What happens when Annie Liebowitz vacations with you

First let me say that I am NOT a photographer.

Second, let me say that I did NOT take a mack-daddy camera on my vacation like my compadres did.

I thought it was more important to bring three extra pairs of shoes.

And four extra shirts.

That, turns out, I did not wear.

And third, let me say that I do NOT have any qualms about stealing other people’s photographs off their Facebook page and/or their blogs and passing them off as my own.


Amber and Jenster, you have been warned.


And I’m stealing borrowing their pics because I was woefully photographically/technologically unprepared with my little iPhone, though Moses rose to the occasion and managed to snap 256 photographs of very random things without a problem.


So there.


Jen took some very fun hat pictures because it’s not a good girl’s vacation unless you’ve gone into the shop and channeled Brittany Spears.


or the Gorton’s Fisherman.

hat And the little old lady in the store came out to ask me, “Do you have cooties?”

And Kellie said, “No, but she has crabs.”



She’s cute, that Coffegal, but don’t let that pretty face fool you.  She’s got a wicked sense of humor.



It upset me so much that I turned to comfort food.


And tried to turn tricks outside the bathroom in Coupeville.


Or at least appeared to do so.

Must be the camera angle.

Have a nice day.


12 responses to “What happens when Annie Liebowitz vacations with you

  1. all the way laugh-out-loud-hysterical. I may not write about this trip at all. I may just direct people here…so funny.

    and you’re right about that Kellie

  2. Um…I’ll forgive the Britney slur this time. BUT only because you were the Gorton’s fisherwoman. And might’ve been contagious.


    Had to pull Big over to the computer…

  3. oh my funny!!!! and that turning tricks outfit?? you may want to rethink that if you’re seriously doing more tricks that cartwheels!! I happen to like that sort of outfit, but people who like tricks may not be so fond of it. just sayin.

  4. You gals are good for an early morning laugh, which I needed before we began a gazillion hour trip home with our four monkeys. Thanks!

  5. just too funny…

    I love the “pinky up while taking photos” that all of you were doing…does that make for better pictures??!!

    Can’t wait experience y’all for myself! So FUN!

  6. haha you crack me up 🙂

    ps – let’s count how many time I’ve left that EXACT comment your blog. Because I’m thinking it’s a lot.

  7. Looks like you had lots of fun with your girlfriends!
    Glad they had their cameras!

  8. Better crabs than lice. That’s what I always say.

  9. Girl, you are so stinkin’ funny…I can’t stop laughing about that last photo…so very funny!

    And for heaven sake, somebody ought to have told me how wrinkly I am getting….

  10. You are too funny.

  11. Hilarious!!!!
    What a pose, girl! You’re so smoooooth!

    PS. I noticed the capris =)

  12. mmhmmm. The iPhone stance. know it well. I loved the pinky’s up too. How cute is that. Must be some fabulous trick that all the girls with mack daddy cameras know. you and I – we’ll just have to keep perfecting our method of not dropping our mack daddy phone while we are snapping pics.

    I am loving reading about this weekend from each island girl’s perspective.

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