Things that amused me today.

1.  I was amused that I found my food journal on the kitchen counter.  Its singular entry was labeled Day 1. Today is Day 7.

2. I was amused by Travis marching into Target, stopping as he crossed through the automatic door, raising his arms and yelling at the top of his lungs “Let’s cheer for Target! HOORAY!”


3.  I was amused by JJ’s incomprehensible abhorrence at getting his picture made.


4.  I was amused that someone has discovered my love for all things carbohydrate.


5.  I am amused that this many years removed from single life, I still love some Jose Ole Chicken Taquitos.

1359Corn, please.

Never flour.

What amused you?

Have a nice day.


13 responses to “Things that amused me today.

  1. It amused me that my son has the same shirt as yours. 🙂 (from Target!)

  2. We had those Taquitos as a special treat for dinner last night! Yum!

  3. I was amused at how fast I was talking this evening, realizing that if caffeine didn’t exist, I would be a human puddle of goo on the floor. Must.get.some.sleep tonight or nothing will be amusing tomorrow.

  4. You. You always amuse me. 🙂

  5. Lahoma Greenwood

    You amuse me with stories about the boys, but mostly you make me happy and proud to be your mom.

  6. I’m amused by the angst over a picture of a guy on a scooter, dressed in old man regalia.

    If Mr. Clooney showed up on your front porch, dressed like that, and said “Hey there. Wanna go for a ride on my girly-mobile?” … the sonic boom you’d create as you headed out the door would break glass for miles around.

  7. amused by a certain midnight phone conversation with a certain bloggerfriend… good stuff.

  8. I’m amused that I don’t know what Jose Ole Chicken Taquitos are ….:}

  9. I’m amused that my husband and brother-in-law have taken all the children away for the day, and I’m sitting in a chair. With my computer. And it is quiet.

  10. Amused that someone much cuter than I has the same out and out lurve for Target that I do.

    Hooray! you tell him that I went to TArget just today, will you. We bought bug spray, facial wipes, and hand sanitizer for my soon-to-be camping daughter.

  11. Food diaries. hmmm. that’s kinda like writing down every cent you spend. a lotta work, depressing, which would lead to more eating and spending. although i’m sure it cuts back on both eating and spending. maybe if you just drink so you don’t have to write anything down, you’ll spend all your time in the bathroom, and then you won’t be able to go to target to spend more money. no writing, no spending, no food intake!!!! sounds like a plan!

  12. The Target cheer makes me think of the big boss who swoops into town and breezes through the bullpen at work booming, “Are we having fun yet?”

    His display of unashamed enthusiasm probably made someone’s day, unlike this completely hypothetical example.

  13. I just want to go to Target w/ T. I mean, I’m always thrilled to go there but doing it with him would call for a slushie and popcorn date, too.

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