At the Sonic

On days when school lets out at noon, I take the boys out for lunch to celebrate getting sprung early from jail.  Usually we hit McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A, but I was jonesin’ for some onion rings, so I made my way to Sonic. Have you had Sonic’s onion rings?  They’re my favorite item on the menu, and I’ve tried most everything on there.

As an aside, Sonic holds a special place in my dating history.  I went there on a coke date with the local public defender that I met on while on jury duty (he didn’t seem to mind that I had convicted his client).  We had gone out several times, and truth be told, I just wasn’t feeling the love.  I remember looking at him over my Frito Chili Pie and saying “I don’t think this is really going anywhere.”  And he said, “Yeah, I don’t think so either.” And then, without missing a beat, he added “Would you be interested in going out with the bailiff?  He thought you were cute.”


But I digress.

I whipped into our usual spot at Sonic and ordered lunch for everyone and eagerly anticipated my rings.  And when they arrived, I pulled one out of the bag and I knew immediately that something was amiss.


Did they…?

Could they have…?

Surely not….

I took one bite, and my spirits sagged like yesterday’s tights.

They changed the onion ring recipe.

No longer are they crispy and crunchy and light as a feather.  These were chewy and tough and cornmealy and uniform. They also tasted slightly of vanilla, which is good with a Diet Dr. Pepper but not so much with an onion.

This is all bringing back bad memories of when Burger King changed their fry recipe.  I kid you not, I have not ordered a fry there since that happened.

My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.

Quoting Mr. Darcy takes me to my happy place, and trust me, after those wretched rings, I need a little happy.

So that’s my sad little tale.

I’m bereft.


A ship without a sail.

A woman whose rings have failed.

Have a nice day.

25 responses to “At the Sonic

  1. Bummer. Love Sonic, though! Popeye’s changed their biscuit recipe this summer. It’s just.not.the.same.

  2. Oh no! Why do they do these things? The only good recipe change was chick fil a’s chicken finger batter . . . because that is delicious!

  3. You definitely need some onion rings from “The Varsity” in Atlanta . . . it would totally make up for your sad onion ring day . . . I promise. They have they BEST ever. . . all drenched in grease. .. yummy I tell ya!!!

    Your dating story had me laughing . . . so very funny!

  4. I’m all about a sonic drink: cranberry limeade is my passion.

    Not so fond of their food. At. all.

  5. (Did NEM just say she wasn’t fond of the Sonic’s food? Hello! Tater tots, corn dogs, coneys, Frito pie….She seems to have good taste, but man.)

    I’m glad you posted this. I’ll call my friend, Mrs. Sonic, and see if her husband can enlighten us on this travesty of justice. You see, I know people in the industry, so…

  6. My condolences…
    The good news?
    I’m back in town.
    I knew that would make you feel better.

  7. So…did you go out with the baliff?

  8. Chin up, my friend. You can always go to the gross pig head market for a little pick me up.

  9. hmmm…. I dunno, these sound like they might be like the ones you DON’T like, but you never know.

  10. I would have driven thru McDonald’s for salty fries and a real coke to console myself.

  11. Yep…I’ve had that opinion of Sonic’s O-Rings for a while now. Hubby loves them – but when they started jacking up prices every few months he began a boycott. We only go for breakfast now and even that’s rare…maybe I can get Hubby’s critique of some onion rings for you? 🙂

  12. “Implacable resentment is a shade in a character. But you have chosen your fault well. I really cannot laugh at it. You are safe from me.”

    Great onion rings rock the world, yet bad onion rings rain misery on the populace. Everyone knows that.

  13. So, I didn’t know Mr. CPQ was a Baliff! LOL!

    I’m sorry to report that I’m glad you didn’t like the “new” recipe because I was afraid I could no longer be your friend. You see, we’ve always had the terrible onion rings you described. And, I’ve often complained that I do not like them and how I wish I could find decent fast food onion rings. When I first read your post and you said you loved sonic rings, I immediately thought “YUCK!”

    Sorry your Sonic is no longer tasty for you.

  14. The gross pighead market….HAHAHAHAHAHA ROTFL!!!

    Im so sorry for your loss.

  15. I agree with you. If you have a Red Robin locally they have great onion rings.

  16. I still have a problem with their “value” tot that contains (per an employee) 8 tots total….

    But I mourn with you in your onion ring delimma since I’m still bereft about the absence of Mexi-Fries at Tacobell. Do you know Burgerville? Or is that a NW thing? Cause they have THE BEST Walla Walla Sweet Onion Rings in season AND sweet potato fries…YUM.

  17. must follow Michelle’s advice and grab an order of onion rings from the Varsity. Once you have those rings, nothing, and I mean, nothing else compares!! I won’t even order onion rings unless I’m at the V. (used to live across the 6 lane interstate from the Varsity in Atlanta..would walk there very late at night to get a snack while studying for mid-terms.) I sure miss Atlanta..or maybe I just miss college..I’ll have to think on that one.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Sonic also changed their tater tots a while back. They were mushy and mealy. Yuck. Our family started a campaign to bring back the tots. We told everyone we knew and word spread like wildfire. (At least in my mind we had that much influence.) Bottom line, guess who has the good crispy tots again?

    Fight for those onion rings, girlfriend!

  19. It’s been said by and by Michele but it bears repeating…please please please come to Atlanta and let me go with you to experience the most magnificent onion rings on the planet…

    The O.R. at our Sonic have always been yuck-o to me..always get the tots…

    Not fast food, but the Oreo has changed in taste and texture too…

    What gives, food peeps?!

  20. that should say “it’s been said by ME and…”

  21. This might be one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. Except for the Mr. Darcy part.

  22. AAAHHHH! NOOOO! That was the only food that I ever truly enjoyed from Sonic, with my Happy Hour drink of choice.

    The only thing worse than them changing their onion ring batter is that our Sonic in town is torn down right now. Gone. Not even pavement. The only thing left is the little planting section in the middle of where cars park, the building, and the road. It’s so sad! I keep checking by for when they rebuild. Next time they shouldn’t have ‘Closed for Remodeling’ signs up. That’s more than a remodel!

  23. I love everything about Sonic. Everything. Except their onion rings. I tried them for the first time not too long ago, and they must have changed the recipe already, because I wasn’t too impressed. Give me tots any day.

  24. Hopped over from His Girl (we’re neighbors, you & I…I’m in Southeast Virginia).

    Anyway, love that you love Mr. Darcy. Isn’t he divine?

  25. Lauren Richardson

    red robin has some good onion rings… it’s not quick, but they’re yummy! (heart stopping yummy!)

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