At the gym

I was running on the treadmill this morning watching a seriously lame Lifetime movie (now I know why I don’t turn the TV on during the day) when I was distracted by a grunter.

Seriously, people, it was as though Monica Seles had taken up residence.

I tried not to stare at this woman but she was so loud that I could hear her through my headphones.  I was suddenly struck with the giggles because her grunting was not unlike the sound I make when eating a plate of fettucini alfredo, and in the midst of my giggles, I attempted to take a drink to water.

Water spurted out my nose.

Since I was choking, gasping, laughing and running, I set the water bottle down in the holder thingy, but the holder didn’t have a solid base – just a bar across the bottom – and my water bottle was small (because I have the attention span of a gnat at the gym and don’t stay that long, so it doesn’t have to be big).  The water bottle fell through the opening, hit the treadmill belt, and travelled to the end where it went careening across the room.

At least it stopped the grunting.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “At the gym

  1. Did it land at the foot of the grunter? Did you retrieve the bottle? One more reason to love not exercising. I’m going to go for a walk on this cool morning. And burn my hand on the coffee jumping out of my cup. I’ll think of you. And grunt.

  2. To quote Mater…..”I don’t care who you are, that’s just funny”. ALMOST makes me want to join a gym. Nah, not really.

  3. I pictured the whole scene….while laughing!

  4. Oh, my. You should see if the gym has closed circuit TV and then ask to burn tape. 😉

    Again, one more reason we’re friends. Grace. And not the heavenly kind. The coordinated kind.

    But it is not lost on me that you were running already–on your 2nd day and all. Well done.

  5. Grunters are almost as bad as moaners in the gym. Especially when lifting.

    And I’ve done the whole drop the water bottle on the treadmill thing before. Very classy.

  6. Every time I read the word “grunt” I couldn’t help but think of one thing….and it’s not gym related, unless, of course, you were on a treadmill in the gym’s bathroom. Were you?

    …laughing so hard, I’m…grunting. And oh how I wish I could have been behind that (evil) 2 way mirror (which I insist all gyms have!) to witness that first hand.

  7. Wanna take bets that there is another blog out there right now that reads something like this …

    “So, I was at the gym today, and I heard all this choking, gasping, and laughing. I could barely concentrate on my reps. Then, I heard a bang and saw a water bottle shoot across the floor.

    At least the choking, gasping, and laughing stopped.”

  8. LOL I can totally picture the whole thing. Too Funny.
    And good for you for actually being there. We have a club membership but I’ve actually only seen the inside of the banquet rooms and resturants. hmmm You give me hope that it might be fun. Kind of.
    I’m just sayin’ 🙂

  9. reason #79283 why it’s good to have a blog: otherwise stories like that would just be something one tells her husband over the dinner table, and gets sad because he doesn’t laugh half as hard as the story warrants.

  10. That’s too funny! See, if I had a workout buddy like you I’d go to the gym because it would be so much fun! I don’t like going with people who like to you know….seriously exercise.

  11. I’m sorry…I’m still trying to get past the first phrase, “I was running on the treadmill this morning…”

    I have several problems with this phrase:
    A) running
    2) treadmill
    and perhaps most importantly,
    third) MORNING

  12. Too funny. At least it gave you a momentary distraction and excuse to stop that infernal running.

  13. That’s just plain funny!

  14. Oh, I am still laughing! We should have talked before you joined… We joined a different one back in Jan. & I’ve found that going to the gym with the DH is not the same as going with a gal friend… I KNOW it would be fun going with you! Then Steve & Craig could have gone together…

  15. Grunting is definitely not cool.

  16. That’s hilarious! I NEED to get back to the gym, and when I do I’ll think of you whenever I encounter a “grunter.” 🙂 Have a fun weekend!

  17. hahaha I just totally LOLed. you make me do that a lot.

  18. I’m trying not to spit my koolaide all over the place…because I know all about the gym grunters. And it ain’t pretty. I also may know a thing or two about objects flying across the gym floor, too, but we won’t discuss that.

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