Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name


These beautiful girls to my left and my right call me something that very few people do.

They call me Susie.

You see, I haven’t always been a Susan.  For the first 18 years of  my life until the first day of my freshman year of college, I was a Susie. It was in that first class the professor called roll and asked us to give him the name by which we preferred to be called, so I told him “Susan” because it sounded so grown up and sophisticated and like I could wear a chignon with perfect ease (which I’ve never been able to do because I don’t have the patience to grow my hair out or the gene that allows me to casually twist my hair into a perfect bun that I could spear with a pencil or a nearby chopstick).  I thought changing my name would give me a new identity, a new lease on this brand new grown up world I was entering.  Besides, I was new in town and no one knew me, so what did it matter?

Somedays it matters.

It matters on the days when life feels like it’s getting complicated and I want to return to the safe and the familiar.

It matters on the days when I feel like no one really “gets” me.

It mattered this week.

To Lynna and Becca, I  am still Susie.  I’m still freckle-faced and wrinkle free young and without a care in the world.  I’m still full of hope for better things to come.  The future still open to possibility.  In the precious minutes we shared over lunch yesterday, it was home, it was comfort, it was ease.  It was freedom to be who I’ve always been.




Ready to tackle the world with that spunky spirit that somehow got beaten around a little.

Because life sometimes is anything but simple, fresh, and uncomplicated.


It refreshed my spirit to be with ones that know my stories, know my childhood friends, love my family, and love me.  And I love them right back, because I messed with their pacifiers when they were little, and shared boy-crazy moments with them, and loved their parents almost as though they were my own.

It was home.

I was Susie.

If only for a moment.

Have a nice day,


18 responses to “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name

  1. Lahoma Greenwood

    Do you remember that your maternal grandmother’s name on her birth certificate was SUSIE Estelle Mason? Yep, you’re our Susie.

  2. Home is good.

    Very good.

    It’s how I feel when I hear “Amb.” Sounds funny from anyone except those who are home to me.

  3. Mary Beth is my real name….only my family calls me that now. I changed to Mary(and Mimi/Frump) in about 3 rd grade. I thought Mary sounded more simple….easier for me to blend in to the crowd. I changed back to Mary Beth in college 🙂

    You gals seriously look like you are in high school or younger!

  4. LOVED THAT!!! Thanks! In my mind, you are always Susie…although I occasionally still spell it Suzy…Kathy aka KathO

  5. I became Caron when we moved in 1971 and my new first grade teacher scared me when she demanded to know if I was called Missy or Caron. I said Caron, because that’s what she thought it should be. I hated her all year. These days only one friend and some family members call me Missy. I don’t regret it now because Caron is a little unusual, but I have wondered if life would have been any different as Missy. I love when people use it.

  6. Good stuff!

    When I want to feel like a grown-up I use my “real” name, Elisa.

  7. We all seem to have a story don’t we … :}

    I’m Sam to my family and hubby, Sandy to bc {before children} friends and Sandra to those after.

    Seemed Sandy was already taken by a plethora of others with same said name.

    Hey, I never seem to answer to any of them anyway cus most of the people in my life are yelling out “momma”.

  8. Hearing my full name, Mary Annette, is like getting a hug. I went by both names until I started high school and thought it sounded babyish. Now only my family calls me by both names. Of course coming from my Razorback lovin’ family it sounds more like mare-net. Oh well, still sounds good to me.

  9. Great post.

    I had a similar experience in Arizona when my sweet friend Al greeted me with a warm hug and an exclaiming “Kellianne!”

    Its nice to be known!

  10. OH, and I had to look up “chignon”…shows you how sophisticated i am.

  11. I’m glad you got to be Susie this week. Sounds like it was a balm to your soul–as were these ladies in the picture.

  12. Oh, Suie, how sweet. My girls had a wonderful time with you, too. Lynna’s still talking about it. Hope we can get together when we’re up visiting Becca.. Love you.

  13. nothing like that feeling, I tell ya…and it’s hard to come by.

    I am so happy you had that sweet time w/ your friends this week.

    You all look so beautiful and 12. 😉

  14. And since I read this post yesterday afternoon I have been singing the theme song from Cheers….grrrrr.

  15. and sometimes i want to go where knows my name.

  16. Lauren Richardson

    Love that! I know what you mean… before I went to college, I was Laurie. (when I was in 1st grade, they put “Lauren” on my desk tag, and I was mortified! to me, that was an old ladies name!!) When my college roommate called to introduce herself, I told her to call me Laurie, but then realized it would be a lot of work to correct all these new people… so I just went with Lauren from then on. So all friends before college, plus my first roommate, call me Laurie. I actually prefer Lauren, but love when old friends call me Laurie– it’s a reminder of how long we’ve known each other and takes me back to another time.

  17. Sus, Susie, Susie Q, Susan, CPQ….

    No matter what you’re calling yourself today, I like you.

  18. Lydia Stevenson

    Now I am totally homesick for my family in Poland. I talked to some of them for two hours on skype the other night and it felt like five minutes. How is it that you feel so close to people who are not even related to you?

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