Just you and I sharing our blog together


Amy’s here and we’re still in our pj’s, reading blogs and probably having the same conversations that you have with your friends about mine.

“So glad my life’s not a train wreck.”

And “How did she get 30 comments when all she wrote was that her cereal was soggy?”

My kids are in school and hers are running around halfway dressed and spinning off the walls from all the sugar cereal they found at Aunt Susan’s house.

Which I tell Amy that I bought especially for them.

Because we NEVER have sugar cereal at our house.

We only do almond milk and raw walnut and steel oat cereal with a little hummus thrown in for good measure around here.

I’d show you pictures, but I wouldn’t you to feel inferior with my superior photography skilz.

Would this be a good time to mention that I’m operating on 3 hours of sleep and I’m a little punchy?

We stayed up half the night talking about important things like why the guy working at Sephora wore his eye makeup better than we do. And this was after having spent four hours with LaVidaCoffeegal eating sushi that may or may not have contained mayo.


I was so proud of her.

She ate it anyway.


But not without first making a face.

And after dinner, we once again went to Caribou where she once again ordered the skinny vanilla latte, and I must be hanging out with her way too much because I ordered the same.  Now if I could just get up at the crack of dawn and run, Forrest, run like she does, I’d be set.

I would insert a picture of the three of us at Caribou, but the random stranger we asked to take the picture with Moses was beside herself holding an iPhone that her hand wasn’t steady and the shots were blurry (and my stomach was showing under my clingy top).

Instead, I’ll insert a picture of Amy getting a makeover at Sephora.


And Amy and Kellie at the restaurant (before she realized there was mayo).


Have a nice day.

31 responses to “Just you and I sharing our blog together

  1. Oh how fun!!! You are looking fabo with your bangs growing out!!

  2. When you read aloud what you were writing, you conveniently left out the part about the makeover pictures, etc. You do know that I read your blog, right?

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  4. Fun! And would it be rude on YOUR blog to mention that I REALLY REALLY like Amy’s orange shirt? …not that I don’t like yours…But the thing about you I REALLY REALLY like is your hair!! It looks great!!!!! It makes me a little sad that I’ve been bad about blogging lately and did not give you and A something to make fu….er, read and laugh and wonder how I became so brilliant, talented and whitty over. Sigh.

    Enjoy your visit!! And, heck, why not join the kiddos and eat some sugary cereal yourself.

  5. Mmmm…where did you go for sushi? everyone knows that mayo makes sushi better.

    forgive my lack of grammar skillz…just got back from an “oh-so-pleasant” dental experience.
    ow. poor pitiful me.

    Yay for blog buddies!

  6. Oh my goodness. I need to work on my “hiding my feelings” face. Thank you for posting that last picture.

    I cannot imagine why they would ruin a good roll by putting mayo on it, when the WHOLE REASON I ORDERED it was because it was one of the only rolls on the menu with mayo NOT listed in the specs….but, I’m pretty sure I’m over it now.

    Anyway, what a good time I had! I certainly hope to do it again in the near future! (minus the mayo, of course)

  7. Mayo makes everything better….doesn’t Kellie not know these things?!

    And you and the Whimz make me smile. Every single dern time. Have a great time together!!

  8. Hello…this is Amber’s grammar teacher. Here to correct her double negatives….which are wrong. Even in Honduras.

    She’ll try again…

    Doesn’t Kellie know these things?

    • I think the sun makes you even funnier. Sus and I actually snort laughed at the Honduran grammar teacher. She’s a scream..or as they would say in Honduran (which sounds like Spanish with a little different accent), she’s a “grito.” (It helps having bilingual girl sitting at the table with me, because neither Diego nor Dora have covered “scream” thus far.

  9. This is Whimzie’s punctuation teacher. First of all, I wish she’d capitalize “whimzie.” Second, she forgot to close the parentheses, which is wrong, even in Honduras.

  10. Pictures are too cute of you guys.
    Glad you are having a great visit.

  11. Did you guys color coordinate? That top pic is gorgeous. You guys are smokin'(did I just write that?)

    Look at those smiles….so sweet to see you together!

  12. So glad you guys are having a good time!

  13. You get 5pts for the funniest account of your visit/time together. Bet Kellie is LOVIN’ you for posting that pic.

  14. Oh, I loved seeing the pictures! Glad you all had such a great time (it was obvious!!!!) What fun “girl times”!

  15. Oh so fun 🙂
    ps – we also ONLY eat organic, homegrown food at our house. With minimal amounts of cheese. ha

  16. (types comment while humming Crystal Gayle and Eddie Rabbit’s wonderful hit “Just You and I”….”and I know it time (and I know in time)..we’ll build the dreams we treasured…)

    Sheesh..talk about punctuation! Pay no attention to that mess at the top please! I’m typing uber fast and getting to comment on 98732982 blogs tonight..

    Girls, girls!!!!! Could y’all BE any cuter?! But heaven help me if we do get to meet one day PLEASE JESUS don’t make me eat sushi. I mean, really, what’s wrong w/ Cracker Barrel?

    What a FUN FUN FUN time!!! My heart is just so ding dang happy for y’all!

  17. Amber’s Honduran Grammar teacher here:

    Tiffani, please slow down when you type…you made several mistakes in the above comment, including: “it” instead of “in” and an overabundance of punctuation marks.

    Slow the fingers down, miho.

  18. It’s really not fair that Kellie looks cute even with a “true feelings” look on her face. Still…I’ll choose to take the high road and like her anyway. 😉

    I wish I could like sushi, but alas, mayo sounds better. Maybe I need a tutorial or something.

  19. I’ll only eat sushi if there’s no fish involved. Period.

    Hopefully AHGT (Amber’s Honduran Grammar Teacher-thought we needed an abrev. now) isn’t also proficient in puncuation. And I hope I’m not breaking some Honduran law that saws you shouldn’t right the actual word “period” out while also using said “period”…

  20. AAAHH!! I just felt AHGT breathing down my neck…

    punctuation not puncuation.
    says not saws.
    write not right.

    Me thinks me shouldn’t not right these here comments at 12:29 AM in this here mornin’.

  21. I love this. You guys make me want to move to NC. 🙂

  22. Too much fun going on over on that side of town!

    OK, where did y’all get the sushi??

    As for the grammar discussion..I stink at grammar because I write like I talk..and I talk like I’m from the south (which I am)..I save my ‘big girl’ words for my ‘you are not smarter than me’ lectures given to my pre-teen children.

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

    • Local Blog Peeps –

      We had the sushi at Tasu in Brierdale. They have two-for-one sushi all the time.

      What’s better than BOGO?

      Like Payless.

      Only fish.

      • This is not Whimzie. This is CPQ. But Whimzie approved this message (and signed into my computer).

  23. It is so good to see pictures of you two! You both look amazing! Absolutely beautiful. I’m missing you guys this summer. I’m kind of looking forward to school starting and getting back to a routine so I can be back in the blog world!

  24. I guess I need to start writing more about cereal…

  25. I’m trying not to be jealous, but can’t resist reading about your fun visit. Girl time and makeovers was plenty, but sushi, too? *Fingers in my ears – “I can’t hear you!”*

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