Tell Me Why

1.  I wonder why someone searched “Is this ringworm on my eyelid?” and wound up on my blog?  Twice? And I’m giving the big raspberry to Google, too,  for directing people who search for “ugly face” to my happy little corner of the Internet. Hmphhhh.

2. I wonder why these keep showing up in my son’s school backpack? Again, not one I purchased for him.


3.  I wonder why I pedalled on the exercise bike for 30 minutes this morning mindlessly watching TV before I realized it was Dora the Explorer?

4.  I wonder why I don’t grill vegetables more often?  These were from Sunday and the extras that I’ve added to my lunch this week have been wonderful.


5.  I wonder why my non-Spanish speaking husband is in Argentina and didn’t take his bilingual wife with him? I could really use a vacation about now.

6.  And last, but not least, sometimes, I just plain wonder…..why?


Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Tell Me Why

  1. 1- I get weird searches like that too! Most of them are oddly spelled. like “preskul jokes.” I’m really hoping the person meant preschool, since I’ve written nothing preexisting skulls. I also hope, if they spell that badly, they’re still in preschool.

    2- This is peculiar!

    3- I’ve found myself sitting on the couch watching “Franklin” even after the kids have left the room. Sometimes I just need to know what happens.

    4- Hmmmmm … I loved grilled veggies! Are these from your garden? Do you garden?

    5- Oh, I wouldn’t allow that. He definitely should have taken you with him.

    6- I have no comment on this one. 🙂

  2. Try Bing! I just searched both your weird search words—and you didn’t show up on the first page. That’s got to be good, no? The toothbrush thing is disturbingly weird. I think I might promise him a cheap lego toy to fess up. Just for the peace of mind! Maybe some other mom is promising her kid a lego toy today to NOT lose his $10 toothbrush for the umpteenth time!

  3. I laughed out loud at the last one!!! I really notice shoes & toes, & I’ve seen some like these before. The one that really gets me is to see someone very stylishly dressed, all the right accessories, & toes (in sandals that expose them) that haven’t seen a file &/or polish for months.
    I’ve been enjoying all the summer bounty too! The farm stand at 6 Forks/6 Forks (where it bends to the right) has a deal: you give them $60 cash & they keep track of how much you spend at each visit. You get $80 worth of produce! Their produce is usually very good. And they are having a great deal on their plants right now, which are very reasonably priced to start with (mostly bigger plants: gardenia, mandavilla, etc. bushses).

  4. Somewhere a mommy blogger is complaining because her kid can’t keep up with a toothbrush.

  5. 1. How do you know this?
    2. Agree completely with “Amy”.
    3. Dora…for my kids, it was Bear in the Big Blue House
    4. Those look spectacu-lacular!
    5. Why ask why. And hang in there!
    6. Gross. And ouch.

  6. Re: #3, many a time K and I have headed out on a date night, arrived at our destination, only to realize that we listened to 15 minutes of There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.

    And have been singing along the whole time.

  7. That is the worst case I’ve ever seen of toe crack! Yuck!

    And #3, I’m quite guilty of that but with any show on Noggin. Sometimes I just don’t notice I’m watching Yo Gabba Gabba until it’s almost over and I go “What the heck???” Just used to tuning it out, I guess.

  8. Argentina? Really? So long as he’s not pulling a Sanford…

  9. I’m working on a future post about weird google searches. They are priceless!

    So are you bilingual from watching Dora? ;>)

  10. Catching up on your blog and Tim is asking what I am laughing at.

    I really think you need to give in and buy that boy his own personal spiderman toothbrush, just for MY peace of mind. LOL

    And the shoe/toe thing will keep me up nights now. (((shudder)))

  11. That’s awesome. All of it. Thanks for making me smile!

  12. OOps. That was Candace. Not Jennifer. I’m at Jennifer’s house.

  13. I lost all focus on possible answers to your questions when I saw those toes!! I can’t even type with out laughing about them. Oy!

  14. Laughing out loud…

  15. That last picture is just down-right disturbing. It’s a good thing I still have visions of those veggies in my head, or I might have a hard time coming back, what with Grandpa Clooney and now the teeny weeny navy polka dot bikini of the foot.;)

  16. Seriously?

    Someone really is walking around like that somewhere?

    Wow. Just wow.

  17. Hee hee hee.

    I’m all impressed right now at your web analytics skillz. I need a tutorial.

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