Rodeo (not) Drive

My family’s roots run deep in the heart of Texas and even though I’ve lived on the East coast for 15 years, I still love the sight of cowboy hats and dusty pickup trucks and the sound of booted feet clunking across a wooden floor.

Even though he’s not a Texan, Mr. CPQ wore boots when he came to pick me up on our first date.

I took it as a very promising sign.

He also owns a Stetson.



Last week I read Heather’s blog post about their family’s trip to the rodeo and decided that this was an experience my kids needed to have.  So last night we loaded them up and hauled them out to a local working farm that puts on a weekly rodeo and joined the crowd for a very warm evening of fun.


Two of my lurkers (and friends) from church were there with their family as well as another wacky friend with her family which includes a babykinda like.


And I wish I could sport the bandana look as smashingly cool as Heather does.


Oh it was bliss.  L3 sat in my lap and chewed on my necklace oblivious to the 2 ton charging bull right behind her.

She’s a good girl.

Already distracted by something shiny.

She’ll do well in life.

Mr. CPQ was slightly concerned about my fixation with the baby.


Behind that smile are a pair of eyes that said “Don’t even THINK about it.”

The boys loved the bull riding, and I was fascinated by the fact that the barrel racers chose sparkly shirts that matched their horses.  There’s something to be said about looking good no matter what you do, but everyone knows that sequins are not wash and wear. I was overly concerned.

At half-time/intermission, the children were allowed to enter the arena and chase a calf and try to remove the ribbon from its tail.  I laughed at the VERY healthy distance my kids kept from the bovine.  They jumped right into the big middle of things for the chicken dance, however.

Several families chose intermission to get ice cream but guess what I still had in the back of the car from our morning’s festivities?


I’d like to tell you I shared the other half with a dusty, beat up, down-on-his-luck cowboy, but we all know that’d be a lie.

Happy trails to you.


12 responses to “Rodeo (not) Drive

  1. Fun! I’ve been asking my small town Oklahoma native husband to make the rodeo a family outing for many weeks. I don’t think he’s ever worn a boot or a buckle, much less a stetson, and he has no desire to go. So much for my stereo-type! Guess I’ll have to take the kids with some cool moms instead.

  2. Oh my! You do sound a little swoony over that sweet baby. Of course, she is cute with a capital C, who wouldn’t swoon over cheeks like that…

    It makes me laugh that you won’t eat hermetically sealed ham that has been sitting warm in the car all day, but donuts are fair game! 😉

    And was that a chocolate cake donut? If I had known that was in your box of 2 dozen, I may have stolen it….LOVE those.

  3. It was a fun night! Glad you and your boys could make it out.

    And that baby sure is cute! 😉

  4. Howdy. I think it’s great to get city kids to a rodeo or a county fair every now and then. I have nothing but good memories and allergy symptoms of every National Western Stock Show (CO in Jan) , going to the Calgary Stampede (3 years ago), and going to our little Island Cty Fair on Whidbey.

    Well done you for exposing the boys to a rodeo.

    And that baby? Delish. Even moreso than the donut.

  5. That is one kissable baby face. The baby, of course. Not Mr. CPQ. Not that he doesn’t have a lovely face. He’s charming. Even when he’s sending you non-baby messages telepathically.

    I want to go to a rodeo! I haven’t been to one since I think our freshman year of college.


    And cowboys are hot. And though I’m sure they sweat like most men, that is not the hot I was speaking of.

  7. Lurker?! I thought we were like family! 🙂

  8. Ah, the rodeo. One of the many things I take for granted actually living in Texas. I think it’s high time I do as the Texans do and high tail it down to the rodeo…for some funnel cake.

  9. I’ve been to a few rodeos and love them. I need to take my kids…I take it for granted here in So AR that we could go anytime.

  10. I didn’t know you had Texas roots – if I could move anywhere right now, it would probably be to Texas. I lived their 3 years and loved it.

    The look on Mr. CPQ’s face is perfection – Don’t even THINK about it. That baby is just delicious.

  11. Of course, as a mom of 3 boys, I would expect the laundry aspect to concern you! Sounds normal!

    The thing about Heather rocking the bandana is that not only is it super cute on her, but she probably made it between cute crafting projects and awesome family activities!

  12. This sounds like so much fun!! I’ll have to see if I can find something like that here.

    Funny coincidence: I, too, grew up around cowboy boots, rusty trucks, and hunky farmers, AND this year marks my 15th on the east coast. Kinda weird – huh? 😉

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