I know it’s shocking, but I’m going to be sentimental

I am one of those women that doesn’t have a sister.  Brothers?  Boatloads, and I love every last one of them.  But there’s a wee little part of me that has always been bummed that I didn’t have a sister with whom to fight, share clothes, and read Teen Beat.  I’ve always been a teensy bit jealous of my friends who grew up in a houseful of girls because I’ve felt like somehow I’ve missed out.

Since my mother has informed me that she does not intend to be the next Sarah and conceive in her advanced age, I’ve given up on ever having a flesh and blood sister, but God in His graciousness has given me friends who are so precious to me.  Friends who will talk fashion, trade recipes, drink coffee, and listen.

This past week was special because I got to introduce old friends to new friends.  Amy got to meet Gretchen, an in-real-life friend of mine, and when the three of us sat in my living room and tucked our feet underneath us and talked for an hour, it was just a gift to my heart.  The conversation was easy, there was laughter, there was genuine concern for each other.  It was truly a magical moment.


And last night I was able to spend time with Kellie at her church and share with other women what God’s been teaching me.  As I looked across the room, it was so neat to think that six months ago, Kel was someone who only lived in  my computer, and now we hang out, go to the movies, drink coffee together and talk about mayonnaise.

kel & sus

And my blog and Twitter friends who encourage me and laugh with me and pray for me at the drop of a hat when I need them?

Precious strangers that I hope to meet one day (except for the creepy ones from other countries who find my blog by using inappropriate phrases in the search engines).

Who needs sisters?

I have friends.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “I know it’s shocking, but I’m going to be sentimental

  1. Awwww…great post! I have two sisters who live “way far” away–too far for coffee and shopping. But I’m very blessed with wonderful friends who treat me like a sister. And your post made me appreciate them all (my birth sisters and my “friend” sisters) even more. Now I’m feeling sentimental!

  2. So sweet! Thank you for the wonderful reminder…I think I’ll go call a girlfriend!

  3. You were fantastic last night. Really such a blessing. Thank you for your willingness, authenticity and letting God receive the glory for the places He’s brought you through.

    I’m proud to be your “sister”….

    Especially if it means I can borrow that awesome necklace you wore last night. 😉

  4. My sister lives far away, my friends are busy with their kids, keeping them busy through the summer months, as am I. Sometimes being a mommy is a lonely job. God reminds me always in these times to come to him, and then I feel better. And sometimes (like really, just this one time), He brings a new (bloggy) friend to talk with when the in real life friends are busy. God is good.

  5. Sentimental looks good on you. Just like that necklace.

    Love ya, Sus. Like crazy. You make my heart smile.

  6. Your sentimental side is beautiful.
    Not only to I get the privilege of being your IRL friend, but you ARE my sister in the Lord.

    I don’t have a copy of Teen Beat, but I’ll share my Southern Living with you.

    Love you, girlie!

  7. feel the same way, sistah. the same way.

    plus I think these kind of sisters might be better than the blood kind.

    just a theory.

  8. Sweet post! I’m lucky to have both sisters right here in town. Although I wouldn’t have dared comment on cute boys from Teen Beat with them – they would have ratted me out to mom 🙂

  9. aww — and i can totally relate b/c i’m the one who grew up w/ all sisters, but always thought it would be so neat to have a big brother, too. but i’m so very grateful for my three precious sisters, & i have a hunch that having a big brother would have included a little more than my romantic idea of a tender soul to look out for me, protect me, etc. amen? 😉 and in His goodness, the Lord has blessed me w/ a brother in Christ (RZ) in whom i DO get to enjoy those things that i always wanted in a brother.
    aww, sentimental back atcha . . . 😉

  10. I have a sister(10 yrs older) she’s wonderful. But, I’m actually closer to my girlfriends….my “sisters by choice”. Hope that does not sound bad. I do love my sister. 🙂

  11. So sweet, Sus! I’ve been a bit absent from the blog/Twitter scene, but I prayed for you yesterday. Would love to know how last night went…but after reading Kellie’s comment, it sounds like it was a beautiful time.

  12. No sisters here either but love my friends dearly!

  13. I have 1/2 sisses which I didn’t grow up with, so we’re sorta in the same boat.

    And I can’t think of a better boat to share in.

    You rock it, CPQ, and I cannot wait to meet you someday. Wish I could’ve been at Kellie’s church.

  14. No sisters here. But I have some great friends…IRL and in bloggy world. And I heart you, sistah!

  15. Are these comments on repeat??
    Cause I could say just about everything these ladies have said.
    No sisters from my mom and dad, but MANY in the Lord, and I can’t.wait. for the day when I can meet some of my bloggy sistahs.

    …you should try sentimental on more often…cause you rock it.

  16. Love this post! Girlfriends are the greatest!

  17. I love the pictures (2 of my favorite people in the 1st & one that I know would be a favorite if I had the chance, but who I feel like I already know…) (& 2 I was praying for yesterday in the 2nd one.) I look forward to meeting Kellie some day soon! It is so neat how God provides “sisters” throughout our lives.

  18. Hi! I’ve heard about you on Kellie’s blog and couldn’t agree more about the blessing that friends can be in a woman’s life. I wasn’t born with a sister, but am thankful that God has brought many great women into my life that fill that role. Blessings to you! 🙂

  19. You are blessed indeed. I have no natural sisters either, and think I need to schedule a girls’ night out.

  20. Really good friends are an amazing blessing. And I am so glad you are surrounded by them! I also loved reading Kellie’s blog when she mentioned what you spoke on at her church. Would’ve LOVED to hear that.

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