Only because she made me

June told me that nobody ever reads blogs on Saturday so she said it might be fun to post in pictures what our Saturday looked like.  I told her I’d do it, and then took pictures up until noon at which point my activity for the day pretty much ground to a halt and involved a lot of sitting on the couch and being only vaguely aware of where my children were.

So, here you go, June.

I slept in late because, well, sleeping in is my love language.


I then caffeinated in my Saturday mug.


Then I ate breakfast on my everyday dishes (Lenox, Poppies on Blue, just like everybody who got married in the early 90s)


I drank more coffee.


Tied on the old running shoes and went to the gym because 40 is barreling down like a loaded semi.


Forgot my headphones so I watched silent TV.


Got the giggles at the man in the Judas Priest concert t-shirt wearing fisherman sandals.


Drove home.


Rocking out to some 80s music.


Fixed some homemade tortillas in the skillet (which Baby A declared was an “unpleasant scent” to which I replied “Much like your feet.”)


Ate them with black beans.

(The tortillas, not his feet.)


Then took a nap on the couch and read books until supper time, after which Craig and the boys played “Who’s taller”.


And then was about to go to bed and checked on the blog and realized that my stats were going a little haywire and read June’s blog and realized I should have posted.


So I did.

The end.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “Only because she made me

  1. I did the same thing. Went to June’s blog and realized I had better put up my post. And today I finally learned that Mellencamp is not singing, “Well, I’m fightin’ 40 and 40 always wins!”

  2. What in the world were you silently watching?

    I really need internet access pronto, Tonto, b/c I am tired of typing with my thumbs, it takes too long to stalk your comments on my phone so I have no idea who has said what, and I’m going through IM withdrawal.

    June must have magic powers because I’ve been your friend for over 20 yrs and I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to MAKE you do anything!

  3. I read June faithfully but was too lazy to document my day. Too bad, because for me on a Saturday, it was fairly productive! Oh, well.

  4. I enjoyed following your day, mundane as it was. Sorry it didn’t include cake. The cake was really good.

  5. I see you like a challenge…

    Hmmm…if my mind wasn’t so tired, I’d think of something.

    Lurve the “who’s taller?” pic. Blink, and it won’t be Mr. CPQ.

  6. Nice work! You did a great job taking pictures of your day step by step! I love that you took a pic in the gym. Ha…I could start a whole blog dedicated to all the funny and interesting people I see at the gym. I would prob get kicked out for being a creep and taking pictures of them everyday but ya know. Gotta do what you gotta do right;)

  7. How can Mr. Fisherman Sandals not get blisters on the treadmill? I love that you brought your camera to the gym. You have no idea how bad I wanted to ask my eyebrow artist to snap a picture of me on her table.

  8. I have the same alarm clock. (Love the alarm options that clock has)

    Also, you have some of the most interesting people at you gym…

    Also, also, I love that June talk about her “eyebrow artist” in the comment above. That makes me love her even more. Why haven’t we gone over to stalk her yet?

  9. Look at you working out on a Saturday. 40 has already run me over, that’s why I took a long nap on Saturday.

  10. I faithfully read June even on Saturdays but I am much too lazy to document an entire day. However, yesterday would have been a good day to do it because I could have just taken a pic of my bed since that’s where I spent most of my day. I mean, I can read there, watch tv, blog, eat, play that Mahjong Tiles game…what else does a person need?!

  11. I’d forgotten about Poppies on Blue!

    I’m impressed at your gym visits; I’m a sloth.

  12. You make me laugh. Sleeping in as a love language. The Saturday mug. The unpleasant feet smell. Ha!

    FYI, and this is important information for your future health, I used to keep two strongly scented sprays in my glove compartment for those post-football, post-baseball practice days when my boys would remove their cleats and socks on the car ride home. “Feet! I smell feet!” and I’d lunge for the spray and spritz over my shoulder like a madwoman in order to make it home without passing out. Once your boys are adolescents you will definitely need to get you some spray.

  13. …I’m just curious if anyone in your gym ever takes a sneaky picture of you taking pictures of fisherman sandals, tvs, and reflections in mirrors…hmmm, somewhere there’s a blog where you’re the “interesting” person from the gym.;)

    BUT, if they blog, they’ll think nothing of it.

    And sleeping in is my love language too. AND I want that homemade tortilla.

  14. Fisherman sandals??

  15. I have Poppies on Blue too! I’m sure they’d look SO much nicer with a homemade tortilla on them. Recipe por favor???

  16. I read on Saturdays – time permitting. We also registered the Lenox pattern only Iris on Gray cuz the Hubby thought the blue was “limiting”

  17. You have a way cooler gym than me. No fisherman sandals show up where I sweat. And no weird boxing (or whatever it was that you were watching) on my elliptical.

    I need to move to North Carolina.

    Or Honduras.

  18. Am I the only one who goes through blog withdrawal on the weekends? Thanks, you made my day!

  19. I feel like I go to the gym “with you.” And that’s going to be good enough for me! at least for now. After the kids go back to school, I have big BIG plans…it involves 1,000,000 uneven stone steps to the top of swallow cliff. It’s going to take me the whole month of August to psych myself up for it!

  20. Glad I am home now and can play catch-up on my blog reading.

    My dishes are Glories on Grey (or is it Gray?) instead…..anniversary date – Aug. 12, 1989!

  21. I love your day! (And I’m still laughing about the business end of the orange stick and Butterfly Kisses. I think that was another post. Sue me.) Forgetting headphones at the gym is the worst, but people-watching almost makes up for it. For a while I tried to do a sociological experiment where I figured out what kind of people used which kinds of cardio machines…but then I realized that brilliant observations like, “The fat person is pedaling slowly,” would be of no use whatsoever to the rest of the world. So I stopped.

    Thanks for playing along, this was fun 🙂

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