In which my eyes are opened to an ugly truth

I was perusing the internet the other day for a little celebrity gossip detailed analysis on the current health care debate when I ran across a picture that gave me pause.

Nay, it crushed my spirit.

Long-time readers of this blog (you know, all ten months I’ve been writing ) will know of  my obsession warm regard for all things George Clooney.  There’s something about his look that reminds me of Cary Grant, and Cary Grant is my #1 all time favorite actor (and my stock answer to the unknown Trivial Pursuit question) because when I was growing up on the back side of nowhere in Guatemala, if we wanted to watch a movie, we’d have to use the old VCR (hope you remember what THAT is) and choose from a selection of tapes that work crews from the US would bring to us for our entertainment.  Some Cary Grant aficionado had recorded a boatload of his movies and brought them to us, so he was a steady staple of my limited TV diet growing up.

But this isn’t about Cary Grant.  It’s about George.

george clooney

George who is old and has to ride a tricycle and WEAR WHITE SHOES WITH TAN SOCKS and look like he belongs in a Florida retirement community in Coral Gables.

My dreams are dashed.

Have a nice day.

If you can after seeing that picture.


22 responses to “In which my eyes are opened to an ugly truth

  1. I am sorry you had to see that. I imagine it caused a great deal of trauma. The good news is that Cary Grant will always be timeless.

  2. This just proves that I always loved him more. Do you really want to be judged by one picture? Seriously? And I’d think very carefully before I answered that question.

  3. Just to cleanse your palette, here’s a fine picture of a more youthful Mr. Clooney:

  4. What on earth was he thinking? Excuse me while I go watch Ocean’s Eleven…hopefully it will push the ‘George, yikes he’s a geezer’ picture from my brain.

    Feelin’ your pain….

  5. Lauren Richardson

    are we sure that’s really him??? I just don’t see any resemblance– I’d say that could be Harrison Ford (my personal eternal heartthob), but George Clooney???
    I try not to think about such things…
    Which is not always easy, with teenage daughters– we recently saw a movie with Liam Neeson, and walking out, my daughter says “that old guy’s got some moves”…. OLD GUY??? sheesh!
    meanwhile, I think I still look like a 20-year-old and wonder “who is SHE??” when I pass a mirror! =)

  6. Yikes! Although I have to say he’s not really what does it for me anyway but it sure does age him. Now if it was Richard Gere . . . I’d need some therapy.
    Just sayin’

  7. OMG I didn’t even recognize him!

  8. Ah no, my eyes!!!!

  9. As long as he’s not wearing pleated, taper legged, cuffed khaki’s I think I’ll be ok…in the mean time I’ll just pretend those aren’t socks and that he is just in desperate need of some sun on his legs.

    And Susan, take a deep breath and focus on the face, focus on the face, focus on the face. Better?

    Now I, on the other hand, can’t quite figure out that bike…is it training wheels for motorcycles??????

  10. I am so old. I still think he looks pretty darn fine. This is what happens when you get past 40.

  11. His cool factor was just blown to bits.

    Socks and shoes = old man
    The 3 wheeled bike = total dweeb

  12. Was sharing that really necessary? Hmmm?

    And why did you grow up in Guatemala?

  13. I think the high water pants is what did it in for me. Of course, I’d probably pick a tricycle, too. Balance does not like me.

  14. I didn’t need to see that picture this week. But he would really belong in Florida if he was wearing shorts with black socks and black tennis shoes. It was bad enough as it was.

  15. I want you to know I’m here for you, should u decide it’s time to cut George loose in favor of a new second husband.

  16. I now am depressed.

    Thanks for that.

  17. I am laughing so hard I have to cover up my mouth so I don’t wake anyone in my family with my loud obnoxious laugh. You must now find a new celebrity to gush over . . . I saw a picture of Chace Crawford the other day . . . he’s a cutie pie . . .

  18. Bwahahaha!!!!

    I used to have a crush on George too until he opened his big, liberal mouth and started spewing nonsense.

    That tricycle is probably a hybrid.

  19. Maybe you’re mistaken and it’s really George’s grandpa.

  20. how is it possible that he is sooo old, and we are so not????

  21. Oh dear. Caption shoulda read: “Mr. Clooney on his way to the Boca Del Vista Retirement Community for afternoon bingo.”

    Hugh Jackman is my George. MMMMMMMM.

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