Ten reasons my 10 on the 10th is late in posting


1.  Whimzie was here and she made me stay up late last night, so I didn’t have time to blog.

2.  We just finished the first week of school and I underestimated how tired I would be having to act like an adult and get up early in the morning and take the boys to school on time.

3.  I was laughing too hard over the comments on yesterday’s post about Amber’s Honduran Grammar teacher.

4.  I am easily distracted by …hey, look!  A chicken!

5.  Whimzie’s kids ate all my sugar cereal Kashi Go Lean and I had to go to the organic co-op to replace it.

6.  I’ve been obsessed with the crow’s feet that developed overnight, so I’ve been at Sephora buying Hope in a Jar, Hope in a Tube, and, in case that didn’t work, When Hope is Not Enough.

7.  Putting on all that product takes time away from blogging.

8.  I was too busy licking the sugar off my fingers from the Bo*Berry biscuits at Bojangles.

9.  Did I mention I can’t coherently cobble a thought together because I got three hours sleep last night?

10.  I forgot it was the 10th until I sat down with my Google Reader this afternoon and saw the rest of you were obviously more with it than I.

Have a nice day.

P.S.  Head over to Meredith’s to link up and play!


16 responses to “Ten reasons my 10 on the 10th is late in posting

  1. You didn’t think I’d have time to read or comment on your blog today, did you? I can’t believe you just threw me AND my precious children AND Honduran educators under the bus.

    PS I just typed this whole comment with my THUMB from my phone, thank you very much.

  2. Hope in a Jar? I think I need me some o’ dat! Hee! Sephora opened in our mall about 3 months ago and I have yet to go. I rarely wear makeup. The only time I do is when I know I’m going to be seeing people from high school or something like that. I think I’ve hit the age though where some of that Hope stuff is called for. Hmmm…maybe I’ll actually make it to the mall tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve been inside it since Christmas.

  3. I confess. I do eat Kashi and Fiber One. I may sound older than I am, but high fiber is good for high cholesterol, and you can eat more for the same amount of calories as in Cap’n Crunch!

  4. Me didn’t have no idea… that me grammar teacher made; such a nosery busybody out of sheself yesterday. She ‘specially anxious, write now “what” with the: junk going on in Honduras write now.

    • I am extremely mortified at my student Amber’s display of extreme mockery of the profound English language. I assure you with the upmost certainty that all of her previous grammatical and punctuatical errors will be handled in our future tutorials. As for this evening, my apologies for her must be in order.

      Amber’s Grammar Teacher
      Who Just So Happens To Be Honduran

  5. mmm…bo berry biscuits.

    I need to blog too…but I’ve been having computer issues this week.


  6. I have bad news. The Hope in a Jar and all its friends don’t work that well. Just buy some Oil of Olay.

    I’m curious about the organic co-op. Find anything special? Organic Lucky Charms, perhaps?

  7. Hee hee. All very good excuses! Every single one. 🙂

  8. have you noticed that hope in a jar smells like wet dog???? yes, you can return to sephora if you don’t like that smell. even my husband could smell it when I got into bed at night. now THAT’s bad!! I like Philosophy’s help me or save me at night.

  9. I love the philosophy products! Nordstrom’s usually has the supersize special for their anniversary sale, which should be very soon, IIRC.

  10. You never cease to make me laugh. Hope you got a little more sleep last night. Oh wait, you didn’t. Your crafty plan failed you.

  11. Hope in a Jar? I need some of this, stat. Does it take out GROOVES that have settled between the eyes?

  12. oh my heavens. you crack me up — and i love you 🙂

  13. MMmmmm, I love me some Hope in a Jar. in fact, I love the while Philosophy line. Well their face scrub and peel stuff, anyway.

    Hope you are catching up on your sleep!

  14. I’ll have to buy some of that “hope” stuff. Then when the jar’s empty, I can save my pennies for my plastic surgery. Just a little here and there, mind you. 😉

    Just think…the first week’s behind you. You’ll all fall into a groove again.

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