Might be time for a little linkage

I am accomplishing great and mighty things today.

Like the laundry.

So today I leave you with three little gems you might enjoy.

1.  Saturday’s post referenced the chignon.

That’s pronounced “sheen-yon” for those who didn’t have a foreign language requirement in high school.  I took one year of French.  My teacher was Puerto Rican.  If I forgot how to say a word in French, I’d switch to Spanish, and nine times out of ten, he’d never notice.

While I was surfing the web last night researching a cure for the common cold, I came across this site that had instructions on how to create the perfect chignon (and as an added bonus, there’s a VIDEO for all of you visual learners.)  My hair just got long enough to pull back into a short, okay, miniscule, ponytail, so I’m hoping to grow it out long enough to pull it into a sheen-yon.

I will, of course, take pictures.

2.  This post by my dear friend Imnotned who lives in the comments section will tell you all you need to know about him.

This post runs a close second.

3.  Mr. CPQ has started a blog for his BBQ team.  He has no idea I’m linking to him today.  I wanted you to see what my driveway looks like most weekends as he’s prepping for the next competition.  Head over there and leave him a comment and freak him out.

Have a nice day.

11 responses to “Might be time for a little linkage

  1. So, out of all my intellectual, loving-crafted, thought-provoking posts, those are the ones you chose to summarize me, eh?

    Hmmm. What from your blog would I post to capture the essence of CPQ … let me see … ah, I know. It would be this picture.

  2. Great links…and I can’t wait to dress up like a Dallas Cheerleader, complete with sheen-yon, while eating some of that amazing beef brisket.

    Sounds like the perfect match to me.

    • Now that you mention it, I bet one way to make the Cowboys’ cheerleaders more attractive to the average football watcher would be to show them eating brisket.

      I’m now singing “These are a Few of My Favorite Things” in my head.

  3. You should see my pitiful attempts to put A’s hair in a bun (forget chignon, I’d settle for far less at this point.) for ballet every week. Lord love a duck.

    I finally bought this clippy thing at Walmart (grr..) that kind of looks sort of like a bun.

    If you squint.

    Tell Ned that one of my friends here used to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. She’s now pregnant with her fourth child. Yikes.

  4. Oops. Forgot to “change my name in the comments.”

  5. Wow, am I embarrassed that I suggested throwing some ribs in the oven with whatever sauce combo you had on hand. Didn’t know you were the Queen of Q!

  6. Do not tell my husband there is such a thing as a barbecue competition.

  7. You need a Bumpit.

    Because I hear those are cool.

    In Honduras.

  8. I think my hubby has the same smoker. He can make some killer pulled pork. Hmmm, a showdown ome day?? 😉

  9. I am completely at a loss for words.

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