I get by with a little help from my friends

Gretchen and I went out Friday night for a girl’s night.  Since she’s the crafty one, I thought I’d pretend to be crafty as well and so I suggested we go to a paint your own pottery place near my house and create brilliant masterpieces that everyone would ooh and aah over.  Instead, we found ourselves pressing our noses against the plate glass because Yours Truly didn’t call ahead to see if they would even be open, and they had the nerve to close early on a Friday night.

We were undeterred, however, and quickly found another establishment nearby and walked in to discover that they were only going to remain open one more hour.  And since I have the attention span of a two year old on speed,  I assured Gretchen that there would be plenty of time to execute my artistic vision for the square plate I wanted to paint.

I was very grateful that my artistic vision was greatly enhanced by the samples lining the store that I could shamelessly copy.

Gretchen wisely chose a project that she could complete in an hour.


She painted a little dish to hold her jewelry while she was washing dishes.

And let’s just stop for a minute and admire her perfect hair.


Aren’t those curliques adorable?  Take notice.  They will be important in about six seconds.

While she was perfectly painting her dish, I got started by squirting out the color for my plate.


And I made sure to waste time documenting the fact that I am occasionally crafty.


I also occasionally brush my hair and wear lipstick and a shirt that fits, but apparently Friday was not that day.

The fun part started when I began applying my dots and curliques because by this point it was 8:30 and the store closed at 8:00.  The manager tried to hurry me along to show me the trick to creating perfect embellishments, but really, by this point my creative juices were tapped out and just finishing the blasted thing was high on the priority list.

So, I enlisted Gretchen’s help with the dots but I should have had her paint the curliques, because I did them myself…


and they looked like horseshoes.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “I get by with a little help from my friends

  1. Bwaaahhaaa!!!!
    You are hysterical!
    We need to set the record straight about the picture of you. You looked great that evening. The photographer was too busy trying to get the right background that she forgot to focus on the subject and tell her to adjust her shirt.

    The funniest part of the whole ‘creative’ experience was when the manager tried to help us (read: hurry us along) he DROPPED the loaded brush ONTO your masterpiece.

    Oh, and don’t worry about the curliques. Horseshoes are so back in fashion.

  2. BTW, not only was it fun to release our creative juices and enjoy coffee out on the patio; but the real highlight of the evening was catching up with you.

  3. I don’t know. You would get a packet down here if you marketed your piece for aboriginal art.

  4. Do you realize that you are just adorable….you look like you are 15!!! Those boys keep you young, I tell ya.

    I love the pottery too!

  5. Gretchen is very much in her element here! Most of the fun of the paint your own pottery has to be the process, not the finished product, right?

  6. You looked adorable. So did my namesake.;)

    And I lurved every drop of this hurry-up and finish experience post.

  7. This is a great idea for a girls night out!

  8. Whatever, CPQ. You look beautiful. 🙂

  9. I am lovin’ your blog. You make me laugh!

  10. I think your plate is beautiful. Horseshoes and all.

  11. Wow, she does have perfect hair! How do I get some of that? And I love her dish. The colors are perfect. And your plate … uh … looks festive? 🙂 hee hee … Actually, I like it. What do you plan to use it for?

    • It won’t look so pastel once it’s fired – It’ll be red, dark blue, and deep green. It’s SUPPOSED to look Mexican-y, but the horseshoes have kinda’ taken it into a different direction.

      I want it as a serving piece for dinner/buffets. It may have a cloth draped over it, though! Ha!

  12. Love the story. I remember I painted pottery with Gretchen one time. She painted a cute plate with a purse on it. Drew it herself and everything! I painted an easter egg with dots on it. We all have our gifts/talents, don’t we. I will have to say I like your plate and you don’t look 15 in the picture. Glad ya’ll had a fun night.

  13. What a fun time for both of you & I think you both look great! Of course, I am quite prejudiced… I love you both!

  14. hahaha I think your project turned out cute 🙂 I have been wanting to paint some pottery. but lets be honest, it probably wont happen anytime soon . . .

  15. Wow! That just looks like such a fun “girl’s night out”! What a great idea and wonderful memories for sure!

  16. I likey your plate. Horseshoes and all.

  17. I like your plate! It would actually look quite lovely with my new dishes, so if it ever needs to find a new home, I will send my addy. 😉

    BTW I have a package that has your name and addy on it. Some how it got lost in the bottom less pit we call the back of the van. Going to the post office right now.

  18. I think your plate is adorable, and I actually really like the plate with the four blobs of color on it. If I ever make one I think I’ll squirt out four blobs and call it done.

  19. sooo funny….art is interpretive…it’s beautiful even if you would’ve Jackson Pollock’ed the fool outta the thing with splatters (it worked for him)…it’d still be beautiful.

    the colors are perfect!

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