that we went a whole lot, but still.

    You and Kellie look like you have so much fun together – and yes! She does look a little Jackie O-ish here.

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  13. Oh the almighty Krispy Kreme.


  14. I’m not a big Krispy Kreme fan **GASP**
    I know something is wrong with me but give me Shipley’s anytime!

  15. I am LOLing . . . and I am also obsessed with Krispy Kreme . . .

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