Paging Dr. Hyp O. Chondriac

Baby A came running through the office and stubbed his toe on the door.

Me:  Are you okay?

Him: *unintelligible screaming*

Five minutes later I see him scooting across the floor on his behind, headed to the freezer for the ice pack.

Me:  Are you okay?

Can you hear the concern dripping from every word?

Him: I fear this will be chronic.

Have a nice day.

11 responses to “Paging Dr. Hyp O. Chondriac

  1. In all fairness, hooking your toe on something while moving at a fast pace does, for the moment, feel like the end of the world.

    And the things your kids say just crack me up….its like they are old men in a 10 year old body.

  2. When I was a 10 year old, my dad told me that he needed to buy me a hospital because of my ‘ailments’…so I can totally relate to the chronic toe pain!

    Love, love, love the rodeo post…hopefully we’ll join in the fun with Heather the next time they go.

    (and…right there with you on cowboy hats and boots…sweeeet!)

  3. Mine are the same way….it’s the end of the world when they hurt themselves even the slightest.

  4. Hey, you didn’t roll your eyes.

  5. My friend’s husband once compared childbirth to stubbing one’s toe.

    “NO, I mean when you stub it REALLY, REALLY, really, really, really hard….”

    So, is he okay? ;0)

    • He’s okay until he’s bored. Then he’s in agony…kinda’ like Amber’s kid below.

      When does school start back again? Survey says, not soon enough.

  6. Dr. Chondriac has had to make frequent visits to my house. Frequent meaning every 5 seconds.

    As I type this there is a look of unconcern on my face while the redheaded rascal rolls in the hallway screaming because I won’t let him have an icepack for the bump on his head that he got 5 days ago. Apparently today it hurts. Apparently today I’m ignoring him.

  7. When I hit my funny bone….my husband knows not to say a word to me.

    Your son is a hoot.

  8. LOL!!! This sounds SO like my daughter. Too funny.

  9. haha that cracks me up. My hubby is the same way 🙂

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