Only because I am lacking in the inspiration category am I posting a very blurry picture of myself  (in the blue) taken in the gym this morning as I perched rather precariously on the elliptical machine and tried to unobtrusively snap a photograph in the GINORMOUS fault-revealing mirror to my right.

Because I’d rather do anything, including risk falling off the machine, instead of actually concentrating on doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Which is exercising.

Which I loathe with every fiber in my being is invigorating and I do so cheerfully even though I don’t have those cute little jogging bras and other spandex accoutrements.


Hello?  I have a degree in political science and Spanish.  There were no buttons in either of these languages.  I finally managed to plug in my headphones and somehow I must have smashed the “Trainer” button because every so often, a voice would break through the Travel Channel’s feed to say “Your pace seems to be slipping.”

To which I replied “Because you’re annoying me and I hope you’ll run on ahead and leave me alone.”

I have renewed my gym membership in hopes of losing the last forty pounds of my pregnancy weight in order to be strong and fit for my 40th a rather significant birthday which is approaching in 161 days.

Not that I’m counting them or anything.

But I will be sweating them.


Have a nice day.

12 responses to “Gym-bo-big-whoop-ie

  1. At least you make it to the gym. I just think about exercising and buy dvd’s that never see the inside of the dvd player. I’m hoping that something is going to work out for my boy. It will involve him having to start an exercise program and if it does I may finally have a walking buddy. Helping him get ready for a super cool trip would be just the motivation I need.

  2. I take a book and it helps me get through…I’ve been slacking this week…they all call me the workout nazi but I think it’s actually Amber even though she doesn’t know it….I’m much more motivated when she is there.

    Good Job!

  3. You’re speaking my loathe language with exercise. Trying so hard to chg my attitude by being grateful for a body that CAN exercise. But all that attitude changing makes me hungry.

    Bless your efforts, friend.

  4. In celebration of the big 4-0 I think we should do a 5k in the fall….come on…you know you wanna…

  5. Be careful. I once fell off an eliptical machine. I mistakenly thought I could take a drink of water AND keep my legs moving. Although I’m sure my girlfriend burned more calories laughing at me than she did on that death trap. Maybe next time, place yourself next to an uncoordinated , new exerciser. Could be fun(ny)!

  6. I always admire people that can use those machines and read…taking pictures? Thats a whole. nother. level.

  7. You went to the gym!!! Yay for you! Jillian is still sitting on my shelf between Leslie Sansome (who never saw the light of day) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    I love how you find humor in the most awful circumstances!!

  8. This is why I go to Curves…you get on the circuit, the voice tells you when to move to the next machine, you get off after going around twice. 30 minutes, 3 times a week….it’s kinda like being a human gerbil on one of those spinny wheels.

    A new word for me. I’ll be hitting the dictionary button on the Mac when I finish typing this comment.

    You’re fabulous now, at 29, so I know you’ll be fabulous at 40.

  10. Love your blog and incredible sense of humor. So glad I found you!

  11. Stephanie just called me the Workout Nazi… Anyone who requires their friends to be at the gym in working order at 8:30 in the a.m. would be total Hitler material.

    Good for you for going to the gym. Join the sweat train.

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