My glamorous Monday

1.  I stopped by Clay Funk to pick up the plate that I painted a week ago with Gretchen.  I was stunned pleasantly surprised when the clerk asked me “Were you inspired by the sample that I painted?”

Really,  it was that recognizable?


2.  I almost got in a wreck because someone tried to make a lane where there was no lane and I chose to show them the error of their way.

And they had the nerve to give me the evil eye.

Control issues much?

3.  I bought my lunch at the grocery store from the sweet little Japanese man in the deli who always smiles and seems genuinely pleased that I would buy the food he has prepared.

I am genuinely pleased that I don’t have to cook it.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.


4.  I took the lunch with me to my nail appointment because I was running late and I didn’t think they’d mind.

Yay, they didn’t.

I did mind though that “Butterfly Kisses” came on over the radio because that song brings out the ugly cry in me, and had it not been for the technician choosing that exact moment to dig into my left toe with the business end of the orange stick, I would have been a big blubbering mess.


OPI’s Route Beer Float.

You’re welcome.

5.  Travis lost another tooth.

In the car.

As I was pulling out into traffic.

And didn’t have a napkin anywhere in sight.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go clean the interior of my car which resembles the inside of a slaughterhouse.


Have a nice day.


16 responses to “My glamorous Monday

  1. Nice. I had an “ugly cry” come out last night. It started with laughing, but I was so tired and giddy that I couldn’t stop and then I … well, I’m sure I looked hideous.

    You make me want to get a mani-pedi. I haven’t had one in far, far, far too long.

  2. Your lunch looks yummy! Love that OPI color!

  3. I’m going to get my toes and hair done today, that is if you think it’s ok to leave the babysitter with (the kids and) the dog with the runs. oy. i hope he’s better soon.

  4. OH the ugly cry….hope it at least had a therapeutic effect. Sometimes it can make you feel oh so much better.

  5. I love the names of OPI fact, I think they should hire me to come up with them!

    You just keep buying that crazy international foodeth that you loveth, sister, because WHEN in the near future we hook up…there’ll be none of that. 🙂

    We’ll find a biscuit house, the Barrel (of course), or something of the American Persuasion. ‘Kay?

    Your plate turned out GREAT!!! Now, I want to do paint one!!

    We’re holding out hope that before Connor is a teenager he’ll lose a tooth on his own (he’s only had 4 baby ones at the bottom pulled…the rest are hanging on for dental life in his mouth). Yep, my almost 9 year old has a MOUTH FULL of baby teeth! Hope the slaughterhouse clean up was a success…

  6. Well, cleaning out the car can’t be that bad when your toes look terrific! 🙂

    Your plate looks beautiful.

    And I wish I had your lunch.

  7. I was completely enjoying my “Morning with Sus…and a cup o joe” even through the sentence that contained the word “slaughterhouse”, but when I got to Travis’ picture well that just sent me over the edge of enjoyment into adorement…because that face brings a big, huge, goofy grin to mine eve.ry.time.

  8. As dumb as I may sound…what exactly is your lunch? I know this will be something obvious that I should have recognized LOL

    I can’t listen to Butterfly Kisses, it makes me cry everytime.

  9. love your blog…can’t remember now how I landed here but it’s fun…I think it was via the day in the life posts which I got sucked into reading…need to go manage my own day now…

  10. Butterfly kisses and SCC’s song about dancing with Cinderella do me in every time.

    Cute toes AND flipflops.

    Bless his bloody, cute mouth. And i hope the TF didn’t forget to fork it over. Not that I would know anything about that.

  11. Got my toes done today, too! Getting your girly on, huh? 😉

  12. OK. First: Where do you go to get your pedi’s? I’m kind of skitchy about where I get my toes done. I worry about contracting some strange foot disease and then my toes falling off.

    And Butterfly Kisses? The song that was sung at my wedding when my daddy gave me away.

    Forgive me. It was 1997.

  13. The plate IS great. I saw it… before and after. I love the colors. Makes me want to eat fresh Mexican right now!

    Girl, you know I don’t do blood and teeth! How could you mention that? It makes my FLESH crawl!

  14. The plate looks great and like I said it would match my new plates so if you ever need to rehome it send it my way. BTW that little prize I was supposed to send to you in the previous lifetime? It went to the PO this week. I would like to tell you that something terrible happened in all but in reality it was lost in the bottomless pit of the van we drive.

    Hope the car clean up was quick and easy! Does he get extra money for losing it in the car? My boys would totally play that angle.

  15. Likey the toes.

    Likey grocery store lunches. Although I stick with Americanese. Like fried okra and popcorn chicken.

    Likey the plate with the horseshoes.

    Likey Travis.

    No likey loose or missing teeth. Because though I can clean up puke and wipe up poop, wiggly teeth send me clean over the edge.

  16. I have administered suppositories, enemas and cleaned up more poop,vomit and mucous than I care to remember. That said…


    Heebie jeebies!!!

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