Sunday Bloody Sunday

I’m so glad it’s Monday – Sunday was a busy day for us.  It started out with church and then lunch at Applebees where Craig somehow managed to confound the tv system by making a simple request to have the channel changed.


It took twenty minutes and six people to solve the problem.  By that time we had already spilled a glass of Diet Pepsi, cut a gash or eight into the table (why do they give children those steak knives?), and made our waitress wish she had taken the job at the Waffle House.

Later that afternoon we introduced the kids to the sun took the boys outdoors to our church’s annual picnic and outdoor baptism service at a nearby lake.

Baby A was concerned there might be bears.

I told him he just had to run faster than one of his brothers.

He chose this one.


Everything was going great until we were notified that one of our boys had fallen and scraped his knees (Where were the parents?).


And who didn’t have a first aid kit even though she has more children than Abraham and knew she would be out in nature with said children?

That would be me/I.

Choose whichever word you prefer.  I majored in Political Science, not English.

And I really felt bad because Baby C brought his bloodied knees over to the campground where I sat next to Gretchen who doesn’t do blood.

She rallied though.

Even offered me HER first aid kit.

Decorates AND handles emergencies with aplomb.  Definitely falls into the “handy friends to keep around” category.

And guess who I got to meet? Sherri from the comments section!  She’s been reading the blog, and though our husbands know each other professionally, she and I had never had the occasion to meet.


Notice I’m not sitting super close to Sherri.  It’s because I stank to high heaven.  I had gone to the gym (I just like saying that now), fully intending to shower before the picnic, but we had company at the house when I got back, so I visited instead of cleaning up, so I felt slightly funky with my Eau du Gym mixed with bug spray.  Sherri was very sweet not to mention the rankness.

I did notice she didn’t pull her chair any closer in the circle, though.

Her daughter was very sweet to sit next to Travis and swat the flies that were buzzing around.  He returned the favor by eating her apple when she wasn’t looking.

Also, a shoutout to Suzanne, Janet, Tanya, and Kim who ‘fessed up to lurking, and if I had the web address to your blogs, I’d link to you, but I don’t have them, so just leave them in the comments today (how’s that for a big ole’ hint) and then I can stalk you as well.

Have a nice day.


19 responses to “Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. Isn’t Sherri just the sweetest?? We really wanted to join the fun at the picnic, but it didn’t work out. Glad it was only a scraped knee and not someone mauled by a bear.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. sounds like a fun-filled, jam-packed day–aside from the 27 minor mishaps. but isn’t that always the way it is? enjoy your monday! unless you’re going to the gym, there shouldn’t be any major mishaps. ha!

  3. Sounds like high adventure!! 🙂

  4. You certainly don’t look like you mussed your hair at the gym! Of course, I can’t smell it through the computer.

    It sounds like a nice outing, despite the injury!

  5. Remind me not to let Craig touch any of my electronics. It seems he’s got bad TV mojo as of late.

    Did you ever get the sound to return to your HD channels at home?

  6. how is it you manange to make me chuckle every.single.time?

    it’s a gift, lady. a true gift.

  7. I can vouch that gym-rankness did not permeate the picnic area. Since I sat next to you for a couple hours and never got a whiff, I think you can rest easy.

    Did you notice that I offered my 1st aid kit, but kept my back to the whole clean-up effort? My services only go so far.

  8. I’m amazed at how many IRL bloggers are around you…..and all in one place. We are a IRL blogger deprived area. Fun day.

  9. Wow, the gym on Sunday! I’m impressed. I still haven’t made downstairs to the Wii Active. Ugh

  10. I didn’t even get to see you all at the lake yesterday. Wasn’t it a great evening?! I love your blog!

  11. You are hilarious! Sorry I missed the whole scraped knee incident – tell me that happened before we got there.

    I never noticed any questionable aromas.

    I have links to 2 of those lurkers (Kim, Janet) on my blog list so you can lurk too.

  12. You’re posts just crack me up and now I am out of ‘lurking’. It was great getting to know you all a little more last night — in between occasionally making sure our children were still alive. Someday I’ll be able to keep my eye solely on the person I am speaking with……someday. Oh…and as you’ll find out – if you dare – my blog is a “slap some pictures up and write a few comments before the grandparents complain that I haven’t posted any in awhile, kind of blog.”

  13. Really? Glad it’s Monday?

    The gym has gone and made you crazy.

  14. Thanks for leaving that sweet comment on my blog about Cailey! It honestly amazes me that she WANTS to get up in front of people…something that is a huge fear of mine. I’m glad that someone was touched by it:). Oh…and you are HILARIOUS! Know that I’ll be a daily reader now!

  15. Sounds like another great day in the life of the CarpoolQueen!

    I wish I looked that cute after the gym!

  16. Couldn’t have been any worse than our lunch….12 adults and 8 kids (7boys 1 girl)…all with knives…broken plate and little boys in the womens bathroom.

  17. Isn’t it cool how other people gain such enjoyment out of our struggles? Congrats for taking it all in good humor. And I’m sure you didn’t smell…too much.

  18. Ok, that gave me a big laugh. Yes, I am a lurker! I admit it. It was great seeing you at the lake. I wish I could have spent more time talking more but my two little ones were keeping me busy. Love your blog!

  19. We never have batteries or bandaids when we need them, despite buying them every time we head to Target. Which is often.

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