Nacho ordinary blog post



I have an idea!

Why don’t you go to the Mexican market with me?

Why do I have a feeling this won’t turn out well for me, Sus?

It’ll be fun!

I promise!

I mean, where else can you find a little cow tongue


Pig heads


Fresh-as-in-still-alive-and- swimming tilapia


Chicken feet


and a Bimbo all under the same roof?


Not to mention the best carnitas tacos around town


although I’m sure the health inspector might think twice about the copious amounts of plastic wrap that serve as the sneeze guard on the condiments bar.


Have a nice day.

23 responses to “Nacho ordinary blog post

  1. The minute you said Mexican Market, I could smell the smell of going to the market with my dad to get meat for tamales….yuck.

    But I went with him every year. Why? Cuz right next door? The Mexican bakery! Yum!

  2. If I went with you, I’d become a vegetarian. That’s some nasty stuff there!

  3. Now I know what to do on a rainy Monday when my kids go back to school!!! Seriously, do they think you are the food inspectors when you pull out your camera??? And do they have recipe cards next to the pig heads so you know how to cook them? Kinda makes me want to head to Chinatown today…if it rains…

  4. Eeew. But I don’t doubt you on how good everything was!! 🙂 (And I STILL remember the one and ONLY time I had tongue … SHUDDER.)

  5. Can I just say you have rockin’ cute hair!!! Love it! It made up for the pig heads!

  6. Funny and creative post! Glad to see that you turned a trip to the market into a little adventure!

  7. Okay…that is just good fun right there.

    And imagining you eating all of that stuff is even better. Imagining you eating while in Honduras…now that is priceless.
    (The Honduran jokes are still crackin’ me up. It just doesn’t get old. But, then again, I’m a cheap giggle.)

  8. Hey, thanks to you, we ventured into our local Latin American market to get banana leaves for those 35 centerpieces K had to make for The Band-Aid ball.

    You think they look at you funny when you eat there, try walking to checkout with several dozen packages of frozen banana leaves. They actually asked if we were planning on making that many tamales.

  9. After I threw up a little in my mouth…
    I was envious of your tacos.

    Did you have a chile covered mango sucker for dessert?

    And I won’t be showing my hubby, cause HE might break my computer screen trying to reach through to them.

    Thanks for those *other* pictures, though, that I just can’t seem to get out of my head now.

  10. Well, unlike the other haters, I’ll thank you for a peek at Tilapia before they’re lunch.

    And I know it’s pig heads, not fish heads, but I’m still hearing Dr. Demento in my head. Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads. Fish heads, fish heads. Eat them up. Yum.

    You’re welcome.

    Sweet hair.

  11. The stores in my husband’s hometown are full of these things, and his family things they’re great. I think they’re gross, but the Mexican bakery next door is divine. Empinadas are the best! Those tacos look yummy too.

  12. That is so gross. You are so brave. You are my hero.

  13. I shudder!

    Remind me not to go on field trips with you. 🙂

  14. Okay – count me in the *gag* crowd. I’m soooo not very adventurous when it comes to good. After the first pictures, even your tacos were unappealing to me.

    Do you go there often?

  15. What in the world….that is actual plastic wrap isn’t it??

  16. I’m bookmarking this post for my first science lesson of the year. Thanks for the visuals!

    How does one cook pig head??

    Love the plastic wrap…much easier to clean, just rip it off, and wrap on some more. (but we all know that the only thing that sticks to plastic wrap is plastic wrap, so I’d inspect the stuff under the covering.)

  17. You are the cutest Carpoolqueen ever.

  18. Where is that??? If I showed my hubby this post, he’d probably get in the car right now to go get those tacos 🙂 Do they have tamales too? (my favorite!)

  19. Love the hair!

    The tacos look delish.

    When we lived in AL our local grocery carried chicken feet and pig feet and tongue, you are one up on us with the actual pig head, we were in a declining area so I guess people couldn’t afford an entire head?

  20. I seriously doubt that I could eat those tacos (good as they look) after examining cow’s tongue and pigs heads *gag*

  21. I LOVE my Mexican market! They have these incredible deals on produce every Thursday, and I get tons and tons of stuff for super cheap. Love it. And then when I want to gross myself out I meander down the meat aisle. It is such an experience.

    And you’re right about the tacos. And the fresh pico de gallo that they make….oh boy.

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