Let’s make a deal

Baby A: “Mom, I forgot my homework and my lunch box from yesterday AND the extra lunchbox you sent in today.”

CPQ: (supressing a blood curdling scream calmly) “That makes two days in a row now that you’ve forgotten, Squash Blossom.  You’ve lost your cartoon privileges this afternoon as a reminder to be more careful about gathering your things before coming home.”

Baby A: “Instead of losing my TV privileges, would it be okay if I cleaned the toilet and sink in our bathroom?”

There is a God and He loves me.


18 responses to “Let’s make a deal

  1. This is why the Bible says that children are a gift from God!

    Between you and Heather this morning, more coffee has hit the keyboard than has hit my insides….

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. sounds like a dream! sometimes the kids have more creative “ideas” than we do.

  3. The negotiation gene is strong in this one.

  4. Haha! He has been trained well. 🙂

  5. Smart, smart boy. I think he has YOU trained. 🙂

  6. He needs to throw in the shower, too. Just to make it even-steven.

  7. Yes! Always take away what they love the most – you can get ALOT of cleaning done that way! LOL

  8. Wonder what you can get out of him if he “forgets” his stuff again tomorrow?!

  9. That boy must love his cartoons;)

  10. Surely you raised the bid to TWO full bathrooms.
    Someone’s gotta teach them good bidding skills 🙂

  11. He will be a great husband one day! Volunteering to clean a toilet will make some woman very happy one day.

  12. 🙂 Who raised that delightful boy?

  13. A stronger woman would have stuck to the original consequence.

    Unfortunately, I’m not that woman. Don’t actually think she exists. I heart clean bathrooms too much to say “No Deal”.

    Would you like to borrow a 7 year old and train him for me?

  14. hahaha I cant wait until Jayci is old enough to say that 🙂 music to my ears!

  15. I’m happy for both of you.

  16. That “imnotned” cracks me up always always in these comments.

    man, my kids can’t forget things at homeschool..I gotta figure out how get THAT to happen though!

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